16 Money-Saving Hacks to Save More at GameStop

GameStop is a gaming merchandise retailer that buys and sells games for various equipment.

Initially founded in the United States, the chain is now one of the largest video game retailers in the world, with stores in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Besides video game equipment, GameStop now sells Pop Figures, TVs, clothing, and other collectible items.

Even though the prices at GameStop are already pretty competitive, there are still so many ways to save money on your next purchase at GameStop. Check out our top money-saving hacks below to ensure you’re never paying full-price at GameStop again.

1. Sign Up for Powerup Rewards On GameStop’s Website

By paying $14.99, you’ll receive a year membership to Powerup Rewards, which brings with it a ton of benefits to save you money on your future orders. For every purchase you make, you’ll earn points. When you accrue enough points, you can redeem them for the games or electronics you want, either online or in-store.

You’ll also get access to exclusive GameStop offers and deals, a reward center for goodies, free birthday gifts, a 10% extra trade-in credit, and a Game Informer Subscription. These benefits can save you hundreds of dollars every year on the merchandise you love!

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2. Sign up For the GameStop Credit Card

If you want all of the savings of Powerup Rewards plus an extra 10% boost, you’ll need to sign up for the GameStop Credit Card.

Not only will you not have to pay any annual fees, but you’ll be able to buy any games or electronics on your credit card and make smaller payments over time.

Plus, cardmembers receive double points and access to special events as well as special deals and coupons during particular times of the year, like holidays and special events.

3. Check The Weekly Advertisement

Each week, GameStop corporate will put certain items on promo, which could result in savings between 10-50% off your next purchase. To access this weekly ad, you can view it online by typing in your zip code and finding your closest store.

If you’re unable to access the weekly online advertisement, look out for their advertisements in the mail. Make sure to check the weekly ads around holidays like Memorial Day, July 14th, Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years’ to find special discounts and deals.

4. Sign Up for Emails from GameStop

If you’re not interested in opening a credit card or paying for a membership, there are still plenty of ways to save on your next order.

Simply sign up for GameStop’s e-mailing list by providing your name and email address to receive exclusive promotions and coupons, as well as staying updated on the latest events.

GameStop emails go out every few days, so make sure to keep an eye on them for the latest deals and discounts.

5. Search Through the Clearance Rack

Since GameStop buys and sells merchandise, the stock available may change from store to store. If they’ve had a game for too long, bought extra of a particular game, or the merchandise is not in season because a newer version came out, they’re likely to put the game on clearance. You can easily save up to 70% off of retail prices by checking the clearance rack of the closest GameStop store near you.

Other areas of the store that may have special deals next to the clearance rack include the “2 for $20” case and the “Under $20” rack. Make sure to check all three for the ultimate savings.

6. Check For Online Coupons

By searching for online promotions and coupons through well-known sources, like Koopy, you’re sure to find additional savings on every order. There are certain promotions or codes that will be released at specific times of the year due to sporting events, gaming leagues, or holidays.

Since Koopy is constantly adding new coupons, make sure to bookmark the page and come back before placing an order online.

7. Search Through the Pre-Owned Inventory

By heading over to the deals part of the GameStop website, you’re able to save tons of money on pre-owned consoles, video games, and more. GameStop ensures that the game works before re-selling them, so you can feel confident purchasing any of their games.

By browsing and buying through their pre-owned inventory, you can end up saving between 40-70% on the products you love.

8. Enter the GameStop Sweepstakes

If you want a chance to win a $100 GameStop gift card, you’ll want to enter the GameStop Sweepstakes. To become eligible to enter, you’ll need to fill out a few survey questions about your experience with GameStop, either online or at their brick-and-mortar locations.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll be prompted to fill in your name and email address to be entered into the sweepstakes. Winners will be notified via email.

9. Trade-In Your Old Games For Newer Ones

If you have any video games or consoles in your household that you’re not using anymore, why not trade them in to buy more video games? As long as your games or consoles are in good condition, you’re able to trade them in for either cash or a GameStop credit by heading to your local store. If you want the most savings, choose the GameStop credit, as they usually offer a higher credit than a cash offer.

10. Keep An Eye Out for Trade-In Events

While you can trade in your games or consoles at any time, you’ll get the most savings by participating in a trade-in event. These events revolve around trading in specific products or trading on particular days, and in return, you’ll receive extra credit for your games.

The deals frequently change, so it’s essential to check the trade page for the most current specials continuously.

11. Purchase Digital Games

If it’s not essential for you to have the physical disc or box, you may want to consider purchasing a digital game. Digital content can be purchased online and then downloaded directly to your computer or console of choice. There are tons of different games available, along with discounted gift cards through this digital content page.

12. Browse The Deals Page

The deals that GameStop offers both in-store and online will change depending on new game or console releases as well as special events such as holidays.

One of the easiest ways to see what new promotions or specials are being offered by Gamestop is to browse the Deals page. There are various sections for savings on the Deals page including Daily deals and specials under $20!

13. Check Your Items for An Additional Discount

If you find an additional scratch or mark on a game, you can sometimes receive an extra discount on your order.

GameStop wants to get rid of the games on their shelf, so they’re willing to provide an additional discount if you can prove there’s an issue with the game. Make sure to tell your cashier before checking out so they can apply your discount.

14. Put Your Games On Hold

If you find a deal that you love at GameStop but want to compare to other stores or retailers, you can actually put up to four games on hold to pick up in-store.

To do this, pick which games you want through their website and enter your contact information, along with a payment method. You’ll receive a notification when your items are ready for pick-up. If you end up finding a cheaper alternative, simply contact the store and have the items voided.

15. Pre-Order New Games

When you choose to pre-order a game through GameStop, you’ll get a ton of extra benefits along with your game. While you’ll need to pay for a full-priced game, pre-orders usually come with extras like video game manuals, remote controllers, or special merchandise exclusive to pre-order customers only.

16. Make Returns Within 30 Days

GameStop has a pretty strict return policy, so it’s essential to make sure you abide by it to get your money back. If you make sure to return your items within the 30-day return window, you’ll receive a full refund.

However, if it’s been more than 30 days, you’ll be unable to return the merchandise. The only way you’ll be able to get money back after this time is if you re-sell the game to GameStop. However, this means you’ll most likely only receive 25% of the value back on your game.

Save Money With These GameStop Saving Hacks

Now that you know about the various ways you can save on your next trip to GameStop, you’ll never have to pay full price for your order again.

These GameStop hacks ensure you’re getting the best deal every time you go to make a purchase in-store or online. How did you do with these GameStop Hacks? Which was your favorite? Comment below to let us know.

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