How to Get Sony Reward Points

If you love entertainment, joining Sony Rewards can get you that much closer to the things you love. Sony Rewards pays you points for doing the things you love doing, such as going to the movies, buying DVDs, playing games, and even buying TVs or other electronics.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for fun rewards, like gift cards to your favorite stores, access to free electronic merchandise, chances for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or deals on your favorite products.

What are Sony Reward Points?

Sony Reward Points are points you earn for purchasing Sony products or doing other activities such as playing video games, watching movies, or even providing status updates on Sony’s social media pages.

You can redeem the points for fun prizes on things you love such as electronics, movies, gift cards, and more. It’s like getting paid for doing what you already love, such as buying Sony products, using your Sony Visa credit card, and even answering questions or completing Sony challenges. 

How to Sign up for Sony Rewards

To join Sony Rewards (it’s free), click here. Just enter your email and follow the prompts to get your free account. You can also download the Sony Rewards app (you’ll need it to earn rewards) and sign up directly through the app.

How to Earn Sony Rewards Points

Once you’ve signed up for an account and/or downloaded the Sony Rewards app, it’s time to earn Sony Rewards Points. Here are just a few ways you can get started.

  • Apply for and use a Sony Visa Credit Card – You’ll automatically earn 5x the points on all Sony purchases from a Sony store or Sony products from an authorized store. You also earn 5x points on all movie and concert tickets purchased with your Sony credit card.

You’ll earn 2x the points on all restaurant purchases including carryout and 1x the points for every $1 spent on all other items.

  • Apply for and use a Sony Playstation Visa Credit Card – Like the Sony Visa, you earn points when you use your Sony Playstation Visa including 5X the points for all Playstation purchases including purchases in the Playstation store. You can earn 3X the points on your cable and internet bills, 2X the points on all restaurant purchases, and 1X the points for all other purchases.
  • Register DVD movies bought – On the Sony Rewards app, there is an opportunity to register movies bought by entering the code on the package.
  • Upload movie tickets – On the Sony Rewards app you can upload movie tickets (to certain movies) and earn points.
  • Use Passes – Sony Rewards has ‘passes’ which are challenges you must complete in order to earn the prize. The tasks might include inviting a certain number of friends to Sony Rewards, uploading movie tickets to certain movies, or other fun and rewarding challenges.
  • Like Sony Rewards on Facebook – You can earn 25 points just for liking Sony Rewards
  • Follow Sony Rewards on Twitter – You can earn 25 points for connecting with Sony Rewards on Twitter
  • Take challenges – You can join the Sony challenges to prove you are a superfan and earn points for doing it

Sony adds new ways to earn points often, so always check back in the app to see what opportunities they have.

Redeeming Sony Rewards Points

While it’s exciting to earn Sony Rewards points, it’s even more exciting to redeem them. So what can you get for your Sony Rewards points? Here are a few ways you can use them.

Shop the Catalog

The easiest way to redeem your Sony Rewards Points is to shop the Sony Rewards catalog. In the catalog, you’ll find electronics, movies, gift cards, Playstation games and accessories, and sweepstakes opportunities. You can filter the results by the number of points you have, sales, color, and new arrivals.

You can choose what you like and check out by redeeming your points. If you have enough points for the prize you chose, you don’t have to pay anything and you’ll have new merchandise or an experience to enjoy.

Check out the Deals & Steals

Periodically Sony offers what they call ‘deals and steals’ which is limited-time pricing on specific rewards. They are limited-time deals so you must act fast. If you want to be notified of the latest offerings, you can sign up for text alerts so you never miss a deal.

While the offers vary often, here are some of the common offers:

  • Deal of the Day – These deals last one day or until supplies run out
  • Deal of the Week – You get your chance at a new deal every Monday and have one week to take advantage of it
  • Reverse Auction – This unique take on an auction has decreased rather than increased, but you’re taking your chances when you wait to see if the price goes down or if the deal is snatched up

Shop Showstoppers

Showstoppers are amazing deals on all your entertainment needs from products to experiences. Sony changes these offers often, so don’t be disappointed if you look and there aren’t any offers. Make sure to check back often to see the latest offerings so you can place your bid and win!

Keep in mind that if you are a Sony Visa credit cardholder, you have access to even more prizes and deals including better pricing, but you must link your Sony Visa card to your Sony Rewards account to get the deals.

Paying for Rewards

The nice thing about Sony Rewards prizes is you can buy any remaining rewards points you might need for a prize if you come up short. The cost is one penny per point or $1 for 100 points. If you’re close to the amount needed for a prize but come up a little short, it might not hurt to spend a few dollars to get what you wanted.

FAQs – Sony Rewards and How they Work

Is Sony Rewards real?

Sony Rewards is a real way to earn points doing what you love – playing games, watching movies, and buying your favorite Sony products. You can earn points in many ways including using your Sony Visa-branded credit card for things other than buying Sony products, such as eating out, buying groceries, or paying your bills. The points add up and allow you to redeem them for fun prizes.

Do Sony Rewards expire?

Your Sony Rewards are good for 5 years from the issuance date IF you remain active. To remain active, you must do one of the following at least once every 18 months:

– Use your Sony Visa or Sony Playstation Visa credit card at least once
– Earn points on a challenge or other method in the Sony Rewards app
– Complete a redemption activity

How can you upload movie tickets to earn points?

If you’ve joined a challenge to upload movie tickets to earn points, you’ll need the Sony Rewards app to upload your tickets. Just take a picture of the tickets in the app and click upload. If you bought your tickets online and don’t have physical tickets, you can upload a picture of your receipt to get credit.

How often does Sony offer a Deal of the Day?

There is no rhyme or reason regarding how often Sony offers a Deal of the Day. If you’re interested in what they’re offering, check back often. They might do them frequently and then stop for a while, so always checking back if you have points to redeem is the best way.

Final Thoughts – Sony Reward Points, Are They Worth It?

The Sony Rewards program is free, so there’s not much to worry about there, but is it worth your time?

I say if you are a Sony fanatic, go to the movies a lot, and like to interact with Sony about the latest movies and products then it can be worth it. If you’ll use your points for fun prizes that you would normally either spend money on or would love to splurge on, then using a Sony Visa credit card is a great way to get ahead in the Sony Rewards program.

But, if you only occasionally watch movies and aren’t into all the fanatics involved with loving movies and electronics, it might be more hassle than it’s worth.

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