Is Bed Bath & Beyond Paid Membership Really Worth It?

People that live for decorating their homes often flock to Bed Bath And Beyond because of their plentiful options and great prices. They are a chain home decor store offering locations nationwide. 

You can find dishes, towels, appliances, and a whole lot more. Even with competition from IKEA, Target, and Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond has maintained its competitiveness by being generous with 20% off the price of one item coupons that it gives out regularly. 

In the last few years, they launched their first membership program called Beyond+. While it is very affordable, every shopper must weigh the pros and cons of paying for any membership to decide if the cost is worth its value. 

How Does Beyound+, Bed Bath & Beyond’s Membership Program, Work?

Many big box stores have loyalty programs to keep their shoppers coming back for more. Until recently, Bed Bath & Beyond mostly relied on their printed coupons. 

However, after careful evaluation, they found that the high cost of printing and mailing the coupons were eating into their profits. The Beyond+ membership is designed to expand discounts and benefits to loyal customers in a new, more accessible format. 

For an annual fee of $29, you get some pretty incredible benefits that will undoubtedly save you money if you are a frequent shopper. When you join Beyond+, here are the benefits you will receive:

  • 20% off your ENTIRE purchase made at U.S. Bed Bath & Beyond stores and online at during your year of membership (some exclusions apply)
  • FREE standard shipping with online purchase of most items 
  • 50% off Decorist design services
  • Exclusive offers and member shopping events
  • Dedicated 800# for expedited customer service 

The huge benefit here is the 20% off your entire purchase, which applies to every shopping trip.

You no longer need to clip and save paper coupons, and you can get a discount on your entire purchase instead of just one item. This can save you a lot of money if you shop at this store often. 

If you enjoy shopping online, getting free shipping with no minimum is also a great benefit. There will also be additional savings and events throughout the year exclusive to members. 

The Pros And Cons Of Beyond Plus

The obvious pros to this membership are the 20% off savings and free shipping. Getting 20% off your whole purchase can add up fast, and this membership can pay for itself in just a few shopping trips. 

As long as you plan to shop more than a few times a year, you can expect to come out ahead. You also don’t have to keep track of any paper coupons.

If you are planning any big redecorating projects and need some professional help, the 50% off design pro services will also come in handy. 

There are a few drawbacks or cons, however. Here are the possible cons you need to consider before signing up:

  • The 20% off coupon has some exclusions you need to be aware of. Items from popular home brands like Le Creuset, Staub, Dyson, and Kenneth Cole aren’t currently part of the deal. Find a full list of exclusions on this page
  • You cannot stack your 20% off membership benefit with other coupons or promotions. So if you get a $10 off coupon, a birthday deal, or there is a sale at the store, you’ll just get whatever deal saves you the most money, but you can’t combine them for extra savings. 
  • While there is free shipping with no minimum purchase, there are some charges for oversized bulky items. 

How Can You Be Sure You’re Really Saving 20%?

Saving 20% sounds great, but many people will wonder if there is a catch. For instance, if Bed Bath and Beyond’s prices are already higher than buying from competitors like Target or IKEA, doesn’t the savings just even out? 

Here is how you get peace of mind on the price gap between Bed Bath and Beyond and the competition. BB&B will price-match their competition for in-store and online purchases.

Show the ad to customer service while you’re in the store to get the discount right away. You can also request a price match after the fact by calling customer service on the phone. 

The two products must be an exact match, and one cannot be on clearance. However, you can use price matching, and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item for extra savings. 

Even With A Membership, You Might Save More With Stacked Coupons Occasionally 

If you want to shop on an expert level, here are some quick coupon ideas. When you shop at BB&B often, the membership will save you plenty of money. However, if you’re going to buy an expensive item, you might be able to set your membership aside for a moment and use some of these coupon tips to your advantage. 

  • You can combine your coupon with a rebate for extra savings.
  • Combine the store’s $5 off coupon with other coupons for stacked savings.
  • Shop the orange or yellow clearance items; you can use your 20% coupon on these items.

Simply opt not to use your membership discount at the register in order to take advantage of some of these tips. Remember, the holy grail 20% off coupon that’s sent out to everyone is only good for ONE item. But your membership discount of 20% excludes you from any deal stacking; that’s why it might be in your best interest to skip it once in a while. 

The Best Time To Sign Up For Beyond+ At Bed Bath & Beyond

The best time to sign up for your membership is when it’s free, right? If you’re about to make a large qualifying purchase, around $150 or more, then you’ll save more than $30 with your new 20% discount. This makes getting the annual membership free of charge and totally worth it. Now every time you shop for the next 12 months, you’ll be saving money. 

FAQs About The Bed Bath & Beyond Membership Program

How do I use my 20% off membership discount for Bed Bath & Beyond?

You can use your membership discount in-store, online via the website, or using the BB&B App.

In the store, simply let the cashier know you are a member, and they can look you up using your email address. You can also show your membership barcode from the app to be scanned at checkout. 

You can shop online via the Bed Bath & Beyond website or app; as long as you are logged in to your account, the discount will be applied automatically when you go to check out.

How do I cancel my Bed Bath & Beyond membership?

You can log into your account online or through the app and “manage my membership” to cancel easily. You’ll enjoy your benefits for the rest of the year that you’ve already paid for before being removed from the program. You can also call customer service at 1-566-532-6826.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Bed Bath & Beyond membership before the year is up?

You can cancel your membership anytime, but you will not be refunded any portion of the funds. Once you pay for one year, you have your membership benefits for that full year. You can cancel before renewal to avoid being charged the next year again.

Can I use my Bed Bath & Beyond membership to buy appliances?

Yes! While a few brands are opted out of the discount program, you can get popular brands like Cuisinart and Kitchenaid appliances using your discount. There are only a few brand exclusions; the rest of the store’s items are fair-game.

Where can I find Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?

You can get Bed Bath & Beyond coupons via mail, email, and text messages. Sign up for each method at Bed Bath & Beyond coupons dedicated page here.

Also, you can locate seasonal coupons and offers on Koopy’s Bed Bath & Beyond offers page.

Have You Seen Bed Bath & Beyond Return Program?

This perk is the same for everyone, member or not, but it’s worth mentioning. BB&B has one of the least restrictive return policies on the planet. You can return items up to 90 days after purchase with no questions asked. Many stores will only give you 30 or 60 days, especially on electronic items. If you made your purchase with a gift card, you would get your refund as store credit. 

Is Paying For A Bed Bath & Beyond Membership Worth It?

In short: Yes!

The only way a Bed Bath & Beyond membership would be not worth it is if you never shop there or you only plan to shop there once a year or for very small purchases.

If you’re going to pop in at least once a month and drop $50 or more at a time, then you’ll have no problem coming out ahead.

Deanna Balestra is a freelance writer and a contributor from St. Louis, MO who enjoys writing about a variety of topics including small business, marketing, education, and health. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading both fiction and non-fiction books, watching movies, playing with her kids, and volunteering with animals.

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