16 Savings Tips to Stretch your Budget at DSW

Looking for name-brand shoes for a fraction of the cost? Well DSW, or Designer Shoe Warehouse, is full of bargain deals and high-quality shoes.

Whether you are shopping in person or online, DSW offers numerous rewards, discounts, deals, and coupons to ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Ready to head to DSW and get massive shoe savings? Read below to find the 16 best savings tips when shopping for your favorite shoes.

1. Join the DSW VIP Rewards Program

DSW has a loyalty program called VIP Rewards. This program is split into 3 separate tiers: 

  1. Club
  2. Gold
  3. Elite

Regardless of the tier, you receive 1 point for every $1 you spend and a $5 reward for every $100 spent. Rewards members also get free shipping on every purchase (Elite members get free express shipping). VIP Rewards members also get $5 to spend at any time during their birthday month.

2. Sign up for the DSW email list

When you subscribe to the DSW email list you will receive a $10 coupon as well as numerous coupons and promotional codes that you can use on your orders. These coupons may include 25% off certain brands or a buy one get one half off deal.

3. Download the DSW app

Download the DSW app for the full shopping experience and the VIP perks. Available on iOS devices and on Google Play, the DSW app is super convenient and makes shopping so much easier. The app offers thousands of shoes, bags, and accessories all at the click of a button. DSW will keep you posted on the latest deals and they even have a clearance calculator to help you save even more. Make sure to go on the app before you purchase in-store so that you get the best price possible.

4. Know the refund policy

Recently bought an item you don’t like? DSW offers a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Make sure to bring your receipt otherwise you can only get a store credit.

5. Always return in store

Never return items to DSW anywhere but in-store. If you are a club or non-member, you will need to pay $8.50 to return your shoes by mail. Unless you are Gold or Elite status, then just stop by your local store to return your shoes, otherwise, the prices will add up quickly. If you have multiple items this shipping cost can add up fast.

Find additional info about DSW’s return policy here.

6. Donate shoes for a $5 reward

When VIP members donate any new or gently used shoes they will get 50 points or a $5 reward. Simply bring your shoes to a local DSW store, tell an associate you wish to donate, add your shoes to the box, and you will instantly get your reward!

You are able to donate as many shoes as you want but you can only get 50 points per week. Once you donate 4 pairs of shoes you are eligible to get upgraded to Gold Status. If you donate every other week then you get $10 per month. Also, all donations are tax-deductible.

7. Shop the clearance section

Many stores only have a small clearance rack, but that is not true of DSW. They have an entire back of the store just dedicated to clearance items. When you shop clearance you can find deals up to 85% off, which is huge savings, especially with expensive high-end brands. 

8. Understand the DSW color code system

Pay attention to the color of price tags at DSW. They will help you save the most money in store. Every pair of shoes has a colorful tag that represents both DSW’s price and the on-sale price. The color-coding system is as follows: Purple = 20% off, Red = 30% off, Blue = 50% off, Green = 70% off, and Yellow = 80% off. Make sure to keep an eye out for those yellow tags so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck. 

9. Stack up on coupons

DSW allows you to stack up on three different coupons during one transaction. If you are a VIP Rewards member then DSW will send you numerous offers so make sure to stack these coupons when you go to check out. These coupons can be stacked in-store and online.

10. Black Friday deals

Ah yes, the craziest time of the year for shopping. Well, if you are in need of new shoes DSW won’t let you down during Black Friday. Make sure to keep an eye out because DSW is well known for offering extra discounts on high-end brands during this time.

Some of these deals include 25% off UGG boots or 20% off Gucci products. DSW also offers 50% off all boots and about 30% off everything else when you shop in-store. Also, they provide you with a free tote bag when your total is $39 or more.

11. In-store prices don’t always match online

It is very rare at DSW that you will find a price cheaper online than in person. DSW’s value pricing policy prohibits them from pricing matching, so if you see a deal that is cheaper online but not in-store, then you are out of luck.

Clearance items are also cheaper in person.  As a rule of thumb, opt to shop in-store if possible to receive the best deals without the hassle of matching prices. 

12. DSW online has a wider clearance selection

DSW has a huge online clearance section. For instance, there are about 40 pairs of men’s shoes in-store, whereas online there are about 400 pairs on clearance.

The clearance prices may not be as cheap online as they are in person, but there is definitely a wider variety to choose from. There are also a lot more high-end clearance products offered in the DSW online store. 

13. Know what brands not to buy

Some brands at DSW are just not worth it. TOMS, Converse, and Nike are all cheaper at other stores than at DSW. You can use your rewards on these brands, but you can easily find them for a whole lot cheaper at the brands’ factory or outlet stores.

Before you walk into DSW looking to purchase these brands, understand that you will find them at a much lower rate somewhere else.

14. Skip the purses and accessories

Don’t get caught up in the small accessories and purses you see at DSW. These items are typically way overpriced for what they are worth. The items are strategically placed around the store and near the clearance aisle so that you spend more money. 

15. Take advantage of DSW’s curbside pickup

Prefer not to shop in-store but want your shoes as soon as possible? Well, DSW’s curbside service allows you to shop online for any available in-store items. Simply set a time for pick up and then go get pick up your new shoes in less than 2 hours. If you wish to return an item to curbside, make sure to do it during store hours and an associate will come to your car and take them back.

16. Ask about unadvertised sales

See a pair of shoes that you love but they aren’t on sale? Well just ask an associate to double-check for you. Sometimes the sales aren’t advertised well, or the cashier can offer you a deal with some coupons they have behind the desk. It never hurts to just ask if an item has a discount or if there are any unadvertised specials going on that day. 

Final Thoughts

If you are an enthusiastic shoe lover but don’t like the steep price that comes along with them, then take a look at DSW. They offer numerous high-end brands at a fraction of the cost they would normally be.

To get the most savings be sure to check out the clearance section of the store and stack up on all your coupons. Just because shoes are expensive doesn’t mean you need to pay full price for them. 

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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