HEB vs. Walmart Price Comparison: The Battle Between Texas’s Favorite Grocer and International Superstore Walmart

It’s safe to say that HEB is the most popular and well-loved grocery store in Texas, but how does HEB stand up to Walmart when it comes to the lowest prices?

That’s what we’re here to find out.

HEB is a beloved grocery store in Texas, and in 2021, HEB ranked fifth on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies. The fact that HEB landed that spot is even more impressive when you consider that all 340 HEB locations are within Texas’ borders.

Compared to the 4,742 Walmart stores in the US, HEB may seem like a smaller company–but they actually rank way higher in financial success and consumer satisfaction.

But when it comes to prices, is Walmart really cheaper than HEB–or could you save more by shopping at HEB instead of Walmart? Let’s dive in to reveal all the answers.

Comparison Methodology: How We Compared Walmart and HEB

In this price comparison between Walmart, the champion of low prices, and H-E-B, the loyal Texas grocery mogul, we looked at 80+ items across nine different categories. By examining the data this way, we can explore which store is cheaper overall, which store is best for specific categories, and what price trends you need to know when shopping.

Now, if you don’t live in Texas, you may want to check out a different price comparison article since you’ll only find H-E-B grocery stores in The Lone Star State.

To keep things fair, the prices you’ll see here are from the Victoria Walmart Supercenter and the Victoria H-E-B Plus. These stores are located just two miles apart.

It’s also important to know that we completed this price comparison in April 2022. The prices you see here will likely differ from the prices you can find at stores near you because prices often change based on location and time.

This price comparison also doesn’t consider any special sales, deals, or rollbacks that you might be able to find at the Walmart or HEB near you–so don’t let this price comparison overshadow any money-saving offers you can find!

When comparing prices, you’ll find a mix of popular brand-name items and the cheapest store-brand items available. You might be surprised by what this technique reveals!

Now, without further adieu, here’s the summary of what we discovered in this HEB vs. Walmart price comparison.

HEB vs. Walmart Price Comparison Summary

It’s no secret that Walmart offers the lowest prices around. In this comprehensive price comparison between HEB and Walmart, we proved that Walmart will help you save money overall–but not necessarily on every item or every category of products.

Fresh Produce$19.42$16.74$2.68 (13.8%)
Meat, Dairy, Eggs, and Bread$68.19$56.46$11.73 (17.2%)
Pantry Items and Canned Goods$19.76$19.40$0.36 (1.82%)
Frozen Foods$30.77$24.55$6.22 (20.21%)
Beverages and Snacks$54.46$53.52$0.94 (1.73%)
Personal Care Products$32.82$35.74$2.92 (8.17%)
Home Essentials$93.38$98.12$4.74 (4.83%)
Baby Items$45.81$43.64$2.17 (4.74%)
Pet Products$104.68$100.79$3.89 (3.72%)
Total Cart Price$469.29$448.96$20.33 (4.33%)

Walmart offered lower prices than HEB in nearly every category. Only in the personal care and home essentials sections did we save money by choosing HEB instead of Walmart.

Overall, we saved about $20 at Walmart, which equals just 4.3% in savings. But is the quality drop from choosing Walmart instead of HEB worth it? That’s up to you. In some categories, like meat, we say no way. In others, it doesn’t make as much of a difference.

If you want to learn more about the nitty-gritty details of how you can save more money, read on–or skip to our final thoughts, where we break down exactly who should shop at Walmart and who are better off shopping at HEB.

HEB vs. Walmart: Fresh Produce Groceries Price Comparison

Buying fresh produce is one of the best things you can do for your and your family’s health and happiness. But which store offers lower prices on the fruits and veggies you eat the most?

1 lb Bag of Seedless Red Grapes$1.52$1.48$0.04 (2.63%)
3 Fresh Lemons, Medium$1.92$1.86$0.06 (3.12%)
1 lb Pink Lady Apples$2.03$1.97$0.06 (2.96%)
1 Jumbo Pineapple$3.07$1.63$1.44 (46.91%)
1 Bunch of Fresh Celery$1.69$1.64$0.05 (2.96%)
1 Whole Fresh Cantaloupe$2.55$1.98$0.57 (22.35%)
2 Cucumbers$0.78$0.50$0.28 (35.9%)
1 Fresh Red Bell Pepper$1.52$1.48$0.04 (2.63%)
1 lb Fresh Navel Oranges$1.52$1.46$0.06 (3.95%)
1 Head of Fresh Cauliflower$2.82$2.74$0.08 (2.84%)
Total$19.42$16.74$2.68 (13.8%)

In the fresh produce section, Walmart offered lower prices 10/10 times. Nothing was cheaper at HEB–but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Walmart is a better place to buy produce.

Why? Money isn’t the only factor.

If you only care about saving money, Walmart is probably the best store for you. But, according to Consumer Reports, Walmart ranks 67 out of 68 for stores with the worst produce. That’s a tough statistic to swallow.

And there’s lots of evidence that you should steer clear of Walmart’s produce–especially the organic stuff. If you’ve ever bought produce from Walmart, you already know that the selection often ranges from poor to horrible.

Is that worth it to save about 13%? For just a few dollars, upgrading to HEB’s produce seems like a good deal to me. After all, Business Insider claims that their produce section is one thing that makes HEB “the best grocery store in America.”

HEB vs. Walmart: Price Comparison for Meat, Dairy, Eggs, and Bread

Meat, dairy, eggs, and bread are staples that most households buy every week. They also tend to be pricer than other regular purchases like fruits and veggies–which means the items in this section could save you (or cost you) lots of money.

3 lb Family Pack of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (H-E-B Natural vs. Freshness Guaranteed)$13.86$5.97$7.89 (56.93%)
1 lb Tray of 80% Lean Ground Beef (H-E-B vs. All Natural)$4.73$5.14$0.41 (7.98%)
1 lb Original Bacon (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$6.88$4.36$2.52 (36.63%)
2 lb Pork Center Loin Chops Boneless Value Pack (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$6.58$9.56$2.98 (31.17%)
1 lb 93% Lean Ground Turkey  (H-E-B vs. Honeysuckle)$4.16$3.70$0.46 (11.06%)
16 slices Kraft Singles American Cheese$3.50$3.40$0.10 (2.86%)
1 Gallon Whole Milk (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$3.89$3.99$0.10 (2.51%)
32 oz Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$4.72$3.47$1.25 (26.48%)
16 oz Low-Moisture Part-Skim Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$5.14$2.77$2.37 (46.11%)
1.5 qt Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream$4.10$3.98$0.12 (2.93%)
30 oz Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise$5.03$4.88$0.15 (2.98%)
Dozen Large AA Eggs (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$2.32$2.06$0.26 (11.21%)
20 oz Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread$3.28$3.18$0.10 (3.05%)
Total$68.19$56.46$11.73 (17.2%)

After comparing 13 different items, we saved over $10 and almost 20% by choosing Walmart over HEB. But will we face the same problem with product quality on these items?

The answer is yes.

There are many complaints against Walmart’s meat selection, particularly their ground beef, which buyers frequently call “disgusting.” Walmart doesn’t have on-site butchers, so their ground beef is packaged and shipped–which is probably why the quality is poor.

Meanwhile, HEB ensures that their ground beef is freshly ground every day, and their meat doesn’t contain additives. And if you look above, HEB’s ground beef is cheaper, anyway.

While we wouldn’t recommend any Great Value brand items for their quality, Walmart does offer slightly lower prices on some name-brand items in this section, namely the Breyers Ice Cream, Kraft Cheese, and Hellman’s Mayo.

So, if you want to save money, choose Walmart for these items, especially if you’re buying name-brand items instead of their Great Value brand.

If you’re more concerned with quality and a good experience, then you might want to pay a little more at HEB.

HEB vs. Walmart: Pantry Items and Canned Goods Price Comparison

Next up: canned goods and pantry staples. These non-perishable groceries are essential for any home–but which store should you stock up at, Walmart or HEB?

28 oz Bush’s Best Original Baked Beans$2.55$2.48$0.07 (2.75%)
15.9 oz Knorr Granulated Bouillon Chicken$3.69$3.58$0.11 (2.98%)
16 oz Rotini Pasta (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$1.03$0.92$0.11 (10.68%)
6.4 oz Hamburger Helper Stroganoff$1.42$1.46$0.04 (2.74%)
8 oz Canned Tomato Sauce (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$0.39$0.38$0.01 (2.56%)
16 fl oz Hamburger Dill Chip Pickles (H-E-B Pickle Me Dilley vs. Great Value)$1.73$1.78$0.05 (2.81%)
42 oz Old Fashioned Oats (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$1.80$2.58$0.78 (30.23%)
2 lb Long Grain White Rice (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$1.50$1.46$0.04 (2.67%)
5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Water (Hill Country Fare vs. Great Value)$0.87$0.78$0.09 (10.34%)
16 oz JIF Creamy Peanut Butter$2.35$2.42$0.07 (2.89%)
5 lb All-Purpose Flour (Hill Country Fare vs. Great Value)$2.43$1.56$0.87 (35.8%)
Total$19.76$19.40$0.36 (1.82%)

As you can see, there was no clear pattern that could help us determine which items would be cheaper at HEB and which ones were cheaper at Walmart.

While most items only saw a price difference of 11 cents or less, there were two items with a significant price gap: the flour and the oats. At Walmart, you can get their Great Value flour for 87 cents cheaper, but at HEB, you can score their H-E-B Select Ingredients overnight oats for 78 cents less.

After all was said and done, we did end up saving 36 cents on non-perishable groceries at Walmart.

For this section, our conclusion is that the price difference is so insignificant that it doesn’t really matter where you stock up at. However, HEB does have higher quality products, so it may be the better choice.

HEB vs. Walmart: Frozen Foods Price Comparison

After your pantry is full, it’s time to stock up your freezer. Whether you like to keep frozen meat on hand for dinner or frozen waffles for breakfast, you’re about to find out who offers lower prices on your favorite frozen goods.

16 oz Frozen Green Peas (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$1.30$1.12$0.18 (13.85%)
12 oz Frozen Riced Cauliflower (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$2.35$2.12$0.23 (9.79%)
16 oz Frozen Broccoli Florets (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$1.52$1.49$0.03 (1.97%)
32 oz Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes (Hill Country Fare Traditional vs Great Value)$2.04$1.68$0.36 (17.65%)
16 oz Frozen Cut Green Beans$1.32$1.12$0.2 (15.15%)
24 oz Breaded and Fully Cooked Chicken Strips (H-E-B Natural vs. Great Value)$10.29$5.42$4.87 (47.33%)
5 ct Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza Frozen Sandwiches$6.16$5.98$0.18 (2.92%)
24 ct Kellogg’s Eggo Buttermilk Waffles $5.79$5.62$0.17 (2.94%)
Total$30.77$24.55$6.22 (20.21%)

Walmart offered lower prices on every single item in the frozen foods category. After shopping for 8 items, we saved about 20% and $6 by choosing Walmart instead of HEB.

When it comes to frozen foods, Walmart’s quality doesn’t decrease significantly. It’s probably a safe bet to say that HEB still offers higher quality foods in their frozen section, but 20% savings are hard to beat for a smaller margin of quality difference.

HEB vs. Walmart: Beverages and Snacks Price Comparison

Whether you’re hosting a game night, celebrating a birthday, or just enjoying a weekend cookout, you’re going to need some snacks and drinks.

Does HEB or Walmart offer better deals on drinks and snacks?

32 pk of 16.9 fl oz Bottles of Purified Drinking Water (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$3.96$4.64$0.68 (14.66%)
2 Liter Root Beer Soda (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$1.03$0.78$0.25 (24.27%)
2 Liter Coca-Cola Original Soda Pop$2.22$2.14$0.08 (3.6%)
1 Gal Orange Juice (Hill County Fare vs. Great Value)$3.56$4.44$0.88 (19.82%)
64 fl oz 100% Apple Juice (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$3.07$1.42$1.65 (53.75%)
40 fl oz Starbucks Vanilla Latte Chilled Espresso Beverage$4.67$4.84$0.17 (3.51%)
64 fl oz V8 Splash Tropical Blend Juice Beverage$2.35$2.28$0.07 (2.98%)
128 fl oz Sweet Iced Tea (H-E-B Select Ingredients vs. Great Value)$3.84$2.78$1.06 (27.6%)
18 ct Frito Lay Flavor Mix Variety Pack Chips (2 Sour Cream and Onion Lays, 3 Barbecue Lays, 4 Crunchy Cheetos, 3 Cool Ranch Doritos, 4 Nacho Cheese Doritos, and2 Chili Cheese Fritos)$10.28$9.98$0.30 (2.92%)
16 oz Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks$3.07$2.98$0.099 (2.93%)
40 ct Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks $7.70$7.98$0.28 (3.51%)
20 oz Nabisco Family Size Double Stuf Oreos$4.10$3.98$0.12 (2.93%)
25.3 oz Nabisco Party Size Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies$4.61$5.28$0.67 (12.69%)
Total$54.46$53.52$0.94 (1.73%)

In the snacks and drinks section, Walmart offered us a lower price overall, and Walmart had 8 price wins against HEB’s 5 price wins for this category.

HEB offered lower prices on store-brand bottled water, store brand orange juice, Starbucks coffee, Welch’s fruit snacks, and Chips Ahoy! cookies. 

Even after those price wins for HEB, Walmart beat it out for the lowest overall price, saving us nearly $1.

If you want lower prices on snacks and drinks, choose Walmart–but shop carefully. To save the most money, you’ll need to compare prices with your local HEB or another grocer.

HEB vs. Walmart: Personal Care Products Price Comparison

Groceries aren’t the only thing you need when grocery shopping. Here, we look at the prices of 8 personal care products to determine if Walmart or HEB sells cheaper items for all your personal hygiene needs.

3.17 oz Dove Original Beauty Bar Soap$1.51$1.47$0.04 (2.65%)
56 oz Clear Liquid Hand Soap Refill (Hill Country Fare vs. Equate)$4.06$3.82$0.24 (5.91%)
3 ct Women’s 5 Blade Disposable Razors (Hill Country Essentials vs. Equate)$5.01$4.86$0.15 (2.99%)
10 oz Skintimate Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Women’s Shave Cream$3.06$7.54$4.48 (59.42%)
100 ct Flexible Fabric Bandages in Assorted Sizes (H-E-B vs. Equate)$5.63$4.97$0.66 (11.72%)
32 oz 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H-E-B vs. Equate)$1.04$1.00$0.04 (3.85%)
4 oz Colgate Baking Soda & Peroxide Toothpaste$1.21$1.11$0.10 (8.26%)
32.1 oz Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner$11.30$10.97$0.33 (2.92%)
Total$32.82$35.74$2.92 (8.17%)

In contrast to our expectations, HEB offered lower prices than Walmart overall. Let’s explore why.

Walmart offered lower prices on 7 out of 8 items in this category, but the average savings across these items was just 22 cents. Compare that to the savings on the one cheaper item offered by HEB–the Skintimate shaving cream that was over $4 less–and Walmart’s savings don’t stand a chance.

What happened in this section is very similar to what we found in our Aldi vs. Walmart price comparison. Walmart claims to offer the lowest prices but will occasionally jack up the price of select in-demand items significantly. In our other price comparison, this devious marketing trick tipped the scales in favor of Aldi.

Our advice? Shop at HEB if you want reliable yet slightly higher prices that won’t keep you on your toes. Shop at Walmart if you’re a coupon clipping, savings sleuth who’s always on the hunt for the best deals–and can spot a bad price when you see it.

HEB vs. Walmart: Home Essentials Price Comparison

Next, let’s explore who offers lower prices on home essentials like toilet paper, dish soap, and disinfectant. You’ll always need these items on hand, so knowing who offers the best prices could save you money.

6 Double Rolls of Paper Towels (Hill Country Essentials vs. Great Value)$5.38$8.92$3.54 (39.69%)
12 Double Rolls of Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels$21.61$20.98$0.63 (2.92%)
4 pk Facial Tissues, 300 count total (Hill Country Fare vs. Great Value)$5.09$5.27$0.18 (3.42%)
4 pk Mega Cubes Pufs Ulta Soft Non-Lotion Facial Tissues, 288 count total$6.62$6.43$0.19 (2.87%)
18 Mega Rolls of Soft and Strong Toilet Paper (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$11.16$13.77$2.61 (18.95%)
12 Super Mega Rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper$19.53$18.96$0.57 (2.92%)
75 fl oz Ultra Original Dish Liquid (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$5.98$4.98$1.00 (16.72%)
32 oz Lysol Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner Spray$3.37$3.34$0.03 (0.89%)
48 count Cascade Platinum Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent ActionPacs + Oxi$14.64$15.47$0.83 (5.37%)
Total$93.38$98.12$4.74 (4.83%)

Yet again, HEB beats Walmart for the total cart price! We saved nearly $5 and 5% in the home essentials category by choosing HEB over Walmart.

Previously, we found solid evidence that Walmart increases prices on name-brand items while lowering prices on their in-house brands like Equate and Great Value. This tactic ensures that Walmart makes even more money by convincing consumers to buy their in-house products.

But in the home essentials section, we’ve discovered a few finds that contradict that evidence. When it comes to paper products, HEB’s in-house brand is cheaper than Walmart’s, but Walmart offers the lowest prices on brand-name paper products like Charmin and Bounty.

HEB vs. Walmart: Baby Items Price Comparison

Taking care of your kids can be exhausting and expensive, so it’s great to know where you can get the best deals on baby products.

1 gal Baby Distilled Water (H-E-B vs. Great Value)$1.02$1.08$0.06 (5.56%)
1.48 oz Gerber Lil’ Crunchies Snacks for Babies, Mild Cheddar$2.54$2.47$0.07 (2.76%)
8 oz Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food, Banana$1.83$1.62$0.21 (11.48%)
20.3 oz Johnson’s Baby Shampoo$5.27$5.32$0.05 (0.94%)
42 ct Newborn Diapers (H-E-B vs. Parent’s Choice)$5.99$4.38$1.61 (26.88%)
22 ct Huggies Little Snugglers Size 4 Diapers$9.86$9.57$0.29 (2.94%)
60 ct Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads$7.49$7.27$0.22 (2.94%)
3 ct Fast Flow Silicone Nipples for Babies 6+ Months (Evenflo vs. Parents Choice)$1.52$1.96$0.44 (22.45%)
6 pk of Print Gerber Baby Wiggle-Proof Terry Bootie Socks, 3-6M$10.29$9.97$0.32 (3.11%)
Total$45.81$43.64$2.17 (4.74%)

After shopping for 9 baby items, including food, shampoo, and diapers, we found that Walmart offered us about 5% savings. Our Walmart cart was about $2 less than our HEB cart.

The savings in this section nearly evened themselves out, but at the end of the day, Walmart reigned supreme.

Now, the only question left is whether Walmart’s baby products are the same quality as HEBs. Since most of the items here are name brand, we’d say it’s a safe bet that you’re not losing out on quality when you save money at Walmart on most baby products.

HEB vs. Walmart: Pet Products Items Price Comparison

Now, we can’t forget about our fur babies. Here, we compare HEB and Walmart prices on popular pet products, including dog and cat food, treats, and kitty litter.

40 lb Purina One Plus Smartblend Adult Formula Dry Dog Food$51.48$49.98$1.5 (2.91%)
24 ct 5.5 oz cans of Purina Friskies Meaty Bits Variety Wet Cat Food$14.42$15.72$1.3 (8.27%)
21 ct of 5. 26 oz Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care Treats for Toy & Small Dogs, Fresh Flavor$3.57$3.47$0.10 (2.8%)
4.6 oz Greenies Oven Roasted Chicken Feline Dental Treat$4.61$4.48$0.13 (2.82%)
8 oz Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Water Additive$5.21$3.90$1.31 (25.14%)
8.5 lb Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Clumping Litter with Glade for Multi-Cat Homes$15.12$14.68$0.44 (2.91%)
90 ct Arm & Hammer Fresh Scent Dog Waste Bag Refills for Dispensers$10.27$8.56$1.71 (16.65%)
Total$104.68$100.79$3.89 (3.72%)

We spent over $100 on just seven items for our pets at both HEB and Walmart, but when all was said and done, Walmart saved us nearly $4.

Walmart offered lower prices on every pet product we looked at except one–the Dentastix–and HEB’s lower price was just 10 cents cheaper.

Overall, it’s clear who offered lower prices on pet products: Walmart.

HEB vs. Walmart: Services and Public Perception Comparison

When comparing two major grocery stores like Walmart and HEB, there’s more to it than just price. This section looks at Walmart and HEB’s services, product quality, and public perceptions to give you a better overview of how these two stores compare.

Public PerceptionHEB has a cult following, much like Trader Joe’s. And a 2022 survey showed that customers think HEB is one of the best grocers. The main difference, however, is that HEB taps into Texas pride. People in Texas love HEB because this major retailer focuses on “outfitting Texas families with all they need for Texas lifestyles.” Although some people believe HEB’s competitors sell higher quality food, many of HEBs consumers are over the moon with HEB’s service and products.Walmart’s reputation is not nearly as great as HEBs. When people think of Walmart, they’re more likely to imagine poor quality products, crowded parking lots, and the interesting people you might run into there. Walmart is well-known for its shoddy quality and poor customer service–and its not-so-flattering nicknames reflect that. There’s even a whole Wikipedia page devoted to “Criticism of Walmart.”
Product QualityAlthough most grocery stores claim to care about quality, it appears that HEB really does attempt to bring the highest quality items to consumers for reasonable prices.Walmart is well known for maintaining dirty workspaces, particularly for food. Although it’s safe to say that most name-brand items are okay to buy, it’s not uncommon for people to shy away from their in-house brands like “Great Value,” where you get what you pay for.
Customer ServiceHEB has a 2.1 star ranking on Trust Pilot. It’s common for grocery stores to have low ratings on this site since angry consumers are more likely to leave reviews than satisfied ones (even Trader Joe’s only has 3.4 stars). Walmart has an even lower score on Trustpilot at 1.4 stars. Ouch.
Shipping and DeliveryYou can receive HEB delivery through Instacart or choose HEB delivery or shipping when shopping online at HEB.com. HEB will show you the shipping cost after you’ve added all items to your cart and selected a shipping address.If you spend over $35, you can get free 3-5 day shipping or free next-day and two-day delivery on select items at participating locations. Orders under $35 will incur added fees for shipping and delivery services.
Curbside PickupHEB offers free curbside pickup when you order online!Walmart offers free same-day curbside pickup!
Return PolicyHEB’s return policy states that they will “cheerfully exchange or refund most items with a receipt dated within 90 days of purchase.” You’ll receive an HEB gift card for non-receipted returns with a valid government-issued photo ID.Most items at Walmart are covered under their 90-day return policy. And, under certain conditions, they will still process returns without a receipt.
Loyalty ProgramsHEB offers Points Club Rewards to all of its shoppers. The Points Club is a free rewards program that lets you earn 15 points for every dollar spent at HEB grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. There are also special bonus point events and purchases. At the end of each quarter, HEB converts balances over 1,000 points into HEB Rewards Dollars. 1,000 points equal $1, and every 10 points equal 1 cent. So, if you spend $500 at HEB, you’ll earn $7.50 in rewards (that’s about 1.5%!).Walmart Plus is Walmart’s rewards program. It costs $12.95 a month or $98 a year and includes these benefits: Free shipping and delivery on any order, mobile check-out, discounts on prescription drugs, and discounts on gas

FAQs About HEB and Walmart

What does H-E-B stand for?

HEB is named after its founder, Howard E. Butt, although the initials are also an abbreviation for HEB’s slogan, “Here Everything’s Better.” And things at HEB do appear to be better–at least better than Walmart. Check out our complete price comparison between HEB vs. Walmart to see if you could save–and if it’s worth the switch.

Are HEB and Walmart only in Texas?

Although the popular and beloved grocer HEB operates exclusively in Texas, Walmart operates over 10,000 stores across 24 different countries. Even though HEB only has about 340 stores across Texas, it consistently ranks as one of the best businesses in the US in terms of consumer satisfaction and financial success.

How do you pronounce HEB?

The correct pronunciation of H-E-B is H.E.B. To clarify, H-E-B is pronounced as three letters, like an abbreviation, H.E.B. H-E-B is not pronounced as a single word like “heb.” H-E-B also has a mascot known as H-E-Buddy, and his name is pronounced H.E. Buddy, not H-E-B Buddy.

Which is cheaper, Walmart or HEB?

Walmart is 4% cheaper than HEB. In our complete price comparison, where we pit Walmart up against HEB, we discovered that you could save about 4% by choosing Walmart over HEB. Whether those savings are worth it, though, depends on what you buy.

Which is better, HEB or Walmart?

Which store is better depends on what you care about the most. Walmart offers lower prices most of the time, but HEB certainly carries higher-quality store-brand items. In general, you could save about 4% by shopping at Walmart instead of HEB, but you’ll also sacrifice quality, customer service, and a better quality shopping experience.

HEB vs. Walmartn – Which is Best for You?

So, which is cheaper, HEB or Walmart? Walmart is cheaper than HEB, but only by about 4%. And HEB offers higher quality products.

Although Walmart is cheaper overall, some items are still cheaper at HEB. If you want to save the most money possible, you should check prices online before heading to the Walmart or HEB near you.

When it comes to pricing, HEB offers reliable, competitive pricing. Over at Walmart, you can expect prices to fluctuate. Although most items will be a few cents cheaper, some items are extremely expensive for what they are. This could be how Walmart can offer their low price guarantee–by fooling unsuspecting consumers who don’t look at prices before buying.

Here’s a summary of who’s better off shopping where.

Choose HEB if:

  • You care about having access to quality produce
  • You want to buy high-quality meat that isn’t sketchy
  • You prefer reliable, competitive pricing
  • You buy store-brand paper products like toilet paper or paper towels
  • You don’t mind paying slightly more for a better shopping experience with higher quality products
  • You’re a proud Texan who wants to support a Texas brand

Choose Walmart if:

  • You don’t mind poor-quality produce
  • You usually buy name brand food products, especially dairy
  • You don’t need fresh meat
  • You do need frozen foods
  • You don’t mind that Walmart hikes prices on select items 
  • You want to save money, even if it’s just a few cents per item
  • You want the lowest prices on name-brand paper products

We hope this total price comparison between Walmart and HEB helped you!

If you have insider information that you think could help other shoppers who love to save money, feel free to share your advice in the comments below. Tell us: do you prefer HEB or Walmart, and why?

Rebecca Choi is a freelance writer, designer, and contributor to koopy.com from Philadelphia, PA. Armed with her Bachelor's Degree in English and Graphic Design from Arcadia University, she pursues a life of creation and hopes to earn an M.Arch in the near future. Her passions include reading novels, writing poetry, promoting mental health and wellness, and creating functional artwork.

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