Is The Kroger Rx Savings Club Worth It?

Kroger is a popular grocery chain known for having low prices on everyday food items. Many locations include a pharmacy inside the store. Now, they also have a great prescription savings plan to save you even more money. 

In 2018, Kroger partnered with the prescription company GoodRx to develop its own medication savings club. The Kroger Rx Savings Club has over 100 common or generic medications for $6 or less. 

It even has some generic prescription medications for $0. Yes, they have free medications. You will need to sign up for an account and pay a yearly membership fee to join. 

What Are The Costs And Benefits Of The Kroger Rx Savings Club?

The cost for one individual to join the Kroger Rx Savings Club is just $36 a year. You can get a family membership for $72 a year that includes the primary member and up to five additional adults, children, or pets. Yes, you can use this program to save money on pet medications! 

You will enjoy a year’s worth of savings on generic or common drugs for your membership price. Most are under $12, and some are even free. You can get your prescription filled while you shop for groceries. 

You’ll find lots of common generic medications, including:

  • Amlodipine (generic Norvasc)
  • Lisinopril (generic Zestril)
  • Lisinopril-HCTZ (generic Zestoretic, Prinzide)
  • Metformin HCL (generic Glucophage)
  • Montelukast SOD (generic Singulair)
  • Sertraline HCL (generic Zoloft)

Many of the drugs listed above are on the free tier! There are many more; you can search the complete list here. You’ll find medications for allergies, cholesterol, mental health, arthritis, diabetes, antibiotics, blood pressure, and much more. 

If I Already Have Insurance, Why Do I need An Rx Savings Club?

Many people are underinsured. This means that they carry subpar insurance that doesn’t meet all their needs. It might not include prescription drugs at all. 

If you do have decent insurance, you still might find that many of your prescriptions are cheaper with the Kroger Rx Savings Club. This is because all insurance companies negotiate different rates; you don’t really know for sure until you check.

You can check your medication’s cost on your insurance plan and then look the drugs up on the Kroger Savings Plan website to compare. 

Can People With No Insurance Sign Up For The Kroger Rx Savings Club?

While the Kroger Rx Savings Plan does not count as medical insurance and is not intended to replace health insurance, there is nothing stopping you from signing up one way or the other.

If you are temporarily without insurance for any reason, this could be a great option to help you maintain your generic prescriptions at the lowest cost possible. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Kroger Rx Savings Club?

This is a simple membership program; the main pro to joining is saving money on prescription drugs. If your family takes more than a few generic drugs monthly, this could add up to considerable savings.

A con to the savings club would be if you do not have any generic prescriptions that are discounted through the plan. Or if you only have one or two. The more prescriptions you or your family has, the more potential you have for savings.

FAQs About The Kroger Rx Savings Club

Is the Kroger Rx Savings Club available to everyone?

Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to sign up for the membership as the primary account holder. Children can then be added to a family plan. The membership is available through Kroger locations in every state except for Washington state.

How do I sign up for the Kroger Rx Savings Club?

You will need to go to the Kroger website to sign up here. It doesn’t take too much personal information to sign up; the process is quick and easy.

Who can I add to the family plan?

Besides yourself, you can add up to 5 additional people to your family plan, and there aren’t any restrictions. Your five can be children, family members, grandparents, neighbors, friends, anyone you want. You can even include pets! Did you know that pet medication is often the same as people’s medication?

Wait, can I really get pet medication through this plan?

Veterinarians often prescribe human medications for pets. If you added your pet to your family plan, you can get these prescriptions filled the same way you would any other family member. It won’t work for pet-specific medications like heartworm pills, but anything you would prescribe to humans will work. Make sure your pet’s prescription includes the vet’s DEA number.

Can a person on Medicare or Medicaid use the Kroger Rx Savings Plan?

Absolutely you can use this savings plan even if you already have insurance with Medicare or Medicaid. 

Medicare is a retirement health care plan for people over 65. Medicaid is health insurance for people with low income or disabilities. You cannot combine savings, but you can choose to use your Kroger savings plan in place of Medicare or Medicaid if the price is better for you.

Do Kroger Rx Savings Plan drug costs go towards my insurance’s deductible?

While it will not happen automatically, some insurance companies will allow you to submit receipts for medications purchased using a savings plan. Call your health insurance provider to check. 

Along the same line, this is a good time to mention that you cannot use your HSA/FSA money to pay for your Kroger Rx Savings Plan membership fee. A health savings plan is pre-taxed income that can be used to purchase some healthcare items. Unfortunately, this savings plan is excluded.  You can, however, usually use the HSA money to buy the actual prescriptions under the savings plan. Check with your insurance provider to be sure.

How do I cancel my Kroger Rx Savings Club membership?

You can log into your account through the website and go to your account settings page to cancel at any time. You can also downgrade your plan from family to individual and receive a rebate. 

Where can I use my Kroger Rx Savings Club membership?

You can use the plan anywhere Kroger has a pharmacy. Kroger owns stores with many names.
Here is a list:
– Baker’s
– City Market
– Dillons
– Food 4 Less
– Fred Meyer
– Fry’s
– Gerbes
– Harris Teeter (select locations)
– Jay C Food Store
– King Soopers
– Kroger
– Marianos
– Metro Market
– Owens Market
– Pay-Less Super Markets
– Pick ‘n Save
– Ralphs
– Smith’s Food and Drug

Facts about your Kroger Rx Savings Club Card

After enrolling you will get a physical card in the mail about two weeks later. In fact, each member of your family plan will get their own card. Once your card is on file at a location you probably will not be asked to show it each time, but keep it with you just in case. 

If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can get a new one. Simply request one on the website under your account or call customer service at 1-855-912-6346 to speak with a live agent Monday through Friday 8AM–9 PM ET Saturday 10AM–6PM ET, and Sunday 10AM–5PM ET.

What Are Some Other Ways To Save Money On Prescriptions?

If you have drugs that are not included in the Kroger Rx Savings Plan you can still find ways to lower your costs. 

Did you know that prescription drug makers give out manufactures coupons? These come in handy for non-generic drugs with high price tags. You can visit their websites to see if coupons are available. Sometimes your doctor’s office can help you find these coupons as well. 

Drug prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, even if you have insurance. If you have a drug with a high ticket cost, it is well worth your time to price shop. Make a list of drugs and look up their prices at different locations. You can also call pharmacies and talk to a pharmacist to assist you. 

If your doctor is putting you on a new medication you can’t afford, ask them if a generic is available or if other options exist. Doctors are often sensitive to patient’s needs for cheaper medications. 

Could A Paid Membership That Saves You Money On Prescriptions Be Worth It?

Usually yes, but it depends…

One annual fee under $100 for a family of up to 6 people is a great deal for the kind of prescription savings you’ll be getting. You can even get refills in 30-90 day quantities depending on the medication. 

If you don’t take many prescriptions or your medications are not available in generic forms that are included in the plan, that is the only reason you wouldn’t benefit from this type of plan. 

With medication costs rising all the time, this low-cost plan could be worth it for those taking more than two medications monthly. 

Deanna Balestra is a freelance writer and a contributor from St. Louis, MO who enjoys writing about a variety of topics including small business, marketing, education, and health. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading both fiction and non-fiction books, watching movies, playing with her kids, and volunteering with animals.

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