16 Saving Tips to Use When Shopping at Nike

Nike is an American multinational corporation that sells the hottest trends when it comes to athletic wear, sneakers, and apparel. Nike is a well-known brand that can often get a little pricey, with shoes sometimes ranging in the high 200-dollar price range.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can save when you’re shopping to make sure you never have to pay full price again at Nike. Check out our top saving tips to save more money on your next Nike Purchase.

1. Always Check the Clearance Rack

Did you know you could easily save up to 80% by shopping on the clearance rack or searching the online clearance? If you’re in-store, head to the back wall, where you’ll see shelves of orange boxes with sneakers marked down. If you’re shopping online, head over to the sale section, where you can save a minimum of 40% off your order. This is an easy way to score deals at Nike.

2. Join NikePlus for Tons of Perks

You’ll never have to pay to ship your Nike order again with NikePlus! You’ll also receive exciting discounts and coupons around holidays and your birthday, as well as an exclusive look at new merchandise. Signing up for NikePlus is easy. NikePlus lets you receive rewards on your order, and it’s completely free.

To sign up, you’ll need to create an account that consists of an email, your name, birthday, and a password. After that, you’re able to receive free standard shipping on all of your orders and 2-day shipping for only $5. Plus, NikePlus will store all of your payment details for quick check out.

3. Sign up for the Nike Email List

Make sure to sign up for Nike’s email list to receive the latest promotions and sales. You’ll also receive cool extras like a special discount on your birthday or random promotional emails with codes to save you anywhere from $20-40 off your next order.  

4. Receive a Discount if You’re Military or A Student

You can receive at least 10% off every order on Nike.com, Converse stores, and Nike Stores if you’re a student or military personal. To redeem this offer online, you’ll need to verify your military or student status through an online verification portal, and then you’ll receive a unique code to checkout with. If you’re shopping in stores, show your military or student ID to the cashier to receive a special discount.

5. Don’t Limit Your Nike Shopping to Nike Stores

Nike sells off their extra inventory or last season’s inventory to other department stores such as Finish Line, Kohl’s, Ross, and Nordstrom Rack. You can find deals between 40-70% off regular retail prices by checking these stores. The best deals will be in-store, so make sure to head to your local department store to score some inexpensive shoes.

6. Shop During Black Friday

For most retailers, Black Friday is a popular shopping day full of deals and special promotions. Nike always participates in these holiday markdowns. On the day after Thanksgiving, head down to your local Nike store or go online to save an extra 10-25% off your order.

Pay attention to the clearance during this holiday to see if you can score additional money off already marked down inventory.

7. Buy Kids Shoes and Save Extra Money

If you’re a men’s shoe size 7 size or smaller, or a women’s shoe size 8.5 or smaller, you can buy kids’ shoes and save at least $20 on your next Nike order. Nike even offers a size chart so that you can see the size comparison between children’s shoes and adult sizes. Kid’s shoes provide more style and colors at a fraction of the price.

8. Take Advantage of the Nike Friends and Family Pass

Once a year, NikePlus Members will be issued a code that allows them to purchase anything from their store and receive 30% off. It’s called the Nike Friends and Family pass, and it’s used to thank Nike members for being a part of their programs. It will arrive either directly through the Nike App or the email associated with your Nike Member profile.

This amazing discount is available at Nike Stores, Nike Clearance Stores, and Converse Factory stores. If you use this discount online, you’ll also receive free shipping. It’s usually issued around October or November of every year, but it can change at Nike’s discretion.

9. Check for Online Coupons

By using a reputable site like Koopy, you can find a bunch of Nike coupons and promotions that actually work. There are promotional codes at certain times of the year due to holidays, important sports events, or collaborations with other brands. By taking your time to search the internet, you can find a promo code to rake in those additional savings.

10. Take A Nike Store Survey

If you’re looking for an easy way to score some discounted Nike products, take a Nike Store Survey. You’ll receive a code at the bottom of your survey that will allow you to participate in a survey about your experience, check out, and other aspects of your visit. Once you finish the survey, they’ll send over a coupon that ranges from 10-15% off your next order.

11. Shop at Dicks Sporting Goods During Spring to Save Money on Nike Products

If you’re looking for some inexpensive Nike products, you need to check out Dicks Sporting Goods spring sale to find some fantastic deals. Usually, around March of every year, Dicks sporting Goods will drop their prices for their spring sale. Your potential savings could be anywhere from 30-80% off their current inventory.

If you don’t want to shop in-store, you can also shop for their online sale during March. While the deals aren’t as impressive as the in-store inventory, you can still find Nike Shoes and Backpacks for at least 25% off.

12. Seek Employment at Nike

If you want a long-term solution to a discount at Nike, consider working at a Nike Location. Employees receive up to a 40% discount on any purchases they make, plus they will always get free shipping if ordering online. Nike employees also know when items will go on discount and when special shipments will arrive, so you’ll know how to score the best items before anyone else.

13. Markdowns at Nike Happen on Tuesday

On Monday, Nike headquarters sends over a list of markdowns for the week. The list of what items will be marked down will change every week but will be a consistent set of items around the country. You can ask any employee at Nike what was marked down that week, or if you’re at Nike on a Tuesday morning, you can observe the employees physically marking down items. 

14. Check Nike Stores Frequently 

Depending on your location, new merchandise may be delivered every few days to your Nike store. Make sure to frequently stop inside Nike to see new inventory or clearance items. Browsing your Nike store often will also make your search easier because you’ll recognize what items you’ve seen before and which have just been added to inventory. 

15. Always Make Returns on Time 

Nike has a pretty standard return window of 60 days. If you have a receipt and you return your item before the 60-day mark, you’ll receive a full refund back. If it’s been over 60 days, you’ll have to return your item with an ID. Returning items this way means that you’ll only receive the current selling price of the item back, which could be a significant loss in the amount of money you receive back. 

16. Keep an Eye on Giveaways 

Nike will post a giveaway announcement on their Facebook and Instagram stories every few weeks to increase customer engagement. These giveaways usually involve completing an action such as sharing a post, liking a post, or tagging friends in the comment section. Make sure that you are following both of their social media accounts so that you’ll know when they announce their next giveaway. 

Spend Less at Nike With These Money-Saving Hacks

Now that you know about the countless ways you could never pay for full price Nike Apparel again, it’s time to start saving. These Nike Hacks will ensure that you’re always getting the best deal every single time you purchase. Did you find success with any of these Nike hacks or have a tip to share? Comment down below to let us know.

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