18 Ways to Get Your Dunkin’ Donuts Fix for Less

Dunkin’ Donuts is easily one of the country’s favorite breakfast chains. A go-to spot for their beloved donuts, Dunkin’ also offers breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and breakfast snacks.

And although people across America enjoy their donuts, one could argue that their coffee items are even more loved, boasting a near cult-like following. Once you have a look at their broad range of offerings, it’s easy to see why: Dunkin’ offers everything from hot black coffee to frozen coffee confections, teas, fruity Coolattas, and more.

No matter your preference, Dunkin’ has something for everybody’s taste, and savings to go along with it!  

We’ve looked all over the internet and beyond to bring you the best deals on your Dunkin’ purchases.

Read on to score your favorite Dunkin’ treats at even better prices!

1. Complete the Survey on the Bottom of Your Receipt

Dunkin’ is grateful for its customers and wants to ensure they get the best possible service. One way of ensuring that is by getting customer feedback.

So check the bottom of your receipt: you’ll find an invitation to complete a survey about your experience. Complete the survey online, and as a thank you gift for your feedback, Dunkin’ will send you an email QR code for a FREE donut with the purchase of a medium or larger drink!

Just make sure to complete the survey within three days of your purchase and note the QR code’s expiration point at the bottom of the email. 

2. Sign up for DD Perks Either Online or Download the Dunkin’ App

If you’re all about scoring some serious deals on Dunkin, then it’s about the get real. For the most savings, you HAVE to sign up for DD Perks!

DD Perks is the Dunkin’ FREE rewards program and unlocks so many opportunities to save money!

To join, you can sign up online or download the Dunkin’ smartphone app. Once you do, you’ll earn points on purchases – 5 points for every dollar spent (except when there are even MORE deals, which we’ll get to).

Once you accumulate 200 points, you qualify for a FREE beverage! Who doesn’t love that?!

3. Take Advantage of the Special Deal just for signing up for DD Perks

Dunkin’ appreciates their Perks members and wastes no time thanking you for signing up.

Check your email, because they reward you right off the bat with a special offer just for joining. For instance, in January of 2021, DD Perks offered a medium hot or iced coffee for just $1 a day for the first seven days after sign-up. 

4. Enable Notifications for Dunkin’ on Your Smartphone

Dunkin’ will send you messages with promotions and offers there, too! 

5. Tell Them Your Zip Code for Localized Offers

When you sign up for DD Perks, the app and website will ask for your zip code. It’s an optional field on the app, but you should definitely fill it in because Dunkin’ will send you special offers for where you live! 

6. Happy Birthday to You

Similar to the zip code, Dunkin’ will ask for your birthday. If you give it to them (it’s optional on the app), they’ll give you a free beverage on your birthday!

A rewards program that celebrates you just for being born? It doesn’t get any better than that!  

7. Check Out the Dunkin’ Blog Posts Tagged with #Offer

So now you know about the 5 points for every dollar you spend – but sometimes Dunkin’ takes it even further with special offers to maximize your points earnings.

Dunkin’ offers several money-saving deals for their fans on their blog. The blog covers several topics, but you’ll find savings by focusing on the posts tagged with #offer!

For example, during January 2021, Dunkin’ offered 100 bonus points on espresso drinks: by opting in via email, activating the offer, and then ordering any medium or large espresso drink on a specified date, you’re automatically halfway toward a FREE beverage!

Many of the offers are geared toward their DD Perks Members (seriously why would you not join, it’s FREE savings), but they’ve had deals on delivery in the past, too.

Keep an eye out to see what they offer next!

8. Look for DD Perks Members Only Offers on The App or Online

We love racking up those points! Aside from their blog, you can find Members Only deals online or on the app, too.

Check out the Rewards page in your account online, or if you’re using the app, select the “Offers” icon on the menu along the bottom, and the app will show you special offers to take advantage of.

They’ll often advertise items where you can get two or three times the points depending on what you purchase. For example, a recent promotion offered the chance to earn twice the points on three of their snack foods.

They have special prices, too. Recently Dunkin’ offered a “two for” deal, where depending on the type of breakfast sandwich, you could get 2 for $2, 2 for $3, $4, or $6. These are special prices where you still accumulate the “regular” amount of bonus points.

9.  Follow Them on Social Media

Their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are mostly ads and fun pictures, but you’ll find information about current promotions sprinkled in there, too.

10. Pay Attention for Offers in Store

When you’re picking up some coffee and donuts at your local Dunkin’ (hopefully from taking advantage of some of the awesome deals here), take a look around you. You just might find coupon cards with promo codes or QR codes to scan. Find them, and it can unlock some discounts or free items for you!

For February 2021, for example, there was a QR code for “Members Only Mondays,” which promoted a FREE medium hot coffee with any purchase, good on any Monday in February.

Another previous example announced a free beverage with a promo code on it for joining DD Perks. 

11. Check out Deals on Gift Cards

Many sites offer discounted gift cards to your favorite restaurants. There are several out there, but here are two we found with the biggest savings.

Gift Card Wiki recently had a $100 gift card for only $84. That’s a savings of 16%!

Card Bear shows several online gift card retailers and the discounts offered. Check out their list to find several Dunkin’ gift card offers!

BONUS: When you use these gift cards to pay, you’ll rack up those DD perks points even more cheaply!

12. Dunkin’ Honors Military Service

Dunkin, along with the rest of the country, appreciates our Veterans and active duty service members. As a thank you, Dunkin’ offers a 10% discount on purchases to men and women serving in the military.

Simply show proof of service to get this great discount!

Please note that participation may vary, so be sure the check ahead to see if your local Dunkin’ offers the discount.

That’s not all! Dunkin’ offers a free donut of choice to Veterans and active service members on Veterans Day, November 11 – no purchase necessary. Just another way to appreciate our brave men and women for their service!

13. Seniors Can Get a Free Donut with a Large Beverage Purchase

If you’re a senior and have an AARP membership, grab a free donut on Dunkin’ when you purchase a large beverage! As always, always make sure that your local Dunkin’ is a participating location. 

14.  Free Coffee on National Coffee Day (September 29)

We’ve already established that Dunkin’ is famous for their coffee. In 2020, the chain claimed National Coffee Day as their very own. Calling it “National Dunkin’ Day,” the chain has harnessed the power of September 29th, offering a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase.

Keep an eye out – we’d be surprised if they didn’t do it every year! 

15. …And a Free Donut on National Donut Day!

National Donut Day falls on the first Friday in June each year. Score a free classic donut with the purchase of a beverage. 

16. Purchase Great Dunkin’ Products at the Store to Enjoy at Home

Love you some Dunkin’ coffee but can’t bear the thought of braving a drive-through? You don’t have to!

Great Dunkin’ coffee is gracing store shelves across America, so you can brew your favorite blend at home whenever you like! Choose from ground coffee, K-cups, creamers, and more.

Purchasing a product from a store allows you to get several servings at once, saving you even more.

17. … Using Dunkin’ at Home

As mentioned above, you can purchase a selection of great Dunkin’ coffees, K-cups, and more from several places – and Dunkin’ at Home will help you find them.

You can browse your favorite selections and the site will find local stores where you can purchase. OR, the site provides you with a choice of online places to purchase from. They make it so easy!

Not only can you experience great Dunkin’ coffee at home for lower than price-per-cup in-store, but when you sign up for emails, you’ll get the early info on promotions, too!

18. Check out all the Koopy Deals!

You know at Koopy we love a good deal, and our online Dunkin’ coupons are something to see! We’ve scoured the internet to dig up savings of all kinds: just select the coupon that grabs your interest to take advantage of the savings!

Check out chances to get a free drink, score discounts off various purchases, and more! From cheap to free, our Dunkin’ Deals page will help you save money on your favorite Dunkin’ items.

Final Thoughts

With all of these deals right here at your fingertips, you have everything you need to start saving money at Dunkin’. These savings hacks will help you enjoy sweet donuts, fresh coffee, and more while keeping more cash in your wallet.

I think we can all agree that some good coffee and breakfast food helps set the tone to have a great day. With these deals, you’ll be even happier knowing you saved some extra money in the process.

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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