Is the Lenovo Extended Warranty Worth It?

Lenovo laptops are an investment – one that you want to last for a long time. There’s no guarantee that technology will always work, though. Accidents, manufacturer defects, and normal wear and tear happen, rendering your laptop useless sometimes.

Lenovo laptops and technology come with a base warranty (differs for each product), but if you plan on keeping the product for a long time, you may want to invest in the Lenovo extended warranty.

Here’s everything you must know about it.

What is the Lenovo Extended Warranty?

The Lenovo extended warranty is an extension of the base warranty. In some cases, such as accidental damage, it may even cover your laptop while it’s under the basic warranty period.

The Lenovo extended warranty covers the cost of repairing or replacing your device if its damages are covered under the plan. The replacement may be a new or refurbished device. In some cases, they may supply you with a gift card or reimbursement for the amount owed.

The Lenovo extended warranty covers:

  • Manufacturer’s defects after the base warranty expires
  • Issues arising from normal wear and tear
  • Electrical issues
  • Mechanical issues
  • Power surge issues
  • Damage from environmental causes

How Does it Work?

You can purchase a Lenovo extended warranty when you buy your Lenovo device or within 90 days of purchase. In some cases, you can buy it after your base warranty expires, but you’ll have lost all the time you could have had coverage for accidental damage or other issues that the base warranty doesn’t cover.

If you have a covered issue, you must contact Lenovo and tell them of the problem. They’ll talk you through a few things you can do yourself to fix the issue. If this isn’t successful, they’ll ask you to bring it in person (if you have a location near you) or to send it to Lenovo for their experts to look at it and decide how to proceed. 

If Lenovo approves the claim, they’ll either repair or replace the item. If the device no longer exists, they may refund you the purchase price of the device, allowing you to purchase a new model of your choice. 

How Long Does a Lenovo Extended Warranty Last?

The base Lenovo warranty lasts from one to two years from the purchase date. This warranty is free but covers only manufacturer defects or issues arising from normal use. It’s hard to get most issues covered under a manufacturer warranty unless you can prove it was a manufacturer’s defect.

But, you have three options when you buy the Lenovo product:

  • Keep the base warranty and pay for repairs yourself once it expires
  • Keep the base warranty and pay for an extended warranty to buy you more time 
  • Upgrade the base warranty to get more coverage from day one

If you upgrade the warranty, it can last for up to 5 years. It’s like an extended warrant that starts day one. Your coverage is effective from the date of purchase and you have more coverage than if you stuck with the basic warranty.

If you keep the base warranty but buy an extended warranty, it starts when the base warranty expires except for any accidental coverage it offers. Accidental coverage usually starts from day one. An extended warranty adds up to 2 years to the base warranty to give you more covered time with your device.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Lenovo Extended Warranty?

Even though it’s an added expense, there are advantages of the Lenovo extended warranty.

  • You may not have to pay for repairs

No extended warranty covers everything, but an extended warranty will cover more than a traditional warranty. If the chosen warranty has accidental coverage, you’ll save the cost of repairing cracked screens, broken cords, or damage from liquid spilled on your keyboard.

The extended warranty could save you several hundred dollars on one repair. If you use the service once or twice, you’ll come out ahead and have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to pay for the repairs.

  • You’ll get more life out of your device

If you like to keep your devices for many years, investing in an extended warranty may be a great way to save money. Without the warranty, you’d be on the hook for repairs, and not just accidental repairs, but everything. Sometimes repairs can cost as much as a new laptop, but a warranty can diminish those costs.

  • You’re accident-prone and feel better with the warranty

Some people are just accident-prone. You trip and fall a lot or you constantly spill things. Knowing you have financial coverage should you fall with your laptop in your hand can be reassuring. It can also make it easier to make larger purchases, knowing you have the coverage. 

What are the Disadvantages of Buying a Lenovo Extended Warranty?

Like anything in life, there are disadvantages to buying a Lenovo extended warranty. They include the following.

  • It may be unnecessary

If you have a credit card, it may offer an extended warranty on electronic devices. Oftentimes the extended warranty offered with credit cards is just as good if not better than the extended warranties you can buy. If you already have coverage, you’d waste money buying another.

  • Not all repairs are covered

Just like a car warranty, not all repairs are covered under the Lenovo extended warranty. You may have to appeal the ruling or even pay for the repair yourself if you can’t get your claim approved. There aren’t cut and dry rules – everything is on a case-by-case basis and of course, they’ll try to avoid covering as many issues as they can.

  • It adds to the cost of the device

Electronics are expensive, to begin with, and then to add the cost of an extended warranty on it makes it even more expensive. Unless you plan to keep the device for 4 or 5 years, it’s typically not worth the cost.

Lenovo Warranty FAQs

How long is a Lenovo warranty?

Lenovo extended warranties are available in a variety of terms, but the longest is 5 years. This is typically long enough for any laptop to run its course. After 5 years, most laptops run slower and can’t keep up with the change in technology.

What is the Lenovo no lemon policy?

Lenovo claims they will replace a device if it comes back multiple times for the same issue. Most people who have tried claiming the no lemon policy because they’ve had a consistent issue with no resolution to it haven’t had much luck with it. Lenovo doesn’t abide by the no lemon policy and continually tries to repair the product rather than replace it.

How do I check my Lenovo extended warranty?

It’s easy to check your Lenovo extended warranty with these steps:

– Go to the Lenovo support page
– Choose the product page you’re inquiring about
– Enter your product’s name
– Follow the prompts to find your product’s serial number
– Enter your product’s serial number and learn about the extended warranty you purchased

Can I buy a Lenovo extended warranty after the base warranty expires?

Yes, Lenovo suggests that you buy an extended warranty when you buy the product, you can buy it when the base warranty expires too. This is common when people think they’re making a short-term investment but decide to keep the device longer than originally intended.

Is accidental coverage covered by the Lenovo warranty?

The Lenovo base warranty does not cover accidental damage. If you trip, fall and crack your screen, for example, you are responsible for the damages. Base warranties only cover manufacturer’s defects that occur from normal use.

Final Thoughts – Is a Lenovo Extended Warranty Worth It?

In all honesty, a Lenovo extended warranty likely isn’t worth it unless you know you’ll keep it for many years. The cost of the warranty often exceeds the cost of one or two minor repairs. Lenovo devices have a good reputation and don’t often need a lot of repairs. 

If you’re accident-prone or just feel better knowing you have coverage should something happen, it’s a decent policy, it’s just the investment you must put into it just in case something happens is a lot. 

Before you invest in a Lenovo extended warranty, look at what other coverage you may have, especially if you have major credit cards or other insurance coverage. Exhaust all options before investing in an extended warranty for your laptop.

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