12 Tips for Saving Money at DICK’s Sporting Goods

Saving money is a universally loved pastime.

And we’ve got all the answers to the question you’re asking: how can you save even more money at DICK’s Sporting Goods?

It’s easy.

It’s also easy to spend hundreds of dollars a year at specialty stores like DICK’s, especially when you’ve made a serious hobby out of outdoor recreation like camping, kayaking, or outdoor sports.

These hobbies aren’t cheap. But they can be!

With these 12 tips for getting the most out of your money at DICK’s sporting goods, you’ll be able to save up for what really matters (which is more sports equipment, right?)!

Let’s dive in!

1. Sign Up for DICK’s Email List

One of the easiest ways to save money at DICK’s Sporting Goods is to sign up for DICK’s email list. It’s simple, fast, and (best of all) free!

New members automatically get a coupon for 10% off their entire purchase, and DICK’s will periodically email you exclusive email subscriber deals like 20% any single item, $20 off a $100 order, or 10% off select items.

Why pay full price when you could get great deals for free?

2.  Join DICK’s Text Alert Program

If you don’t keep an eye on your emails, there’s good news: DICK’s will also send deals and updates via text.

To join DICK’s Text Alert Program all you have to do is text KICKOFF to 24001. If this is your first time signing up, you’ll receive $20 off a purchase of $100 when you join.

DICK’s will send updates about new releases, current sales, and exclusive offers–and if you ever feel like they’re being a little too clingy, you can always text STOP to 24001.

3.  Use DICK’s ScoreCard

You can sign up in-store or online to join DICK’s 100% free rewards program. Once you get your ScoreCard, you’ll start earning points immediately.

Every $1 spent earns you one point. After 300 points (and $300), you’ll earn $10. For a free program, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

DICK’s also offers ScoreCard Gold to anyone who spends over $500 in one year or qualifies with an active DICK’s ScoreReward credit card. The added benefits include members-only perks and additional ways to earn rewards.

If you shop at DICK’s without a scorecard, you’re missing out on easy savings.

4. Download the DICK’s App

When you download and use the DICK’s app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store, you can earn bonus ScoreCard points. You can earn 50 bonus points just for logging into the app!

And, you guessed it, the app is 100% free.

Here are some of the additional perks you can get when you use the DICK’s app on your mobile device:

  • Earn 100 bonus points when you connect your Fitbit to the DICK’s app.
  • Earn 600 points (which equals $20!) when you complete specific DICK’s Move challenges.
  • Connect your MapMyRun app for more rewards points!

5. Apply for DICK’s Sporting Goods’ ScoreRewards Credit Card

If you’re truly invested in the savings, consider applying for a DICK’s Sporting Goods ScoreRewards Credit Card. You’ll automatically receive ScoreCard Gold status (and all the additional savings that come with it!) in addition to the perks of the credit card itself.

You’ll also earn double ScoreCard points for any DICK’s purchases and 1 point per $3 spent anywhere else.

You can also earn triple ScoreCard points the day you open and use your ScoreRewards at DICK’s. That means you’ll earn $10 for every $100 spent.

6. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

This next trick can be used at virtually any store, but using gift cards bought for cheap is an especially great strategy for DICK’s Sporting Goods.

You can use any gift card for Field & Stream, DICK’s, and Golf Galaxy interchangeably, so hunt for the best deals on sites like Gift Card Granny, Raise, and Cardpool among those three brands.

On discount gift card sites like those mentioned above, you can buy gift cards for less than the value of the card itself. Sometimes the cards are discounted as much as 16%–what a steal!

7. Use Your ScoreCard at Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy

If you want to use a DICK’s gift card at Field & Stream or a Golf Galaxy gift card at DICK’s, you can! That’s because DICK’s owns both of those companies, and for the most part, you can act as if they were all one and the same.

Playing by the same rules, you can also earn points on your ScoreCard by shopping at Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream.

8. Take Advantage of DICK’s Best Price Guarantee

DICK’s has taken a step up to say they refuse to be beaten–by low prices.

If you can find an identical match to your item at any physical or online storefront including Amazon (so long as it’s not sold by a 3rd party seller), DICK’s will match their lower price.

Since this broad price match policy includes almost any other store, you could spend some time searching popular retailers such as Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, or Macy’s to find the lowest price possible.

The only catch is that the product must be the exact same–color, model number, and everything! And, it can’t be on sale.

Learn more about DICK’s price match policy here.

9. Shop Clearance

If you love great prices, you’re familiar with the concept of clearance. You can find sales as good as 80% off on brand name apparel and equipment if you’re willing to look.

Obviously, DICK’s has a clearance wrack. But did you know that they also offer a special clearance event known as their Warehouse Sale? You can find 30-75% deals on merchandise. Whether you need a new water bottle for the kids, a golf club for dad, or clothing for everyone, you’ll find something for everyone when you shop at DICK’s Warehouse Sale.

9. Claim Free Shipping

Especially in today’s world where we have easily accessible technology and a global pandemic, online shopping is more popular than ever before. It has the perks of convenience, but who wants to pay for shipping?

Luckily, you can avoid these added costs at DICK’s when you make a purchase over $49. When you spend enough, you can ship to your home for free! 

What about when you only need one small item? You can choose to ship to your local store instead of your home. Then, taking advantage of DICK’s free in-store pickup services, you can simply pop by to grab your items.

DICK’s also offers free curbside pickup, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your vehicle.

9. Free Bike Assembly

Did someone say free?

DICK’s sells more than just merchandise. They also offer a variety of equipment services, including free bike assembly (and delivery!) when you purchase your next sweet ride online with DICK’s Sporting Goods.

10. More Free Equipment Services

In addition to free bike assembly, DICK’s offers a wide range of free services to customers.

When you purchase certain items you can receive the following services for free:

  • Custom-drilled bowling ball holes
  • Custom shoe recommendation based on running analysis
  • Hockey and figure skate sharpening and fitting
  • Racket restringing
  • Paintball cartridge CO2 filling
  • Winding for fishing line
  • Scope mounting and boresighting for firearms
  • Archery set-tup, installation, and adjustment
  • Baseball glove services
  • Golf iron fittings

The savings don’t end there. While not entirely free, you can find plenty of other discounted services at DICKs like 50% off lacrosse stick restringing when you purchase the mesh string at DICK’s.

11. Shop Holidays

You know the drill.

Endure the hectic chaos that is Black Friday so that you may sacrifice your time (and sanity) for great deals. But Black Friday isn’t your only chance to find great deals at DICK’s Sporting Goods. 

Cyber Monday and post-Christmas sales can save you a decent chunk of dough in the winter, while July and Father’s Day sales offer big deals during the summer.

But there’s more.

DICK’s offers their Golf-A-Thon sale every spring, where you can buy discounted golf equipment like shoes, drivers, and balls!

If you want to see what deals DICK’s is offering right now, check out this week’s deals

12. Follow DICK’s Sporting Goods on Social Media

While some may not want to actively subscribe to even more online marketing, there are benefits to following DICK’s Sporting Goods on Facebook.

DICK’s is known to run contests via this social platform, and they also offer advice and inspiration surrounding sporting and outdoor activities. If you want to know how to beat the cold weather this season or watch Q&As with your favorite sports stars, you’ll enjoy DICK’s feed.

How to Save More Money at DICK’s Sporting Goods

There you have it!

These 12 tips are sure to save your wallet the next time you need apparel, equipment, or services at DICK’s Sporting Goods. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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