14 Simple Tips to Save More at Free People

Finding that perfect outfit is a hunt and it can sting when the price tag is higher than you’re willing to spend. However, with our tips you can get the exact outfit of your dreams without breaking the bank.

1. Join the Membership Program

Amazing benefits come with Free People’s membership program, Free People Up. With a membership, you’ll receive 15% off every purchase you make from Free People. This even applies to sale items that are already discounted!

You’ll also receive exclusive discounts and event invites. You’ll also receive free returns and the 15% off discount will apply to Free People’s sister sites, Anthropology and Urban Outfitters as well.

The only problem with the membership right now is it isn’t available to everyone. Free People is only testing this membership in certain locations and offering it to only select customers. Make an account at the top right corner on Free People’s main homepage to see if you’re eligible for the membership program.   

2. Buy from the Sale Section Online

Free People’s sale section is greatly discounted from their traditional prices. Plus, shopping online gives you a wider selection to choose from. It can be slim pickings in store as far as the free people sale section. Often a small section in the back, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for in store.

However, online the selection is bigger and you can filter by your size or style of clothing you’re looking for. Making the process much smoother and more discounted than in person shopping.

3. Shop at Dillard’s

The department store, Dillard’s, sells a wide variety of Free People clothing. Some of the items are naturally marked down from what the original price would be at Free People. Also, the sale section is sure to be different from the Free People website sale section. This means more options to choose from for you!

Also, you can apply a Dillard’s coupon towards your Free People clothes (in most cases). This means you can have 30, 40, 50% off Free People clothes by shopping through this department store.

4. Shop Seasonal Sales

Free People is similar to many modern brands in that they go all out for sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can buy items at these sales that you may have otherwise avoided, due to their price. Make sure to head to the store or site early before everything sells out.  

5. Sign up for Emails

Joining the Free People mailing list means having immediate access to sales and new arrivals as they first come out. Often, by the time we check out the sale section all of the items in our size are sold out.

Avoid this problem by being notified quickly when the items are added onto the site. Also, as a bonus reason to sign up, you will receive free shipping on your first order after signing up, no matter what the cost of your order was.

6. Get Free Shipping!

Free People has two different offers of free shipping on orders. You’ll receive standard shipping on orders of $100 or more. Standard shipping will take 5-8 business days and is completely free.

If you want quicker shipping, buy over $150 from Free People’s app to receive express shipping that takes 2-3 business days to arrive. If you plan on buying from Free People online, this is a great way to save a bit of money.

7. Pick-up the Item in Store

If you don’t want to wait to get the item you want or you want only a few items that are less than the amount that qualifies you for free shipping, pick up your order in store. Check the website to see what the nearest Free People location is to your home.

You can still take your time shopping online, place the order, and go pick it up in store. This is a great option if you want the comfort of shopping online, but the discounts and immediacy of shopping in store.

8. Use the App

Free People has an app that has additional perks to it. For one, the app allows your shopping experience to be effortless. The app has features like “picked for you” clothes that match the style of your past likes and purchases. It also allows you to filter through the site effortlessly to find what you want.

On top of this, the app also gives you exclusive alerts about sales before anyone else is notified. This means you can snag items from the sale section before the general shoppers get to it. Plus, there’s the extra incentive we talked about earlier with free shipping on orders over $150.

9. Check for Promo Codes

Promo codes aren’t always guaranteed to be found. However, an easy way to check for Free People-specific promo codes is to check our Free People’s deals page for up-to-date information on Free People coupons. Here, you can search specifically for codes that apply to the free people website.

While you’re here, also look for coupons from Dillard’s for tip #3. You’ll find deals on shipping and various discount codes to apply to your offer. It’s worth a look.

10. Use After pay

After pay for Free People allows you to pay off your purchases in separate installments, without any interest. You will end up paying the same amount you initially would’ve with a regular checkout, but it won’t be as much of an upfront cost.

This is particularly great if you want that free shipping option, but don’t want to spend $100 right now. You can split that payment into 4 payments of $25 with after pay. Stock up on clothes for a season this way and pay off the price over a longer period of time.

11. Enter the Review Sweepstakes

Currently, this is a limited promotion, but we can see it becoming a constant offer from Free People to their customers. The review sweepstakes will pick one lucky winner to receive a $500 Free People gift card.

All you have to do is submit a review and picture of a product you recently bought for a chance to win. Also, you don’t have to make a purchase to enter. Use an item you have had from Free People and leave your review for it.

You’re not guaranteed to win, but it’s worth entering to see if you’re that lucky $500 winner.

12. Rent Free People Clothes

Renting clothes? Like renting cars or apartments? Yep! The future of wardrobes is coming with rental clothing sites like Nuuly. Nuuly is a clothing rental site that has endless options of otherwise pricey items. A monthly subscription to rent clothing is $88 per month.

This pays itself off fast once you realize you can have a whole month’s worth of clothes from Free People for the same price as what would’ve been the cost of a shirt normally priced.

Also, if you’re a part of the Free People UP membership program, you’ll get $10 off every month for a year with Nuuly. This is definitely a unique way to shop, but it will end up saving you a ton as you go. Plus, who wants the same boring clothes sitting in their closet all year?

13. Check the Current Promotions Page

We talked earlier about how sites like Offers.com will have promo codes specifically for Free People. However, you can also find promos specifically on the Free People website.

Click on the current promotions tab. This will give you a run-down of all the promos offered by the website today. Check here for discounts and free shipping offers.

14. Join the Affiliates Program

If you have a good following on a social media site, blog, YouTube channel, or other online means an affiliate program may be right for you. It’s easy to sign up for Free People’s affiliate program. You’ll then have a personalized affiliate link that your followers can buy from. A percentage of the purchase made with your affiliate link will be given back to you. You can then use this money to buy more Free People clothes.


Free People doesn’t have to be as expensive as most of their price tags say.

Next time you want a cute, new outfit, head to Free People and keep our money saving tips in mind. Whether bundled together, or used separately, these tips can help you save big time! Look up more discount tips on your other favorite stores and companies, through our site.

Also, comment and share your opinion and unique savings tips in the comment section below!

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