12 Hacks to Get Free Samples Without Surveys

Did you know it’s possible to get free samples from your favorite brands without taking surveys? You don’t have to spend hours finding them or qualifying for them either, with these top 12 hacks, you can get free samples filling your mailbox all week long.

Why Would Companies Provide Free Samples?

It seems strange, right? Why would companies provide free samples? What do they gain from it?

What most people don’t realize is free samples are the backbone of most businesses. The key is to get the word out about their product so not only will you buy their products, but you might also spread the word to friends and family too.

Think of it as a marketing tactic. It costs the company only a little money to give out free products, yet the return on their investment can be huge if the products are well received.

Even if it’s a product you already use, companies will continue sending out free samples to sway you to buy their products, possibly even changing your brand loyalty. 

So how do you get these free samples with no surveys? Check out our list below.

Where to get Free Samples with no Surveys

1. Join SampleSource

SampleSource offers free samples throughout the year. Once you sign up for a membership, you can choose from the available samples. Sample Source offers beauty, household products, food, and health product samples. They typically have samples available in the spring, summer, and fall. They do not send samples in the winter.

2. Join Woman Freebies

Woman Freebies offers a large selection of freebies that change often. You have to filter through the other sweepstakes and coupons they offer, but the free samples aren’t hard to find. As the name suggests, they offer samples appropriate for women.

3. Check out SweetFreeStuff.com

SweetFreeStuff.com is a resource for all types of freebies. You’ll find samples of food, beauty products, dog food, baby products, and certain health products. The site is easy to navigate and score your free samples and they update the site often. 

4. Influenster

If you sign up for Influenster you may be selected to receive their VoxBox which is a box full of samples. Not every member gets samples, it depends on your ‘qualifications.’ If you complete your profile, answer any questions they send over and are detailed in what you like and need, you’ll increase your chances of securing free samples.

5. Sign up at I Love Free Things

The name says it all – if you love free things, sign up for I Love Free Things. On the homepage, you can see the free samples offered at the time. They change often so you can check back often for more freebies. 

6. Sign up for Sample That

Get free samples and goodies from Sample That. Some products are sent in the mail and others are coupons for free items from places like Taco Bell!

Where to Get Free Samples for your Baby

1. Get Free Baby Boxes for your New Bundle of Joy

If you’re expecting or you have a newborn, sign up to get free baby boxes filled with all types of samples for your baby. Walmart, Amazon, Target, BuyBuy Baby, and Noobie Box all offer samples for your baby. 

2. Get Free Formula Samples

Trying out different formulas to find out which one your baby likes can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, many of the formula companies offer free samples to make it easier and less expensive to find the right fit. 

3. Get Free Diapers

Diapers are another necessity that babies need and sometimes can blow through because they aren’t a good fit. Fortunately, there are many ways to get free diaper samples so you can figure out which works best for your baby without breaking the bank.

Where to get Free Samples with Surveys or Feedback

1. Share your Feedback with Smiley 360

Smiley 360 offers free products from your favorite brands. There’s a small catch, though. It’s not a survey, but you must provide your feedback on the products after you use them. The process is like a social media site, it’s fun and it helps others plus you get free samples so why not, right?

There’s a bonus! Smiley360 also sends out full-size products for free. But, if you accept, you must share what you think about the product on your social media pages. To qualify for missions, though, you must complete surveys, so it is a little harder to qualify.

2. Throw Parties with Ripple Street

If you don’t want to share about the products you receive online, throw a party. Everyone loves parties, right? With Ripple Street, you get an entire box of goodies to share with your friends and family. The boxes they send include everything you need to host a successful party and everyone there gets to try the products for free!

3. Sign up with BzzAgent

BzzAgent is like a membership for free samples. You join as an ‘agent’ and complete your profile. When samples that are a good fit for you come along, you’ll get invited to try the product. You must act fast because you aren’t the only person they are inviting and it’s usually first-come, first-served. 

You must share your experience on your social media pages as a part of the agreement too, but it only takes a few seconds to do.

How to Avoid Free Sample Scams?

Finding free samples with no surveys required can be exciting, but not if you’re taken by a scam. A scam could cost you money, stress, and just be overwhelming.

Here are a few ways to make sure you aren’t taken by a scam.

Never Pay Money

Don’t fall for any freebie scams that ask you to pay for shipping or a processing fee. A freebie should be just that – free. Don’t pay anything for them or even sign up for a ‘free trial offer.’ If they ask for too much information and especially money, look the other way.

Use Common Sense

Some freebies sound amazing, making you wonder ‘how is this possible?’ If that’s the case, it’s not possible – it’s likely a scam. Freebies are small samples and very rarely are they even full-size products. If they promise you anything of high monetary value, it’s not real.

Watch how much Information you Share

Most freebie companies will ask for your personal information so they can send their products to the right audience. They also need your address to send you the items. But if they seem to get too personal and ask a lot of questions or ask for information you aren’t comfortable sharing – don’t share it.

FAQs – How to Get Free Samples Without Surveys

How can you ask a company for free products?

Many companies offer free samples if you just ask. Find the websites of the brands you are most loyal to and locate the contact information. Write to the companies telling them about your love for their brand and how you’d like to try other products that they offer. Many companies will send you free samples just for asking.

How can you get free perfume samples?

The easiest way to get free perfume samples is to ask for them at the perfume counter at your favorite department store. Some websites, like PINCHme also offer free perfume samples as does Sephora. To get free samples from Sephora, you must make a purchase, and then, when you checkout you can ask for up to three free samples.

Where can you get free makeup samples?

Sephora is also great for free makeup samples. When you make a purchase, you can select up to three products you want to sample, many of which include makeup. This can be a great way to try expensive makeup you don’t want to waste money on in case you don’t like them.

How can you get free wallpaper samples?

Many wallpaper companies offer free samples including Wallpaper Direct and Simple Shapes. You can also ask at your local wallpaper store. Most stores limit your free samples to two or three samples at a time.

Final Thoughts – Free Samples No Surveys

If getting free samples with no surveys seems strange, try it. You’ll likely find that you can try many products for free. The hope is that you fall in love with the products and want to buy them, making the company money but there is never any obligation.

If the no survey freebies don’t suit you, there are other options for bigger freebies, but you may have to do a little work for them, such as leaving feedback or sharing the items on your social media pages.

The bottom line is, though, you get free products for just about nothing. Even if you have to take a few minutes to spread the word, you’re rewarded well with the free products.

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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