Amazon Returns at Kohl’s: Everything You Need (and Want) to Know

In 2017, Kohl’s and Amazon coordinated a system that allowed customers to make Amazon returns at Kohl’s. And that program expanded in 2019 to every Kohl’s location in the US (which is over one thousand stores, by the way).

So, there’s a high probability that it’s easier for you to take your Amazon returns to Kohl’s instead of shipping them through USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

And if there’s a Kohl’s near you, I can guarantee that you’ll love the added bonuses of returning Amazon orders at Kohl’s–because you don’t need a box or a label. And it’s completely free.

Instead of printing your label, sealing your box (plus getting a new box if you already trashed the old one), and paying to return the item, Kohl’s does all the work for you.

Pretty sweet, right?

Well, there are a few more things you should know about the process, including how to actually return an Amazon package at Kohl’s.

The Step-by-Step Guide for Amazon Returns at Kohl’s

Luckily, we have this complete guide for just that. Here’s everything else you need to know about making Amazon returns at Kohl’s, and how you can get the most out of this service.

1. Begin the Amazon Kohl’s Return Process Online

If you want to return an Amazon purchase at Kohl’s, you need to head to the digital store first.

There are two ways to begin the return process. First, you can visit the Online Return Center while logged into your Amazon account.

Alternatively, you can click the “Returns & Orders” tab on the Amazon home page. From here, select the “Return or replace items” button.

On this page, you can also view your return window directly under the name of your purchased product. It will say “Return items: Eligible through June 21, 2022,” with the last possible day for you to return the item.

2. Tell Amazon Why You’re Making a Return

Now, you need to choose a reason for your return. Your options are:

  • No longer needed
  • Inaccurate website description
  • Item defective or doesn’t work
  • Bought by mistake
  • Better price available
  • Product damaged, but shipping box OK
  • Item arrived too late
  • Missing or broken parts
  • Produce and shipping box both damaged
  • Wrong item was sent
  • Received extra item I didn’t buy (no refund needed)
  • Didn’t approve purchase

These are your only options, so you’ll need to pick one of them.

3. Choose How to Receive Your Return

The next online step is to decide which return option is best for you. You can receive your Amazon refund:

  • Through the original payment method (which takes about 7-10 days on average)
  • As an Amazon Balance credit (which arrives within 2-4 hours after Amazon receives your return)

4. Select The Kohl’s Dropoff Option

When asked how you want to make your return, be sure to choose “Kohl’s Dropoff.” Amazon will present a list of Kohl’s locations near you where you can drop off your items.

If you don’t see an option for Kohl’s dropoff, it usually means that the item you want to return isn’t eligible for this service. And, if you don’t see any Kohl’s locations after selecting the dropoff option, it’s likely because there are no Kohl’s locations near you.

After selecting a Kohl’s near you, you’ll receive instructions for how to process your return with that specific Kohl’s.

5. Find a QR Code in Your Email

After you confirm your return with Amazon, they’ll send a QR code to your email. If you don’t see an email, make sure that:

  • Your return was confirmed
  • You’re checking the email associated with your Amazon account
  • You’re connected to the internet

You need this QR code to return your Amazon items to Kohl’s, so don’t leave home without it. I recommend you take a screenshot of it, so you can still access it if your signal is bad.

Most people show the QR code on their phones to a representative at Kohl’s, but you can also print it.

6. Go to Kohl’s with Your Returns and Your QR Code

The next step is to bring your items to Kohl’s. You don’t need to package them in a box, print a shipping label, seal an envelope, or rummage around for stamps.

If you want to bring the box your returns came in, you’re welcome to do so–but it isn’t mandatory.

Be sure to remember your QR code!

And double-check that you’re arriving at the correct Kohl’s location.

Once you get to Kohl’s, you’ll need to head to their Amazon returns counter. Most Kohl’s have a dedicated counter for this service. However, some locations may process Amazon returns through their customer service desks.

7. Let Kohl’s Do the Rest

Kohl’s will issue you a return receipt, and then they’ll take care of everything else. When you return Amazon items through Kohl’s they will pack your items, label them, and ship them–all for free.

8. Scout for Deals at Kohl’s

While you’re there, you might as well get some shopping done, right? Some shoppers report receiving a 25% off coupon for making a free Amazon return at Kohl’s–which is a great deal.

If you want to receive a coupon when making a return, ask the associate who is helping you. You might discover that they have more to offer than it seems.

9. Receive Your Refund

When Amazon receives and processes your order, you’ll receive another email. This usually takes a few days. Once you get this email, check your bank account or your Amazon account for the money.

Finally, you’ve got your money back! Amazon returns have never been easier.

FAQs – Amazon Returns at Kohls

What Amazon items are eligible for Kohl’s returns?

Most Amazon items are eligible for Kohl’s return as long as they are:

– New (not used)
– Unopened
– Purchased within the last 30 days (although some return windows are longer)
– NOT purchased from a third-party seller

To find out if your Amazon order is eligible for Kohl’s returns, begin the return process. If it is eligible, you will see “Kohl’s Dropoff” as a return option and a list of Kohl’s locations near you where you can drop it off.

Can I return my Amazon order to any Kohl’s?

Yes (except if you live in Alaska). Kohl’s accepts Amazon returns at every one of its locations across the US, except for the ones in Anchorage, Alaska. The best part of returning your Amazon orders at Kohl’s is that it’s 100% free. Plus, you don’t need a box or a shipping label.

Why can’t I return my Amazon order at Kohl’s?

Some items shipped by Amazon are not eligible for Kohl’s returns. The main problem you’ll run into is that items sold by third-party sellers are not eligible for Amazon returns at Kohl’s. Other reasons include:

– You’re past the return window for that product
– There is no Kohl’s near you
– Your item is too big

Are Amazon returns at Kohl’s free?

Yes! Kohl’s will package, label, and ship your Amazon orders for free. They offer this service in the hopes that you’ll stick around to shop after dropping off your returns. Want to learn more about making Amazon returns at Kohl’s? Check out this step-by-step guide.

Returning Amazon Packages at Kohl’s: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you can return your Amazon package at Kohl’s, then do it. It’s fast, easy, and (best of all) free.

For times when you have an Amazon package you want to return, and you’re not sure if it’s eligible for Kohl’s dropoff returns, simply start the return process online to see if Kohl’s dropoff is an option.

If it is, continue through the simple process to get your money back. If it isn’t, you’ll need to go through the regular process of returning an Amazon purchase.

But if you do choose to return with Kohl’s remember:

  • To show up at the same Kohl’s location you selected for your return
  • You need that QR code to process your return
  • Your items don’t need to be boxed or labeled
  • It’s totally free!

Have you made Amazon returns at Kohl’s before? How was your experience? Share with us below!

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  1. Reply
    Jeri Hudson-Fields April 19, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    My experience was terrible. I returned multiple items in one Amazon bag but had multiple return codes, which I gave to the representative. He only scanned one code. I told him there was more than one item and he said it doesn’t matter. When nothing was refunded after two weeks I checked in with kohls in Commack via telephone with my receipt and tracking number handy. They asked for my name and issue, which I explained and before they took any info from me on the receipt, including even my first name, they told me they couldn’t help me. After calling Amazon vert upset, Amazon quickly refunded my account and apologized on behalf of this poorly managed return center.

  2. Kohl’s Amazon experience was HORRIBLE! I handed the clerk 2 items with a printed QR codes attached to each item. She proceeded to pull the codes off the items and threw both sheets of paper away stating they were not needed. When I pointed out she had to scan the QR codes for the returns, she pulled one out of the trash to scan then kept advising the other was not necessary. She threw both items in a box, told me the return was complete, try to hand me a Kohls cash voucher then asked me to please step aside so she could assist others.

    Unfortunately, UPS was not an option for these returns which I regret since they are always seamless and professional.

  3. I returned 2 separate items at Kohls and was handed a receipt with 2 numbers with tracking id’s but I can only find 1 of the items and can’t figure out how to track. On Amazon it only notes I requested a return but that item not found on returns. The same day I had to return an item to UPS to Amazon and received confirmation in 2 days. Never again going to Kohls. The girl was in such a rush.

  4. Dropped off a porch camera at Kohl’s for return to Amazon. Amazon credited our account but now say the item wasn’t received so we’re being charged again. So where’s the return? Lost by Amazon, thrown out by Kohl’s, or maybe pocketed by someone wanting a door cam.

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