13 Money-Saving Hacks with Chegg That You Need to Know

Given the current shift to online learning, more and more students are in need of digital help and materials. From high school students looking for test help to college students in need of cheap textbooks, Chegg is a fantastic resource for all your needs. 

Chegg is an online learning and educational services platform that offers anything from textbook rentals to homework assistance, to college preparation. They offer an abundance of services and discounts to their users, so it can get a little overwhelming when trying to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Stop spending thousands of dollars on academic resources. Below are the 14 money-saving tips to use when shopping on Chegg so that you don’t go into debt during your educational career.

1. Buy Books off Chegg

Chegg is one of the best online realtors to find cheap, but high-quality textbooks. It offers thousands of titles, authors, and subjects at a fraction of the cost of a traditional campus bookstore. Chegg has a huge selection of books that are required by numerous university courses. Sometimes you can even find books that are up to 90% off the original list price.

2. Rent Books off Chegg

Renting textbooks is an economical solution for many students. You save money, send them back at the end of the semester, and don’t need to worry about piles of books you will never use again. Nearly every textbook on Chegg can also be found as a rental option, rather than purchasing the book at full cost. Need your rental for a few more years? Don’t worry, Chegg allows you to purchase the rental at the listed price. Chegg allows you to highlight, but not write in rented books, so you can still keep up your study habits.

3. Sign Up for Chegg Study

Chegg Study helps you understand the material in the books you ordered. This online subscription service provides its users access to homework help, step-by-step solutions to textbook problems, and access to solution forums. You are also able to talk to experts who can help you through the problems and you will receive an answer in about 30 minutes. Chegg Study costs $14.95 per month. You can also purchase the Chegg Study Pack for $19.95 per month. It includes everything listed above, plus Chegg Math Solver and Chegg Writing.

4. Free Shipping on $35 or more

Chegg offers free standard shipping on all orders which are more than $35. No promo code is needed. If you order books totaling more than $85 then you will get free 2-day shipping. Buy in bulk to get your books quicker.

5. Try Chegg Free Trial

Unsure about whether Chegg Study is right for you? You can try it for free when you purchase or rent a book from Chegg. The free trial period for Chegg Study is four weeks long. It starts once you place an order for a physical or rental textbook from the Chegg website.

6. Sell Textbooks back to Chegg

Have some old textbooks lying around? Sell your textbooks back to Chegg and you will earn some cash in return. Simply enter the textbook ISBN and you will get an instant quote on how much your textbook is worth. Print the free shipping label and you will get paid once they receive your book!

Update: Chegg has stopped buying used textbooks, but they will now link you to GoTextbooks. Selling textbooks on GoTextbooks is pretty much the same process as selling them on Chegg, except for the fact that it is an independent buyer (recommended by Chegg!). 

7. Pause Your subscription

Once the academic year is over, make sure to pause your monthly subscription on Chegg. Chegg will continue to charge you the $15/month fee even when you are no longer active on your account. Pause your subscription rather than cancel it, you will save all of your data, but Chegg will not charge you for something you are not using.

8. Free Academic Services

Your Chegg Subscription offers you some pretty neat features and helpful resources such as:

Chegg Flashcards

Chegg offers free flashcards for studying that you can create online or on the app. Chegg also has a huge selection of premade flashcards for languages, science courses, business classes, and more.

Chegg AP Study Guides

Free AP study guides are provided by Chegg and are customized by course. Some prep guides include AP Psychology, AP US Government, AP Microeconomics, and so many others.

Free Math Solver

Chegg offers a free edition math solver program. It includes an online calculator and basic explanations of math problems.

College Exploration

This feature allows you to compare more than 6,000 colleges and filter the listing by location, acceptance rate, tuition, degrees offered, etc. Chegg also has a major selection section where you can explore possible career paths and discover what major is best for you.

Career Advice

College students are able to access Chegg’s career center which encompasses hundreds of career paths and numerous options for post-graduation.

Scholarship Database

Find more than 25,000 scholarships with Chegg’s scholarship database. Fill out every scholarship requirement and save them on your profile to come back later.

9. Say NO to ebooks

When renting books from Chegg, the paperback option is the way to go. In this day and age ebooks have now become more expensive than most paperback books. The price point may look appealing at first, but most users miss a crucial detail; Chegg charges its users per month for ebook usage. Also, when you order a paperback book Chegg will provide you with a free ebook copy until you receive the hard copy version. This is especially useful if you have already begun a class and desperately need the book right away.

10. Buy Used Textbooks

Since anyone around the world can sell textbooks to Chegg, there are bound to be some older copies of textbooks. If you are looking to buy a book rather than rent it, opt to buy an older or used version of the same publication. Sometimes professors, especially for liberal arts classes, will be lenient about the year of publication that you purchase for their course. Chegg offers numerous editions of each book, they are not exact, but they are similar enough that you can purchase a cheaper option and still keep up with the curriculum.

11. Look for Frequent Promo Offers

Save as much as you can on Chegg books and services by taking advantage of Chegg coupons and promo codes. Koopy.com offers fresh discounts and numerous coupons to choose from. These coupons can range from 10% off a physical textbook to 58% off your annual subscription. Stay up to date on Koopy so you never miss a deal before the school year starts.

12. Coupons They Send You

Before any online website publishes it, Chegg has a page specifically to keep its users up to date with coupons and discounts. If you catch them in time, these coupons can be saved to your account for later use. All coupons will appear in the user’s inbox.

13. Chegg Return Policy

If you have purchased or rented a textbook from Chegg and need to return it, just log in to your account on the Chegg.com website. There you need to find the correct order and follow the return instructions provided. For digital textbooks, you have 14 days to return them upon purchase and for physical textbooks, you have up to 21 days to return. For refunds on a subscription, contact the customer service department and explain your reasons for canceling.

Final Thoughts

Students already spend so much money on test prep and college tuition, so try and save some money on books or other aspects of your education career. Chegg is an amazing resource and offers hundreds of deals every month to its users. It is essential to keep an eye out for all of the discounts and coupons they offer especially when the beginning of the school year rolls around. 

Chegg offers so many great savings discounts that can be applied at any time. From textbooks to homework help, the price of education can add up real quick. Use these 14 savings hacks to get discounts and save on education services and college textbooks without being buried in debt.

Do you have other ways to save money on Chegg? Let us know in the comments below!

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