Buying Tires Direct: Save More Money When Buying Tires This Time of Year

When it comes to buying a vehicle, the prices – especially of new cars – can knock your socks off! The next blow after that price is the price to maintain your car. And, you can’t think of maintenance without thinking of the cost of tires.

A set of tires can cost hundreds of dollars, and sometimes you can’t just get away with buying a single tire if you catch a nail. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, you have to replace all four. Ouch! And you have to pay for installation, as well.

If this sounds overwhelming and expensive, then keep reading – we’re about to go over how to save money on tires! Believe it or not, there are better times of the year to purchase tires than others, and I’m about to show you the best time of year to buy tires!

Let’s take a look at when’s the best time to buy tires, where to buy tires, and what to look for when you buy tires!

When to Buy New Tires

How do you know if you need new tires? Well, there are a few signs to look for in your current tires that indicate when you need new tires:

  • Tire Tread is less than 4/32nds of an inch: Tire tread depth is a major indicator of the health of your tire. It’s illegal to drive with less than 2/32nds, so you’ll want to change them before that point. Learn how to check your tire tread depth!
  • Car has been Parked for too long: If you’ve gone away for an extended period of time or not driven your vehicle for months, your tires may develop flat spots. This can cause your car to shake and be difficult to drive, especially at higher speeds.

Remember, the rules around getting new tires are to keep you safe, and making sure your tires are in great condition prevents accidents and keeps everyone around you safe, as well.

Let’s look at what time of year to buy new tires!

Best Time of Year to Buy Tires

Unlike other products, tires can be a seasonal purchase. Depending on what kind of tires you need, you may find better deals in one month than another. You’ll want to avoid the months of December to February

These are the times of year to buy tires:


The month of October is good to buy any tires needed specifically for winter. Winter tires (also known as snow tires) are important for safely navigating through harsh winter climates, such as the Rocky Mountains, New England, and along the midwest and northern border of the US.

The tread on winter tires is different and can handle plummeting temperatures better, as well as icy or snowy road conditions. October is a great month to buy winter tires before the prices increase due to the seasonal demand and weather change!


For the same reason, April is a great month for buying all-season or summer tires. All-season and summer tires go on sale right before the typical summer vacation of May – September hits. 

Prices tend to increase during the summer months because more people are on the road and likely to need new tires. People tend to take long road trips during summer vacation, thus encountering more issues such as flat tires or more wear and tear on their vehicles. 

Black Friday Sales

The day after Thanksgiving sales, or Black Friday, has been legendary for years now. And since consumers expect more, the sales have started earlier in the week, as companies try to compete for your business. Did you know you can find deals on tires during Black Friday, also?

You can find deals on sets of tires, as well as installation. Don’t forget to look for tires during the Black Friday sales this year!

When the Tires you Have are Dangerous

Basically, while it’s great to save money on tires, and there are specific points during the year when you can save more money, it is not worth risking your life to wait for a sale. I cannot stress enough that if your tires are unsafe, they must be replaced!

If you can’t afford tires but need them, you can work with the store to finance your tires. Don’t risk your safety, or the safety of someone else by driving on tires that are damaged, too low on tread, or otherwise worn down.

Now that you know when to buy, you’ll need to decide on which tires you need for your car. Let’s take a look at which factors go into making such an important decision.

The Best Places to Find a Deal on Tires

When it comes to buying new tires, there are plenty of places to find deals. Let’s look at how each place is different and what you can expect to find:

ResellerHow to OrderProsCons
WalmartOnline and In-store– Easy to shop tires by season online- Many locations throughout the US for installationPossible long wait times for installation
BJ’s WarehouseOnlineAppointments can be made quickly– Will not install tires purchased elsewhere- Must have BJ’s membership
CostcoOnlineInstallation includes rotation and balancing, which could cost more at other placesNot the cheapest option
Tire RackOnline– Custom options available- Roadside Assistance includedOnline only and do not have 24/7 customer service
Discount Tire DirectOnline– Offer financing- Consistently better prices than competitorsNot as much variety with brands

Now that you know where to find a deal on tires, let’s focus on what to look for before purchasing tires.

What to Know Before You Purchase Tires

Although it would be great to just buy the first set of tires you see, not all tires are made equally, and not all tires would be ideal for your car. There are a few things to consider before purchasing your new tires.

  1. Tire Size: By looking at the manual or the inside of your driver’s door, you can locate and identify information regarding your tires. You must know your tire size before purchasing, to ensure they fit correctly and can support the car properly.
  2. Speed Rating: Did you know tires were only rated to go at certain speeds? This includes spare tires! Make sure you know the maximum speed your car can drive and which tires can handle those speeds. Also, keep in mind you hopefully will never drive that fast!
  3. Expected Mileage: Tire age and any wear and tear aren’t the only things to consider before buying tires. You also should understand the expected mileage of tires before you buy. For example, some tires are only rated to go 50,000 miles, while others can handle 85,000 miles.

Knowing those few things can help you make an informed decision before making your purchase. Next, let’s look at tips to save money when buying tires.

How to Save More Money when Buying Tires

As you’ve figured out, tires can run you hundreds of dollars. But if you need them, it’s not a purchase that can wait. Here are some tips on how to save more money when buying tires:

Buy with Cash Back/Rewards Points Credit Card

Because you’re making such an expensive purchase, this is the time to take a look at whichever credit cards you have that may offer you money back or rewards points for making purchases. You may be able to get 2% back with Costco’s Executive Rewards!

Shop Around

Once you’ve identified the tires you need, don’t be afraid to shop around and price compare. Sure, many places may have similarly priced tires, but how much is their installation? What about warranties? You may find you can save on associated costs, even if the tires themselves are identical.

Keep your Tires Rotated

After you buy tires, you still have to keep up with maintenance. Having your tires rotated can save money by making sure the tires wear evenly. How your car drives (i.e. front-wheel or all-wheel drive) affects its wear and tear, which affects how frequently you buy new tires.

Look for Rebates or Coupons

When shopping around, it’s important to look for rebates and coupons for those tires or installation services. You may be able to save as much as $50 just by searching online. Also, if you’re caught between a few options, a rebate or coupon can help make that decision easier.

Consider Installation Price

When buying tires, don’t just look at the cost of the materials – you also have to consider the cost of installation and labor. Before agreeing to have tires shipped to a location for installation, do your homework and understand what they’re offering. 

You could also have them shipped directly to you, and you can take them to a trusted mechanic. You don’t want any surprises here!

Buying new tires can sometimes make you feel like you should consider used tires, but should you buy used tires?

Tips for Tire Maintenance

Whether you’re someone who just learned how to drive or someone with 40 years of driving under your belt, there is simple tire maintenance that you can do (or pay someone else to do)  to make sure your tires are in great condition. 

But how do you know whether you should do this or leave it up to the mechanic? Here are some tips for tire maintenance:

Tire TaskDo it Yourself or Hire a MechanicWhy is This Important?
Check Tire TreadDo it YourselfKeeping an eye on tread will help you know when they should definitely be replaced
Check Air PressureDo it YourselfOverinflated or Underinflated tires affect driving performance and if you find yourself adding air frequently, you may have a leak.
Changing a Flat TireIf you have the right tools and are in a safe location, do it yourself. Otherwise take it to a mechanic.You can only drive so far on a spare tire, and you want to make sure the tire is installed properly.
Rotate your TiresBothSimply rotating your tires can be done with the right tools, but there’s no shame in taking it to a mechanic.
Balancing or AlignmentHire a MechanicThere are specific tools that must be used when balancing or doing a tire alignment, and this is often done when tires are rotated.

Buying Used Tires

In general, buying used tires can carry a huge risk, as there are dangers associated with buying used tires. Some may say you can buy from a reputable seller, however, you’ll likely get less use out of them. 

This may save you a little cash upfront but you’ll probably pay more in the long run. If you’re an expert (or know and trust one) you may be ok with purchasing used tires, however, I’d generally not recommend it.

FAQs on the Best time to Buy Tires

Where can I buy tires?

You can buy tires from resellers online and have them shipped to an accommodating installer. Costco, BJ’s Warehouse, Walmart, Tire Rack, and Discount Tire Direct all sell tires.

When is the best time to buy tires at Costco?

Costco has great tire deals throughout the year, but check them out especially in late spring and early fall for coupons, rebates, and more savings.

When is the best time of year to buy tires?

Generally, April and October are two of the best months to buy tires, but you can also shop for tires on Black Friday. You never want to wait to buy tires if the ones you have are unsafe!

When should I check the air pressure in my tires?

The best time to check the air pressure in your tires is in the morning before you drive, or three hours after you drive. Checking the air pressure is one way to monitor the health of your tires and make sure they’re safe.

When is the Best Time to Buy New Tires?

If you can figure out which tires you need, which season you’re shopping for, and your correct size, you can take advantage of sales during October or April to get the most bang for your buck. Don’t forget to check for coupons and rebates to save even more!

Since you look like someone who loves saving money on cars, check out how to save money on gas!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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