19 Ways to Save More Money at Cabela’s

If you shop at Cabela’s you know that they are notorious for great gear—and high prices. But as you know, the greatest outdoor hobbies like hunting, fishing, camping, and boating require equipment—that’s why Cabela’s can survive with those high prices.

It can be tempting to overspend on quality gear on Cabela’s website, especially when you need that new equipment for your next outdoor trip. And the temptation of walking through the aisles of colorful gear, shiny equipment, and superior apparel can be even worse.

Resist the temptation! And make way for savings with these 19 tips on the best ways to save more money at Cabela’s.

After all, who doesn’t love to see a little more cash in their wallets to spend on other things… like more gear?

1. Sign Up for Cabela’s Promo Emails and Texts

To get exclusive deals, coupons, and promotions from Cabela’s right now, all you need to do is create an account on their site. You can also text CABELAS to 247365.

The best part of signing up for emails and texts from Cabela’s is that you can personalize your account. Do you prefer ladies’ clothing, archery, fishing, or all three? Targeted ads mean relevant deals—and more savings!

2. Apply for A Cabela’s CLUB Card

You might not want to apply for another credit card, but if you’re a frequent shopper at Cabela’s it’s worth it.

Cabela’s Mastercard CLUB Members get even more perks, including:

  • A $25 bonus just for signing up
  • Another $10 for making five purchases within the first 30 days
  • 2% cashback at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops
  • 1% cashback everywhere else
  • CLUB price-match (Cabela’s will beat competitor prices by 5%!)
  • Access to exclusive member-only events
  • Special offers, discounts, and giveaways

Apply for your Cabela’s CLUB card here.

3. Sign Up for Cabela’s Free Rewards Program

If adding another credit card to the pile doesn’t sound appealing to you, don’t worry. You can still redeem some cashback—with no commitment.

Cabela’s offers an Outdoor Rewards card where you can earn points on all the money you spend. If you shop at Cabela’s and don’t have a rewards card, you need one.

Instead of earning 2% cashback as a CLUB Member, you’ll receive 1 point for every dollar spent with your Outdoor Rewards card. And when it’s time to cash in, 100 points equals one dollar.

4. Tour the Bargain Cave

The bargain cave is Cabela’s online clearance and sale section. Every week, Cabela’s adds new gear to the bargain cave, and you can snag items at 50% off or more.

The cave is organized by categories, so you can shop for your camping, boating, hunting, or clothing needs while knowing you’re getting a good deal.

You can narrow down your search results on the left-hand side of the screen, targeting items in a certain price range or viewing only clearance items.

5. Earn Cabela’s Bucks on Select Items

Signing up for a CLUB card isn’t the only way to redeem rewards. Cabela’s also promotes their products with Cabela’s bucks.

Cabela’s typically runs their best sales on the weekend starting on Fridays. When you shop in-store, you can ask a sales rep for a sales flyer or circular with all the upcoming sales.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn Cabela’s Bucks. Basically, you get a set amount of cash back for spending either a certain amount or purchasing select items. If you have a Cabela’s account, you can link the cash to your account. Otherwise, you’ll receive a custom coupon code with your order.

6. Shop During Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

Let’s be honest, Black Friday is one of the most hectic undesirable shopping experiences.

But we do it for the deals.

Cabela’s saves its best seasonal deals for the in-person shopping bonanza of Black Friday, but you can still find great deals online from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

7. Take Advantage of Father’s Day Sales

We all know that nothing beats the legendary Black Friday deals—but did you know that the week before Father’s Day is another great time to save? You’ll see huge markdowns on camping gear including apparel, tents, and tools.

Whether your shopping for Dad, the next fishing trip, or your wardrobe, Cabela’s has great deals in-store and online.

8. Price Match with Other Retailers

If you thought price match perks were only for CLUB members—think again. Cabela’s will match any price for identical products sold within 100 miles of your local store, in-store and online.

With a smartphone, a quick search of the products you’re already buying could yield you some added savings. But there’s a catch—Cabela’s won’t price match online-only stores like Amazon.

9. Compare Online, Catalogue, and In-Store Prices

If you walk into a Cabela’s store, they will also price match items listed at a lower price on their website or in their catalog—and vice versa. If you’re shopping online and you see a cheaper price in-store, they’ll honor the lower price.

10. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

This next one is a deal that feels like a steal. You can purchase gift cards for Cabela’s for up to 16% less than the cash value on the card.

Combine this method with another and you’ll save some serious cash. Check out Gift Card Granny, Raise, and Cardpool to see for yourself. 

11. Take Advantage of Free Services

Cabela’s offers a bunch of free services to their customers.

Even if you didn’t buy a thing, you can spool your fishing line or get your knives sharpened at no cost with no purchase at Cabela’s. Pretty sweet deal, right?

And if you purchase a grill, they’ll assemble it for free, too. Turn “some assembly required” into “no assembly required” for absolutely nothing.

This next one is for the hunters and gun enthusiasts—Cabela’s will mount a scope on your rifle for free. They also offer free bore sighting, firearm appraisals, and holster fitting even if you didn’t purchase a single thing. They also offer free gun locks when you purchase a firearm.

12. Trade-in Old Firearms

You can also exchange your old, unused (or underused) guns at Cabela’s for straight cash or store credit. If you’ve got guns that you don’t want anymore, that’s a win-win.

You’ll get more bang for your buck if you opt for store credit—which is obviously the best decision for maximum savings. Learn more here.

13. Work at Cabela’s for the Employee Discount

Cabela’s offers employees 15% off everything in-store and 40% off all Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops branded merch.

If you’re a huge Cabela’s fan, the next best thing is joining the team.

14. Attend Special Events (and Serve in the Military)

Cabela’s is always planning their next big event.

That’s great news if your military. Whether you’re on active duty or a veteran, you’ll get increased discounts on everything in-store and online.

Throughout the entire year, Cabela’s offers a 5% discount for active duty and veteran service members. And during events—like their last Memorial Day Hometown Heroes Event—troops get added savings.

That savings also extends to medical professionals, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTs in-store (but not online).

15. Attend Cabela’s Summer Workshops for Free

Every summer, Cabela’s offers free workshops for the whole family. Play lawn games, cherish memories with kid-friendly crafts, and mingle with your community for absolutely free!

Cabela’s offers a range of programs for mom, dad, and the kids from backyard adventures to watersports! Would you rather enlist in fishing 101, shooting & archery, or camping & hiking?

16. Look Out for the Orange Stickers

Cabela’s tags their in-store items with orange stickers that indicate the item is 20% off. Combined with clearance deals, you can find whopping savings.

17. Shop Cabela’s Brand Clothing

You won’t find better deals on Cabela’s apparel anywhere else.

Look through the clearance rack for Cabela’s brand clothing, and you could save hundreds of dollars (compared to other retailers).

18. Qualify for Free Shipping

Getting free shipping at Cabela’s is easy—all you need to do is spend over $50.

If you have a small purchase you need asap, you can also ship it to your local store and pick it up for free.

19. Ask for Free Fudge

Cabela’s makes their homemade fudge on-site, and if you ask for a sample at the counter, you’ll get one for free.

And if you’re lured in by the sweet treat, you’ll want to know this fudge savings tip. Cabela’s offers a buy 4 get 2 free deal on fudge squares.

Get the Most for Your Money at Cabela’s

Whether you’re in it for the fudge, the savings, or both, use these 19 tips to save more money on your next trip to Cabela’s.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below! Do you have more great tips for saving money at Cabela’s? Which one of these tips saved you the most?

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