How Does Pampers Club Rewards Work?

During your baby’s first year of life, you’ll spend between $500 – $1,300 on diapers. That’s a lot of money on something you toss in the garbage, right?

There’s no question, your baby needs diapers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get rewarded for buying them. Pampers Club is a loyalty program that rewards you for buying diapers for your baby.

It’s easy to use and the rewards are fun, and it makes buying diapers a little more affordable. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pampers Club Rewards program.

What are Pampers Club Rewards?

Pampers Club is a frequent buyers program for parents. It’s a mobile app you can download on your Apple or Android phone, scan diapers and wipes codes, and earn gifts or savings. 

The app is free to download and use, allowing you to start earning rewards right away. 

How to Sign up for Pampers Rewards?

It’s easy to sign up for Pampers Club Rewards. Choose your platform and download the app from your app store. It’s free to download and join. Just follow the instructions in the app to sign up.

You’ll need to provide your email address and a created password or sign in through your Facebook or Apple/Android account. Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is buy your favorite Pampers products and earn points.

How do you Earn Pampers Rewards?

You earn Pampers Rewards for every Pampers diapers or wipes purchase. It’s easy to log your points, just open your app and click the ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the page. 

Next, select diapers or wipes and scan the code or enter it manually. The codes are located inside the product, but some wipes products have the code on the bottom of the container.

Codes are typically added to your account immediately, but sometimes they can take up to 24 hours to credit your account.

What can you get with Pampers Rewards?

You spend your hard-earned money on diapers to take care of your baby, you deserve some great rewards, and Pampers delivers. Here is a sampling of what you can earn.

Gift Cards

Earn gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. Each gift card is available in a variety of denominations, and costs between 667 points and 11,112 points. Pampers offers gift cards to:

  • Amazon
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Burger King
  • Starbucks
  • AMC Theatre
  • DoorDash
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • And so much more

Diapers and Coupons

If you’d rather turn your Pampers rewards into money off diapers, Pampers offers that too. You can redeem 783 points for a $3 off diapers coupon or 989 points for a Pampers buy one get one free wipes coupon. 

It’s not the best use of your points, but if you prefer to turn the points right back into money for diapers and wipes, it’s an option.


If you consider yourself lucky, you can redeem your Pampers points for sweepstakes to win various prizes. You can convert your Pampers points to sweepstakes tickets, buying as many tickets as you want for each item. One ticket costs between 50 – 100 points and you can enter sweepstakes for:

  • Roomba vacuum
  • Pampers diapers and wipes for a year
  • gift card
  • Walmart gift card

You can enter as many sweepstakes as you want, but once you use your points, they’re gone, whether you won or not.

Limited Time Offers

Pampers changes their limited time offers frequently, but you can redeem points, usually 100 – 600 points for special opportunities including:

Lumi by Pampers

Lumi by Pampers is a baby monitoring system. You can redeem 50 Pampers Club points to get a 20% promo code for the Lumi by Pampers product.

Photos & Gifts

Capture your baby’s precious moments with one of the many photo gifts offered by Pampers Club Rewards. Redeem your points for gifts like Shutterly prints, Thank You Cards, personalized mugs, and other sweet gifts to remember your baby’s sweet moments. Photo gifts range from a few hundred to a few thousand points.


Donate any of your points to your favorite cause, including:

Toys and Books

Spoil your baby with special toys and books with the rewards you earn back from your Pampers Rewards. Choose from a variety of great rewards including a Crayola Picture Frame, Legos, sports toys, stuffed animals, and motor toys. 

Baby Gear

We all know having a baby is expensive, but Pampers Club helps you save money by redeeming your points for helpful baby gear.

How to Redeem Your Points?

You can redeem your points in the Pampers app. Click ‘Rewards’, browse your options, and choose your reward. If you have enough points for your chosen reward, you can press ‘Order Now’ and redeem your points.

Digital rewards usually arrive within one business day. Any physical products, such as toys, books or baby gear may take 4 – 6 weeks to receive. 

Pampers Rewards FAQs

Do Pampers Rewards expire?

Pampers rewards do not expire as long as you have an active account. If your Pampers Club Rewards account remains inactive for 12 months, your points will expire.

Can you redeem points for more than one reward at a time?

Yes, Pampers allows you to redeem as many rewards as you have points for, but if there is a limit on a specific product, it will state it in the item’s description.

Can you earn free diapers with Pampers Club Rewards?

Pampers doesn’t offer free diapers directly with the Pampers Club Rewards, but there is a way. If you redeem your points for a gift card to Amazon, Target, Walmart, or any other store that sells diapers, you can use the gift card to buy Pampers diapers, which is just like getting free diapers.

Where can you find Pampers reward codes?

You’ll find Pampers Club reward codes on all Pampers diapers, wipes, and wipes refills. They are all on sizes of diapers including training pants and newborn diapers.

How many points can you earn?

Each Pampers pack of diapers and wipes range in points value. The larger the package, the more points you’ll earn, but on average diapers earn 10 – 240 points and wipes from 5 – 10 points

Pampers Rewards – Are they Worth It?

You won’t get ‘rich’ using the Pampers Club Rewards, but if you’re loyal to Pampers because they’re best for your baby, why not get rewarded for it?

It doesn’t take much effort to earn the rewards, as long as you remember to scan or enter the code before tossing the box, it takes only a few seconds. Every product earns a different number of points, but they add up fast, especially since babies go through diapers and wipes so quickly!

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