23 Super Easy Ways to Save Money at CVS (online & in-store)

Shoppers can save big at CVS and not just on regular sales. CVS makes it easy to get products for free, earn rewards on future purchases, and save money on everything from prescriptions to beauty items and even a few groceries.

Check out how to save at CVS both in-store and online with these quick savings tips.

1. Get a CVS ExtraCare Card

Sign up for a CVS ExtraCare card and get access to exclusive sales, plus earn 2% back on your eligible purchases. You’ll score ‘extra’ CVS savings on items non-card users don’t get.

Track your ExtraCare card balance rewards online, and always know how much you have.

Bonus – if you sign up for the CVS Pharmacy emails, you’ll receive up to 3x more with exclusive deals for email subscribers. 

2.  Shop the CVS Ad

Check the CVS weekly ad, and take advantage of sales. Not only will you see sale prices that you get with the CVS card, but also the ExtraCare Bucks you’ll earn for each purchase

Plan your list around the products on sale, and strategically use your ExtraCare Bucks for the greatest CVS savings on the products you need.

3. Sign up for Digital Receipts

If you’re tired of the long CVS receipts, sign up for Digital Receipts in store.  You get paperless receipts but still receive the same great coupons. Each time you scan your CVS ExtraCare card, CVS tracks your purchases. They provide coupons on future orders based on your purchases, this is one of the top ways to save when you learn how to save money at CVS.

With digital receipts, you can send the offer straight to your ExtraCare card. Now you’ve saved the planet and won’t leave your paper coupons sitting on the counter when you shop.

4. Use the CVS Coupon Kiosk

You can’t miss the CVS red coupon kiosk. Make that your first stop on each visit. Scan your ExtraCare card and it prints out exclusive coupons.

You may get coupons in addition to current sales or coupons for products you’ve bought before for even more CVS savings.

 That’s not all, the Coupon Center also:

  • Prints out your ExtraBucks Rewards
  • Look up the coupons you saved using your phone number if you forgot your card
  • Get a summary of the coupons you saved on your card
  • Price check a product

5. Get Products for Free

Look at the sales ad for products labeled ‘free after ExtraCare Bucks.’ Buy those products and save the ExtraCare Bucks.

The next week, shop the ad again. This time, though, use your ExtraCare Bucks to buy the ‘free after ExtraCare Bucks’ products. If you keep doing this, you’ll score free products often, spending no cash for your favorite products. This is one of our favorite options on how to save money at CVS.

6. Sign up for ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards

After you sign up for an ExtraCare card, you may earn up to $50 Pharmacy & Health Rewards bucks yearly. Each time you fill a prescription, refill a prescription or get immunizations you get rewarded.

 You earn 1 credit for each prescription refill or enrolling a family member.  You get points each time you enroll another family member.

 Earn 3 points for each 90-day prescription (new or refill), creating and linking a CVS account, and getting vaccines

7. Download the CVS App

Download the CVS app and earn up to 3x more savings with exclusive app deals. Download the app and link your card to see what savings await. CVS sometimes offers a bonus for downloading the app, so watch for specials and you may earn up to $5.

8. Sign up for CVS Emails

Sign up for CVS emails and receive exclusive deals worth up to 3x more than your regular savings. Watch the dates to make sure you take advantage of the great deals.

9. Sign up for CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club Rewards

Join the ExtraCare Beauty Club Rewards program and earn 10% off your purchase just for signing up.

The program is free and you’ll earn $3 ExtraCare Bucks each time you spend $30 on beauty items.

Members also get early access to new products, exclusive deals, a free birthday gift, and free samples of the latest products. Don’t skip this step when learning how to save money at CVS.

10. Stack Beauty Club Rewards and ExtraCare Rewards

Scan both your Beauty Club and ExtraCare card to get double the savings. You’ll earn the $3 for each $30 purchase (10%) plus the extra 2% on your ExtraCare card.

11. Watch for CVS Rebates

Check CVS for rebates often. You can combine rebate offers with coupons or use ExtraCare Bucks.

12. Print CVS Coupons

Check the CVS coupon site for further savings. You can use CVS-exclusive coupons and manufacturers’ coupons at CVS. Print the coupons out at home and present at the register for the savings.

13. Watch for Free Shipping Deals Online

You can shop CVS online too. They often have exclusive deals for online shoppers, such as ‘free shipping on orders over $35 or spend $X amount and save X%’=.’ Pay attention to the codes provided and enter them at checkout for more CVS savings.

14. Combine ExtraCare Deals, Coupons, and Rebates to Get Free Products

You can combine store coupons (CVS coupons) with manufacturers coupons (coupons you can use anywhere) for the hottest deals.

For example, if a product is $4 and you have a $2 store coupon and a $2 CVS coupon, you pay nothing. If you have a rebate, you’ll even earn cashback (making money on the deal). Ibotta is a great app to earn rebates on grocery, health, and beauty items.

15. Take Advantage of the CVS RX Savings Review

Your local CVS pharmacy will find ways to save money on your prescriptions. They look for personalized savings and other ways to make your medicine more affordable. Just ask your pharmacist what deals are available to you.

16. Watch for Prescription Transfer Gift Card Deals

CVS often offers a free CVS gift card for each prescription you transfer from another pharmacy. Watch the local ad for the deals.

17. Follow CVS Social Media Pages

CVS is on Twitter and Facebook. They offer exclusive deals to their social followers, so go hit ‘like’ and get in on the deals.

18. Trade Unwanted Gift Cards for CVS Gift Cards

The CVS CardCash program trades unwanted ‘other’ store gift cards for CVS pharmacy gift cards. Enter the merchant name and gift card balance and see your offer. You decide if you want to accept the offer.

If you accept it, you’ll enter the card number and PIN. CVS verifies the information (instantly) and you receive a CVS e-gift card in the amount offered. Approval may take up to one business day.

19. Get Exclusive Deals Online

Scroll to the bottom of the CVS home page and you’ll see ‘Online Deals.’ Click it and it brings you to the ‘sales ad’ for online shopping. Take advantage of the extra sales, and possibly earn free shipping if you have CarePass (costs $5 a month) or spend enough to qualify for free shipping.

20. Sign up for Veterans Advantage

If you or a family member served in any branch of the military, you’re eligible for Veterans Advantage. Members save 20% on every online order and get free shipping.

21. Join the CVS Advisor Panel

Share your opinions and feedback with CVS quarterly on the CVS Advisor Panel and earn rewards with exclusive CVS coupons and ExtraBucks Rewards for your time. The CVS surveys help with the products and services CVS offers. Let your opinion be heard and earn more CVS savings.

22. Buy CVS Brand Products

CVS often runs deals that save you $5 – $10 when you buy CVS branded products. You don’t have to buy specific products, such as shampoo or soap, but anything CVS-branded, which covers almost every product they sell. Not only do you save with the cheaper CVS brand prices, but you’ll get extra savings when CVS offers it.

23. Get your Flu Shot at CVS

Get your flu shot at CVS this year and earn a $5 shopping pass. Schedule an appointment online, get your shot, and walk out with $5 in product or $5 toward your purchase just for protecting yourself.

Make the Most of your CVS Savings

CVS is a great place to get snacks, grocery essentials, beauty items, health products, and prescriptions. With the right steps, you can learn how to save money at CVS on each purchase and many times also get products for free! 

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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