13 Tips for Easy Savings at Burger King

Burger King has been the staple of fast food for years. The Whopper, Burger King’s iconic burger has stood the test of time and has been purchased millions of times.

They have been doing it right since 1954, and their classic recipes have kept people satisfied for nearly 70 years.

Above all, Burger King is the actual king of providing numerous options to save on food while filling you up. Keep reading to discover 13 different ways to save even more at Burger King.

1. Get the Burger King Crown Card

A Crown Card is essentially the same as a gift card, but when you purchase a Crown Card you can earn special rewards. The Burger King Crown Card can also be loaded directly into the app. 

If you keep using Crown Cards and receiving the rewards, then you will continually receive rewards. This means that after a while you won’t have to pay for meals, but you can just use the rewards.

2. Use the 2 for 10 deal

The 2 for 10 deal includes 2 entrees, 2 small fries, and 2 small drinks for $10. Yes, these are two full meals for only $10. This is a great deal as you can get some of the best entrees that Burger King has to offer. 

This includes the Whopper, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, Single Sourdough King, and 9-piece chicken nugget. Finally, you get to mix and match from the list above while still maintaining the $10 price point.

3. Use the Burger King App

When you use the Burger King app, not only do you get the convenience of the app, but you get special app-based offers.

You can get secret mobile-only deals and coupons all from the app. This app can be downloaded on both iOS devices and Androids. The app also gives the ability to order online and skip the line at pick-up.

4. Order Delivery Online

Stop using expensive delivery apps that will charge you as much in delivery fees as you spent on the order. Instead, use the Burger King app or website to get your Burger King order delivered straight to your front door. 

The delivery is $1, which is significantly less than other delivery apps. It is also directly delivered from the restaurant so there is no middleman needed. There is a $0 delivery fee on Sundays and Mondays. 

5. Check out the Offers page

Looking for the most up-to-date Burger King deals? Well, look no further than the Burger King Offers page. Look under the offers page on their website to find a galore of deals that are offered nowhere else. Some of these deals include free sandwiches or $5 whopper menus. The best part is you can refresh the offers as often as you want to find the offers that work best for you.

6. Complete the surveys

Burger King offers free Whoppers for filling out surveys based on your experience. First, you have to order at Burger King and make sure you get a receipt. Then go to My Burger King Experience and enter the restaurant number at the top of your receipt. Find the survey code at the bottom of the receipt and enter it in. 

Now simply answer the questions about your experience and follow the instructions to collect your coupon code. Redeem at your local BK for a free Whopper!

7. Use the Bestseller List

Check out the tab on the Burger King website labeled BestSeller List for a full list of the best-selling items at Burger King. To get the best possible deals for the least amount of money, use the BestSeller List along with the 2 for 10 deal. 

This list includes great meals such as the impossible Whopper, 10 piece chicken nuggets, and the double sourdough king.

8. Get the BK Café Subscription

The BK Café is a subscription service that lets you get a small coffee for $5 a month. This is the best price around when it comes to coffee as the math comes out to roughly 16 cents a day.

This is much cheaper than brewing your own coffee or purchasing it from another rival coffee shop. $5 a month and coffee every day is a deal that anyone can get behind.

9. Burger King Vegetarian Options

Burger King has lots of healthy and yummy vegetarian options. You can ask for a veggie whopper, which is the same as a regular whopper without the patty.

If you are a vegetarian who still wants the taste of beef then opt for the impossible Whopper. The impossible Whopper is a completely meat-free whopper that tastes just like beef but is completely plant-based. 

10. Get 2 Sides for the price of 1

At Burger King, they offer both fries or onion rings as side plates. Never worry about choosing between the two again. If you don’t just want one you can get both if you ask! This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to sides (and you get more food). 

11. Less food and less money

Are you hungry for Burger King but don’t feel like getting a full meal or simply don’t have the money for it? Simple solution: order a kid’s meal. There is no age limit when it comes to the kid’s menu at Burger King. You may be getting less food with the kid’s menu but it means you can spend less money.

12. Get the most from your soda

Instead of spending the extra money ordering a large soda, sit inside Burger King to eat and get a small soda then refill it.

At Burger King, you get free refills when you sit inside! By doing so you can get just as much soda without the extra money.

You can even drink it while you wait for your food then refill it before you leave!

13.  Use the Burger King filter tool

On the Burger King app in the search bar, you can filter what you want to eat based on nutrition facts such as fat and sodium.

You can also filter your results for specific allergies such as soy and gluten. Stop worrying about holding up the line when placing your specific order and do it straight from your phone.

Burger King FAQs

How to deal with incomplete transitions when using the Burger King app?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, then confirm the card number as well as your zip code. This should resolve the problem, but if not then contact your bank. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Digital Support team for assistance.

How can I provide feedback for an experience I had in a restaurant?

To give your feedback to improve your Burger King experience contact the customer support team.

How can I stay updated on the most recent information regarding Burger King?

Make sure to follow Burger King on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest deals and coupons.

What do I do if my order was delivered, but it is not the order I paid for?

When your order does not arrive as expected make sure to contact the restaurant for assistance.

Why won’t my Crown Card work at my local restaurant?

Locate your Crown Card number and ensure that your card is activated.

How to use Burger King’s eGift card?

Burger King eGift cards are sent through email. To use the eGift card simply print it out or show the cashier your mobile device in-store.

Final Thoughts

With so many options at Burger King, you are bound to find coupons and deals that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Take your Burger King experience to the next level by getting your next meal for super cheap (or even for free).

By using these Burger King tips, you can save a lot more money when you eat out, need a snack on the go, or are looking for an inexpensive dinner date. Make sure to regularly check in on the app so you don’t miss the latest coupons or deals.

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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