How Does Kohl’s Cash Work?

If you love Kohl’s for their amazing sales, you’ll love them, even more, when you can earn Kohl’s cash. There are two ways to earn it – as a Reward’s member and/or during Kohl’s Cash promotions. Kohl’s cash is like ‘free money to spend at Kohl’s. 

As a Reward’s member, you earn 5% back on every purchase and during Kohl’s Cash promotions, you earn the cash by spending at least $50. You can use the money as a gift card the next time you shop at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s cash rules have changed through the years, so here’s everything you must know about how it works.

What is Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s cash isn’t really cash – it’s a coupon you earned by shopping at Kohl’s either as a Reward’s member or during its promotional period. It’s free to sign up for Kohl’s Rewards, so we suggest signing up – who doesn’t love earning 5% back on all purchases?

It’s obvious when it’s Kohl’s Cash promotion time too. You’ll hear or see the advertisements on every other commercial on the radio or TV, and there are social media ads everywhere.

If you earn Kohl’s Cash as a Rewards member, you earn 5% back on your purchase. Once you earn $5 back, Kohl’s issues you a $5 Kohl’s Cash certificate.

You can also earn Kohl’s Cash during promotional periods when Kohl’s pays you for every $50 you spend during the promotional period. You earn $10 for every $50 you spend, so if you spend $200, you’d earn $40 in Kohl’s cash. 

Kohl’s cash doesn’t have cash value. When you earn it, you have a specific time to use it – the redemption dates are noted on your coupon. If you shop at Kohl’s during those dates, you can apply your $10 Kohl’s cash or any amount you’ve earned toward your purchase. You cannot earn cash back though, so make sure your purchase totals at least as much as the Kohl’s cash you earned.

How do you Earn Kohl’s Cash?

It’s very easy to earn Kohl’s cash. You can shop in-store, online, on the Kohl’s app, or the in-store Kohl’s kiosks. There is a maximum of $1,500 per transaction shoppers can earn. 

If you shop in-store, you’ll receive your Kohl’s Cash certificate with your receipt. The certificate has all the information you need to be printed on the edge including the amount you earned and the dates you can use the cash. 

If you shop online or at a Kohl’s kiosk, you’ll receive your certificate via email. The email will contain all the information you need to know including the amount of the certificate and the valid redemption dates.

How do you use Kohl’s Cash?

Of course, once you earn Kohl’s Cash, you want to know how to use it. Fortunately, it’s easy, but the most important thing to remember is you must pay attention to the redemption dates.

The good news is you can use Kohl’s cash online or in-store. If you use it in-store, you hand it over before paying cash. It’s like a coupon or gift card. There’s no minimum purchase required and you can use up to 6 Kohl’s Cash certificates in one transaction.

You won’t get cashback if your total is less than the amount of the certificates so do your math carefully before heading to the register. If you’re using a coupon (yes you can stack coupons with Kohl’s cash), the Kohl’s cash comes off your total BEFORE percent-off total purchase discounts, but after any department percent-off or dollar-off coupons.

If you shop online, shop like you normally would, adding your products to the cart. At checkout, click on ‘Kohl’s Cash & Offers’ and either manually enter your Kohl’s cash number (15-digits) or login to your Kohl’s account, as your Kohl’s Cash is automatically stored in your wallet if you are a Rewards member.

Does Kohl’s Cash Expire?

Kohl’s Cash has specific redemption dates stated on the certificate or in your email. However, they offer a 10-day grace period, but they stick to it strictly. Some stores may not accept expired Kohl’s Cash either – it’s a store-by-store basis.

You may be able to use expired Kohl’s Cash online if you call customer service at 844-564-5704 before placing your order. If you enter it yourself without calling, it will reject it. 

Can you Earn Kohl’s Cash on Everything?

Kohl’s is very liberal with how you can earn Kohl’s cash. They have strict coupon restrictions that don’t allow percentage or dollar-off coupons on many brands, however, you can earn Kohl’s cash on almost any merchandise purchase except Sephora at Kohl’s purchases. Sephora purchases are only eligible for Kohl’s Rewards (5% cashback on your purchase) but will not earn traditional Kohl’s Cash during promotional periods.

You also cannot earn Kohl’s Cash on gift cards – only actual merchandise. This goes for Kohl’s Cash during promotional periods and Kohl’s Rewards. But, when you redeem your gift card, you can earn both Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Rewards.

What can you not Spend Kohl’s Cash On?

There are a few exclusions to how you can use Kohl’s Cash. You cannot spend Kohl’s cash on:

What Happens if you Return an Item that Earned you Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s has a liberal return policy, accepting most items back even if you earned Kohl’s Cash. When you return the item, they will reduce the value of your Kohl’s Cash. If you already redeemed the Kohl’s Cash, they’ll return the item and pay you the difference between the Kohl’s Cash you redeemed and the price of the item. 

A Kohl’s Cash Trick – Spend $48 and Receive Kohl’s Cash

There’s a little-known secret that Kohl’s doesn’t want consumers to know. If you spend $48, Kohl’s rounds up your purchase and issues $10 in Kohl’s Cash. So if you find yourself within $2 of the next level, you don’t have to find a ‘filler item’ to bring you up to $50; you’ll automatically receive the reward.

FAQs about Kohl’s Cash

Do you need to be a Kohl’s Rewards Member to earn Kohl’s Cash?

You don’t need to be a Kohl’s Rewards Member to earn Kohl’s Cash during promotional periods. But, if you want to earn cashback on every purchase at Kohl’s (minus gift cards or Sephora products), sign up for Kohl’s Rewards. It’s free to sign up and all you have to do is provide your phone number at checkout to get credit.

Can you stack Kohl’s cash with coupons?

Yes, you can stack Kohl’s coupons with Kohl’s Cash. You can use up to six Kohl’s Cash certificates at checkout plus a department-specific coupon, one percentage off coupon, and one dollar-off coupon.

Can you use expired Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s has set expiration dates for its Kohl’s Cash but most stores give a 10-day grace period and customer service may allow you to use it on online purchases for a few days past expiration.

When does Kohl’s Rewards Members Kohl’s Cash expire?

Kohl’s Rewards Members have 30 days to use the Kohl’s cash earned. Kohl’s issues the cash once a month and sends you email reminders to use your reward before it expires.

How do you check your Kohl’s cash balance?

If you can’t remember if you redeemed your Kohl’s Cash yet, click here and enter the Kohl’s Cash number on the back of the certificate or on your email.

What happens if your Kohl’s cash is lost or stolen?

If your Kohl’s Cash is lost or stolen, you’ll need your receipt. Head to any Kohl’s customer service counter or call Kohl’s customer service. They can look up the Kohl’s cash using your receipt. If the certificate wasn’t redeemed yet, they can issue new Kohl’s Cash and void the old certificates.

What is Kohl’s Yes2You Program?

The Kohl’s Yes2You Program was replaced by the Kohl’s Rewards program in September 2020. The Kohl’s Rewards program is another way to earn Kohl’s Cash, but with a longer expiration date and it’s issued in $5 increments versus $10.

Kohl’s Cash – Get Paid to Shop

Earning Kohl’s Cash is like getting paid to shop. We highly recommend signing up for Kohl’s Rewards and shopping during their Kohl’s Cash events. You can even use coupons during the events too, but Kohl’s often limits the coupons during that time, but there are times you can ‘double dip.’

Pay close attention to your Kohl’s Cash expiration dates, though. Even though it’s like ‘free money’, you don’t want to lose the chance to save by missing the redemption dates. We suggest keeping your Kohl’s Cash in your Kohl’s Wallet by creating a Kohl’s account so you don’t lose track!

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