16 Best Ways to Save at Aldi That You Need to Know

Aldi is a German family-owned discount supermarket chain that has more than 10,000 stores in over 20 countries. While employees do not provide stellar customer service, and you might need to do a little digging to find a product that is in good shape, you can still save a lot of money by shopping with Aldi.

Aldi is known for its low prices, such as eggs and bread which are priced at lower than $1. These deals make grocery shopping for anyone on a budget or low-income easier, especially if you want to eat fresh food. However, even with the reduced pricing available at Aldi, you have the potential to save even more. If you’re curious about how to save money at Aldi, you need to check out our top saving tips.

1. Check the Aldi Finds Section on Sundays and Wednesdays

If you’re looking for some ridiculously low-priced good, you need to check out Aldi’s Finds section. They sell everything from clothing to workout gear and kitchen supplies. However, if you’ve ever tried to shop these sections on an off-day, it’s less likely you’ll find the deals you’re looking for because they typically sell out.

The Aldi Finds section is restocked every Sunday and Wednesday morning. Be one of the first in the store to grab these fantastic deals and save a ton of money.

2. There are no Aldi Coupons

While many other grocery stores offer coupons, Aldi is not one of them. If you do find any website offering a coupon for Aldi, it’s most likely not genuine. They also do not accept any manufacturer’s coupons because of their rock-bottom prices. The only time you might find any type of coupon is during an opening of a new Aldi store, but that’s not guaranteed.

3. Avoid Personal Care Products

As we had mentioned, Aldi does not allow manufacturer coupons for any of their products, which includes any personal care products. Big-name brands such as Dove or Crest will often offer manufacturer coupons that can be used to save some extra money on their products.

For personal care items, it would be best to check out other retailers and save yourself a few extra dollars on your purchase.

4. Shop for Meat on Wednesdays and Save up to 50%

Aldi releases their new specials every Wednesday, which always includes a discount on meat. Check your local Aldi deals to confirm what is currently on sale, and then head over to take advantage of this money-saving hack. Their specials on meat are the cheapest you can find, even if you compare it to other big discount brands like Walmart or Costco.

5. Look for Name Brands and Save Additional Money

Aldi does not typically carry name-brand products and will constantly switch around the brands they have in store. However, when they do have some name-brand products in stock, you’ll often find them at a fraction of the price. Typically you can expect to save between 20-40% on any name brands you can find at Aldi.

6. Avoid Online Delivery Services

While you can find delivery services or pick-up through Aldi’s partnership with Instacart, it’s better to avoid this route if you’re trying to save money.

First, you’ll have to pay an order or delivery fee, which can range from 4.99 to 9.99, depending on your area. Add in a tip, and you’re spending a ton of extra money. Plus, the products listed online are typically more expensive than the in-store deals.

If you want to ensure you have the best quality and cheapest shopping experience, shop at Aldi in-person instead of using a delivery service.

7. Use Grocery Store Apps to Save When Shopping

Using applications like Checkout 51 or Ibotta can help you earn free money just for spending money on your groceries. Before shopping, you can check through the application to find items you want to purchase on your next trip.

Once you’ve finished your grocery shopping, you can upload your receipts to their platforms to earn rewards. The rewards you can receive may be a gift card or cashback sent to your bank account.

8. Always Purchase Aldi Wine

If you’re in a state that allows wine and beer to be sold in-store, you need to check Aldi’s selection of beer and wine. Their wine brand, Winking Owl, is always less than $3 per bottle of wine. If you need a wine to cook with or serve at your next dinner, Aldi’s selection will be a perfect addition, at a fraction of regular wine prices.

9. Look for Almost Expired Bakery Products to Receive 50% off

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, check out Aldi’s bakery section. If the expiration date is less than five days away, you can receive 50% off your item. Typically, the items will already be marked by this date. If they are not already marked down, a cashier will be able to adjust the price at the register for you manually.

10. Check the Clearance Section

You will generally find that Aldi will clearance out any out-of-season items or products they plan to discontinue in the store altogether. Next to the Aldi Finds section of the store, you can typically find clearance items to buy at a low price.

They sometimes also hide these items next to the Pet section. If you’re unsure where to find them, ask a manager to help you find the clearance items. They can even tell you what will be coming up on clearance in the next week, which will help you plan your future shopping.

11. Sign up for Aldi e-mails

When you sign up for Aldi e-mails, you’re going to be the first to be notified anytime there is a special deal happening inside the store. Aldi will let you know about new product releases, tips on finding cheap products, along with Aldi Finds and weekly specials sent straight to your inbox each week.

12. Receive Refunds for Products that Don’t Stack Up

If you get home and realize that your product doesn’t meet your expectations, either in quality or taste, head back to the store to have Aldi make it right. Aldi offers a Twice as Nice Guarantee, which essentially allows you to get a product replacement on your item, as well as a complete refund. This only applies to Aldi-branded products and does not apply to alcohol or Aldi Finds Section.

13. Bring Your Own bags to Save Money

Aldi is one of the few grocery stores that will not provide you with bags as you checkout and will require you to pack your own items. Instead, to keep their prices low, you’ll have to pay for any bags you need. You can find Aldi bags for sale pricing between 10 cents to 2 dollars, depending on the kind of bag you want to buy.

However, if you bring your own bags into the store, you will save yourself a few dollars and help the planet! If you forget your bags and don’t want to pay extra, look for cardboard bins located around the store. Employees will allow you to use the cardboard as a basket for your items.

14. Always Return Your Cart

If you want to use a cart at Aldi, you’ll need to bring a quarter with you. When you arrive at the line of carts, you’ll insert your quarter and be able to pull away the lock to use your buggy. Once you’ve completed your shopping, you can put your cart away where you found it, and it will pop back out your quarter. Although this is not a significant amount of savings, it can quickly add up if you like to grocery shop frequently.

13. Shop Aldi for Baby Products

Babies can be expensive, with the cost of diapers and food costing hundreds of dollars each month. Aldi has their own line of baby products, called Little Journey, full of products such as wipes, diapers, bath products, and baby foods. The items work just as well as other brand names at a fraction of a price. If you’re in need of less expensive baby necessities, check out Aldi’s baby section.

14. Check their Seasonal Section to Save Extra Money

Shopping for the holidays can get expensive. With Aldi’s seasonal section, you can find holiday goodies for a fraction of the price found at other retailers. Aldi sells various holiday items such as seasonal foods, cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas trees, seasonal plate ware, and more. Make sure to check back in your Aldi store around the holidays and find easy ways to save.

Save Big with These Aldi Tips

If you’re looking for a way to save big at Aldi, it’s essential to follow our tips above to never have to pay full price for the products you enjoy. Make sure to fully utilize every savings tip, and let us know below in the comments how they worked out for you.

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