16 Simple Ways to Save at Newegg

Electronics, computers, and appliances can get expensive, which is why shopping around is important. Newegg is a popular store where many people grab great deals on these products, but did you know it’s possible to save even more money there?

I’ve revealed the top 16 Newegg savings secrets for you below!

1. Shop Today’s Best Deals

On Newegg’s homepage, you’ll see ‘Today’s Best Deals’ also known as Shell Shockers. Right on the home page, you’ll see why it’s such a great deal. Typically the price is cut down, but you may also get a gift with purchase, free shipping, or another deal. 

Shell Shocker deals are limited in quantity and time so if you see one you like, act fast. Make sure you read the fine print too so you know exactly what you’re getting with the promotion.

2. Look for Newegg Promo Codes

It’s easier than you think to find Newegg promo codes. Newegg offers them right next to the eligible products. All you have to do is copy and paste the code provided at checkout to get these savings. Don’t overlook the codes though – they can blend in with the description.

If a product you want doesn’t have a code, you can search for one online. Many of the promo codes are for specific products but always look for the latest deals to see if you can score a percentage off your total purchase or free shipping too.

3. Check out the Latest Promotions Page

Newegg updates its promotions page for each season or holiday. Check back often on the promotions page to see what you can save. They also countdown to their next big discount event, so you can get a preview of what will be on sale and know exactly when you can get it.

They offer the largest promotions around the largest holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas but check back often because you never know.

4. Sign up for the Newegg Email and get Discounts

Newegg sends exclusive offers to email subscribers. Sign up here to get the latest discount offers, Shell Shocker deals, and other special promotions sent directly to your email. Many of the offers are exclusively for email subscribers, so don’t miss out!

5. Look for Items that Ship Free

Newegg isn’t like Amazon where you get free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. But, they do offer free shipping on a large selection of products. When you shop for a specific item, look around at other similar items and see if any of them qualify for free shipping. They note it right in the product description so it’s easy to tell.

6. Get access to Newegg Blitz Deals

When you sign up for the Newegg email newsletter, you’ll have access to Newegg Blitz Deals. These are short-term deals that are like Amazon Lightning deals. They are good only for a short time and only for email subscribers. 

The deals are for only a short time but you can save up to 35% off your favorite products. Don’t miss your emails and if you see something you want, act fast. 

7. Use the Newegg App to get more Coupons

Download the Newegg app to get more coupons exclusively for app users. It’s available on iOS and Android, so download to your smartphone and start enjoying savings. 

Before you buy something, check the price online and in the app because you never know when you’ll find better savings.

8. Use the Newegg App to Scan for Better Prices

When you download the Newegg app, you get a scanning function that you can use on any product. When you’re in a store, like Best Buy, you can scan the product you’re looking at to see if Newegg has a better deal.

You can use the price to either buy the product at Newegg and not Best Buy or you can see if Best Buy or the store you are in will price match so you save the money and get the product right away.

Put the app to good use and you might save significant money!

9. Return your Products for Free

If you’re unhappy with a product, received the wrong item, or it’s defective, you can return your products for free. Just make sure you do it within 30 days. There’s a short window Newegg allows returns, but you can return for any reason, even if you just changed your mind and it will cost you nothing.

This is a rare find since most stores charge you at least a restocking fee if you return an item for any reason except that it’s defective.

10. Stack Coupon Codes in your Cart

Newegg allows you to use more than one code if you’re buying multiple products. Since most of their coupons are for specific items, you can use a coupon on every item in your order if you want. This is a great way to get the largest savings and checkout all at once.

11. Watch for Sitewide Coupons

They are a rare find on Newegg, but when they come they are valuable. Newegg offers sitewide coupons a couple of times a month, but most often in November and December. 

12. Look for Coupons when you Pay a Certain Way

Newegg sometimes offers coupons when you pay with PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa. Each discount is for a specific payment method. You may see a percentage off the deal, such as 10% off your entire order or $20 off $200. Pay attention to what you must spend to get the discount AND how you must pay to get it.

13. Call Newegg and ask for Price Matching

If you find a better price somewhere else but want to buy from Newegg, consider calling them to ask for a price match. They match prices from most major online retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Frys, Gamestop, Office Depot, Staples, Target, and Walmart

14. Ask for a Price Adjustment if the Price Falls

If the price of a product you already bought drops on Newegg within 14 days of buying it, you can ask for the difference. You won’t get cashback, but you will get a credit at Newegg that you have 90 days to use. Just make sure you ask for the price difference within 14 days or you lose your chance to get your money back.

15. Check out the Newegg Marketplace

The Newegg Marketplace is products sold by third parties. You may find new or refurbished items here, often at a discount. It’s worth browsing through the products to see if you can score a great deal.

16. Sign up for Subscriptions for Products you Love

If you order products often from Newegg, especially ink and toner, sign up for a subscription. You’ll automatically get a discount on your orders as long as you keep the subscription for at least 2 months.

Read the fine print on the terms, though. Some are month-to-month subscriptions and others have a 12-month commitment.

FAQs – How to Save Money at Newegg

Does Newegg offer dollar-off promotions?

It’s hard to come by dollar off promotions at Newegg, however, there is one trick. When you sign up for their email newsletter, they typically offer a $10 – $20 off code. This code works off your entire purchase and not just on specific products, so sign up for the newsletter when you have a big order to make.

Can you stack coupons at Newegg?

The true meaning of stacking coupons is that you use multiple coupons on one item. In that aspect, Newegg doesn’t stack coupons.

However, you can use multiple coupons in one order as long as each coupon is for a different item. There isn’t a limit to the number of coupons you can use as long as they are for different products.

How do you use a promo code at Newegg?

It’s easy to enter your promo codes at Newegg. Before you checkout, make sure you’ve accumulated all of your promo codes. Check sites like Koopy and the product descriptions themselves to get all the savings.

During checkout, scroll to the bottom of the screen where it says ‘apply promo codes.’ Enter the promo codes you have for each eligible item and hit ‘apply.’

Does Newegg have free shipping?

Newegg doesn’t typically offer free shipping on a certain order amount like other stores do, but you can snag free shipping on certain items. Read each product description to determine if they’re eligible for free shipping before you buy them.

Final Thoughts – Saving Money at Newegg

Don’t check out at Newegg before you’ve exhausted all your options to save money. From promo codes to free shipping to special deals, there are plenty of ways to save money at Newegg.

It takes a little legwork and patience, but with the right steps, you can save a significant amount of money on the products you need in your life, but don’t want to break the bank buying.

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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