27 Tips on Saving “Mor” Money at Chick-fil-A!

All it takes is the mere mention of Chick-fil-A, and my mouth is watering for some of that golden, crispy chicken! Even when it comes to dinner, I’m always looking for a deal. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways to save money and get my Chick-fil-A fix!

Here are my 27 tips on saving “mor” money at Chick-fil-A!

1. Sign up for the Chick-Fil-A One app

If you have not yet signed up for the Chick-fil-A One app, you are absolutely missing out on some major rewards and savings! You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store and have a great tool at your fingertips!

The app has a ton of benefits, and you get points with every dollar that you spend. Not only that, but you get different rewards based on your tier, whether the order is placed via scan, mobile order, online order, or mobile pay. This is well worth it!

2. Spend More to Save More Using the App

As it stands, the Chick-fil-A One Member tier gets 10 points for every dollar, which is the lowest tier. The Chick-fil-A One Silver Member tier gets 11 points and the Chick-fil-A One Red Member tier gets 12 points, respectively. So how do you move up in tiers? It’s easy!

Once you receive 1,000 points in a year, you’re bumped to Silver, and 5,000 points in a year bumps you to Red. 

The Member tier is still awesome, with free food rewards, bonus free food rewards, and a birthday reward, but the Silver allows you all of this and the ability to give rewards to others. 

Red is where it’s at with everything from the Member and Silver tier plus insight into new menu items and insider content. So, basically, what I’m saying is that every dollar you spend puts you closer to the Red tier. What are you waiting for!? Go buy “mor” chicken!

3. Use Your Rewards for Free Food

It’s so easy to redeem those points you’ve racked up for free food! You simply navigate to the app’s Rewards section and select Redeem! They can be used for everything from a cookie, to a side of fries, to a sandwich. That’s truly a reward worth looking forward to!

4. Get a Gift from Friends and Family

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or a simple “thank you”, receiving a gift from Friends and Family from the Chick-fil-A One app is a great way to save while dining at one of your favorite places! And, it’s simple to give and receive! 

5. Let Chick-fil-A Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun, but boy, are they stressful to plan! Call your local Chick-fil-A and ask about hosting your kid’s birthday party for FREE! That’s right – you can bring the cake, and for only the cost of the delicious food there, they can host your party for no charge.

Not only does this save you money from having to pay for expensive rentals, but you would have to buy food anyway – why not get points back?! Plus, the kids will be entertained and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house.

6. Celebrate Your Birthday

Free treats on your birthday? Yes, please! Isn’t that what birthdays are all about? Check your Chick-fil-A One app for a free Chocolate Chunk Cookie (for Member and Silver tiers) or your choice from a variety of desserts as a Chick-fil-A One Red tier member. 

It’s valid for 30 days, so no rush on their account if you cannot redeem it the day of your birthday. Plus, I always like to spread the birthday joy out for as long as I can, anyway.

7. Order a Small Tray and Share it

If you know that you have a few orders of nuggets requested by your family at dinner, why not order a small tray and share it? It saves you money and there is plenty to go around. And if you’re single, great – you have dinner for the week!

8. Get a Fruit Tray for the Kids

My best friend swears by the Chick-fil-A fruit trays. She buys one on Monday, and divvys up the fruit for the kids that week, all without any chopping or cleanup required. They stay good for a few days, so none of it goes to waste. That’s what I call efficient!

9. Look Out for Free Treats

Getting food for free is definitely the best way to save money, and Chick-fil-A likes to reward their customers with free treats as a thank you for using their app. Keep your eyes peeled!

10. Holiday Trays at Chick-fil-A

Gifts are great, and they’re even better when it’s something you love and you get rewarded with points! Whether you are giving or receiving, why not check out what Chick-fil-A is offering for the next holiday and give (or receive) something we all would love?

11. Order Curbside Pickup or Delivery

Save money on gas when you order curbside pickup or delivery! You can order these options through your Chick-fil-A One app and it saves you time, as well.

12. Check out Family Events

You never know what might happen at a Family Event at your local Chick-fil-A! Save your sanity with this one by spending some family time in a fun environment, and get dinner in while you’re there. Plus, there could be a freebie or coupon floating around.

13. Build Your Own Family Meal Through the App

Isn’t it just terrible after you’ve finished a long day of work, then mustered the energy to cook dinner, and the kids are having none of it? Don’t waste your time and money on food that they won’t eat! 

Open your app, build a meal you know they love, and Chick-fil-A will have it ready in no time! Plus, points!

14. Fill Out a Survey

Check your receipt the next time you order and see if you have been selected to fill out a survey! Don’t let it go to waste – you can get free food from spending just a few minutes online telling them about your experience.

15. Consider Chick-fil-A coupons

In this day and age, you can find coupons for everything if you look hard enough. And, the best part is, some sites don’t make it so hard. Check out sites like Koopy.com for the latest Chick-fil-A coupons before your next run and save even more on your order!

16. Dress Up for Cow Appreciation Day

That’s right – dress up for Cow Appreciation Day and you may actually win a free meal! It doesn’t need to be elaborate – a simple white t-shirt with black spots will do the trick! You have to admit, it’s pretty funny to see the costumes people design on the fly.

17. Follow Chick-fil-A on Social Media

One of the best ways to get insight into what’s going on at your local Chick-fil-A is following on social media, so you can be “in the know” about discounts that may not be nationally offered. Follow your local chain to stay on top of deals that save you money!

18. Ask About Mobile Monday

When ordering, ask if your Chick-fil-A offers Mobile Monday, which is a reward some restaurants provide to their customers. If you order with the app anytime on Monday, they will send a free treat to your app to be redeemed at a later time. How cool is that?!

19. Take Your Kid’s Report Card

Call ahead to double-check, but your local Chick-fil-A may offer a free six-piece chicken nugget box or ice cream if their report card has A’s and B’s. Some even offer freebies for perfect attendance or other rewards. Talk about motivation!

20. See About Senior Discounts on Drinks

Although there is no formal Senior Discount program, it never hurts to ask when ordering. Some Chick-fil-A restaurants offer free drinks for seniors. That breakfast with a free coffee or lunch with a free tea just got a little bit sweeter!

21. Hold the Cheese, Please

Some Chick-fil-A restaurants will credit you back the cost of cheese if you order a sandwich that comes with cheese and ask them to remove it. This may also work for other items that come on their sandwiches, as well. It never hurts to ask!

22. Make Your Own Secret Menu Option

If you’ve ever wondered about making up your own secret menu option, I am here to give you full permission. Order two chocolate chunk cookies, and an icecream cone, and wham! You have an ice cream sandwich. 

And, you got points for it, without having to make a trip to another store! What can you dream up to place for your next order?

23. Cook at Home with Nuggets

Chick-fil-A gets it when it comes to getting food on the table fast. Why not make it semi-homemade with one of their Nightly Nugget recipes? The grocery store doesn’t give you rewards points for buying dinner, but Chick-fil-A does! Plus, these come with a recipe card and a video. Thank you!

24. Swap Out the Toy for a Free Icedream

Another way to get free food? Tell Chick-fil-A to hold the toy, and your kid can get a free icedream instead! Plus, who needs another sharp object to step on at home? Trust me, they want the icedream!

25. Look for the National Giveaway

As if you needed another great reason to use the app, Chick-fil-A offers a National Giveaway (read: free food!) once per year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a free meal, all for being a loyal customer.

26. Be the First In Line

Chick-fil-A offers free food for a year if you are one of the First 100 in line at a Grand Opening of a Chick-fil-A! The next time you’re out and about, keep your eyes open for the new, local Chick-fil-A in your area and mark your calendar.

27. Keep the Extra Sauces

Chick-fil-A is indeed generous with their sauces, and there is no need to throw those away! Save money by keeping those in the fridge at home, or in your car on the go for (free) deliciousness anytime! 

And, since they just started offering bottled sauces, why not use the packets as much as possible!


Chick-fil-A makes it super easy to rack up points and rewards, and dine for free on a frequent basis. Download your Chick-fil-A One app today and start saving!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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