19 Sweet Savings Hacks: Get More and Spend Less at Krispy Kreme

Few doughnut stores are as beloved as the iconic Krispy Kreme franchise. Across the country, people crane their necks in hopes of seeing the “hot and fresh” logo lit up, signaling that their glazed doughnuts are coming fresh off the line.

People have a love affair with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the only thing sweeter is the savings we found for you!

Read on for some of the best tips for saving big at Krispy Kreme!

1. Head inside for a FREE GLAZED DOUGHNUT when the “hot and fresh” sign is lit up!

This is one of the easiest ways to get free food at Krispy Kreme. This is a sure sign (pun intended!) that the classic glazed doughnuts are being made, hot and fresh, at that moment! Head inside and most shops will give you a free glazed doughnut just for stepping inside the door.

A free doughnut, hot and fresh, right in your hands? Yes, please!

2. Signing up for their Rewards Program to score savings AND a FREE DOUGHNUT!

Did you know that Krispy Kreme has a rewards program? They do and signing up will help you score free food after purchases. Krispy Kreme is proud to have some of the best doughnuts around, and their rewards program makes every purchase that much sweeter. 

And they’re happy to show you savings right from the beginning – get a FREE doughnut of your choice when you sign up! 

3. …AND a gift for your birthday!

Celebrate your next trip around the sun with a gift from Krispy Kreme as a Rewards Member! When you sign up, you’ll provide your birthdate, and Krispy Kreme will celebrate you when the time comes!

The site doesn’t specify what that gift is, but others have stated it’s a FREE doughnut on your special day… AND a FREE small coffee or soft drink!

4. Download the app to your smartphone

The app makes it super easy to track your reward, which we’ll talk about next. It’ll also show you offers you can use to take advantage of fantastic savings! Check out the app for Apple or Google Play!

5. Use the Rewards program to earn FREE food!

Now we get to the heart of the Krispy Kreme Reward Program… members are eligible to track purchases to earn FREE food!  Their program is based on Rewards Tracks: there’s one for single doughnuts, one for dozen-size boxes of doughnuts, and one each for regular coffees and specialty coffees.

Once you purchase 12 or more from a track, your next one is FREE. For example, after you buy 12 cups of specialty coffees, the next one’s on them!

The same applies to regular coffees, single doughnuts, and dozen-size boxes of doughnuts!

Just remember to either give the Team Member who helps you your phone number, address, or let them scan your app to track your purchases!

If you forget to do that, Krispy Kreme will still let you register your receipt info online or in the app. (They understand how easy it can be to forget when you have a sugar high!) 

6. Check your email for exclusive deals

After you become a rewards member, head over to your inbox. Krispy Kreme will hook you up on all of the exclusive “Members Only” deals! Score special prices on your favorite Krispy Kreme items. (You’ll also be the first to know about exciting new developments)!

One recent offer as of this writing was $12.99 for two dozen doughnuts. Members also got a chance to pre-order the special MARS doughnut!

7. …and your mailbox!

Virtual coupons are exciting, but Krispy Kreme will still send out offers the old-fashioned way, too – “snail mail”! A recent mailing yielded some exciting savings. Recipients could redeem coupons for a free dozen glazed with another dozen doughnuts purchase, a discount on any dozen doughnuts, and more!

8. Visit your local Krispy Kreme on National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day is the first Friday of June. On Friday, June 7 of 2020, Krispy Kreme gave away a free doughnut to every person who visited one of their shops. And the free doughnut wasn’t limited to just glazed – any doughnut available was up for grabs! 

We’d be shocked if this didn’t become a tradition, so keep this in mind every June for a chance to score a FREE doughnut of your choice.

9. Free Coffee (and more for Members!) on National Coffee Day

This year (2021) National Coffee Day for the US and Canada is on September 29. To celebrate coffee in all its glory, Krispy Kreme is gifting a FREE brewed coffee to anyone who visits.

And if you’re a Rewards Member? Even better, because you’ll score a FREE doughnut too! 

10. Purchase Krispy Kreme Coffee from the store or online!

Want to brew your own Krispy Kreme coffee goodness in your own home, whenever you want? You can, because Krispy Kreme coffee is now on shelves across the country. When you look at the price per cup, you can save even more money while enjoying your favorite coffee at home. 

11. Follow Krispy Kreme on Social Media

Check out Krispy Kreme’s social media presence and give them a follow on  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for exciting offers that can save you money. One recent offer was for Superbowl Sunday, where Krispy Kreme offered TWO DOZEN doughnuts for only $13! 

12. Get a FREE doughnut AND coffee on Veterans Day

To honor those who have served (and are currently serving) our country, Krispy Kreme is expressing thanks by offering our servicemen and women a FREE doughnut. It’s not limited to glazed – choose the doughnut of your choice! 

AND they take it a step further by throwing in a FREE COFFEE as well! It doesn’t get any better than that! Simply show your military ID and breakfast (or a well-deserved snack) is on them! 

13. Wear your cap and gown and score FREE doughnuts on graduation day

If you’re a high school or college graduate, you may be in luck! In 2020, Krispy Kreme gave all 2020 graduates a FREE box of doughnuts. 

To confirm eligibility, graduates needed to present proof with some form of 2020-labeled gear: a 2020 class ring, apparel, cap, and gown, etc. 

If you’re up to graduate soon, keep an eye out for another deal like this one!

14. Senior Citizens get a discount

If you’re at least 50 years old, you may get to enjoy 10% off your purchase at your local Krispy Kreme!

Every location is different, so be sure to call ahead of time to confirm that your local Krispy Kreme is participating. Also, take along your ID for verification. 

15.   Keep an eye out for free doughnut offers during special times of the year

Last Election day, Krispy Kreme offered a FREE glazed doughnut to anyone who visited one of their doughnut shops. (They also gave out ‘I Voted’ stickers)!

Yes, presidential elections are only every four years, but it goes to show that if you keep an eye out during special times during the year, a FREE Krispy Kreme doughnut may very well be in your future!

16. Do your homework, get FREE doughnuts

Krispy Kreme rewards your Smart Cookie with … doughnuts! Participating Krispy Kreme stores will award your favorite student with a FREE doughnut for EACH “A” (up to SIX doughnuts)! 

This is a great way to reward kids for their hard work! When good grades = free doughnuts, everyone wins! 

Every store is different, so be sure to call your local Krispy Kreme and verify they’re participating in the offer.

17. Complete the survey at the bottom of your receipt

Krispy Kreme wants to make sure you have the best experience in their stores and uses shopper feedback as one of the ways to get better. Because they value customer feedback, there’s a survey offered at the bottom of every receipt. Complete the survey and score FREE food!

Just go to www.krispykremelistens.com and provide the survey code on your receipt. Answer the questions, and you’ll receive a code for FREE items that you can redeem on your next visit! 

What do you get for your feedback? It depends! It can be a FREE doughnut or even a dozen FREE doughnuts when you purchase the first dozen! Either way, it’s a short time commitment to give feedback to one of your favorite places and get some free food as a result! 

18. Join Swagbucks to earn a free gift card

Many people love scoring great deals through Swagbucks, and that includes a gift card to Krispy Kreme, too! 

Simply sign up for Swagbucks and earn 2500 points by taking surveys, watching videos, and other activities. Once you’ve accumulated the 2500 points, redeem them for a $25 Krispy Kreme Gift Card! 

Don’t forget – when you become a Krispy Kreme Rewards Member, your purchases count toward free food, saving you EVEN MORE money! 

19. …or check out gift card deals online!

Everyone loves a good deal, but did you know you can get those good deals on gift cards? Gift Card Wiki has Krispy Kreme gift cards available to purchase at a discount. One recent deal had a $15 gift card for only $11.55. That’s a 23% discount! 

And they’re not the only game in town. Sam’s Club has a 5-pack of $10 gift cards ($50!) for only $37.50 – that’s a 25% discount!

There are other offers out there too – Google is your friend here. Look around to see what you can find or take advantage of some of the amazing offers listed here!

Final Thoughts

Doughnuts are one of life’s simple pleasures, and Krispy Kreme is one of America’s favorite doughnut shops.

When you use all of these resources available, picking up a Krispy Kreme doughnut or coffee will be even sweeter, knowing how much money is staying in your wallet!

Whether you’re a regular doughnut eater or want something extra special, you’ll be ready to save lots of cash when you head to your local Krispy Kreme.

These savings hacks will help you get that sugar fix at savings you can’t ignore!

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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