Nordy Club Review – Is It Worth It?

If you shop at Nordstrom and aren’t part of the Nordy Club, you’re missing out on great deals. While Nordstrom and deals don’t go hand-in-hand, you don’t want to miss this great rewards program that literally pays you to shop.

If anyone tells you that you can’t save money at Nordstrom, they haven’t joined the Nordy Club yet. Not only is it a club that helps you save money, but members get exclusive access to events, sales, and services other Nordstrom shoppers don’t get. 

Here’s everything you must know.

What is Nordy Club?

Nordy Club is an exclusive ‘club’ for Nordstrom shoppers. Think of it as a loyalty plan. Nordstorm pays you points for every dollar you spend not only at Nordstrom, but also at Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club

When you reach a certain point, you can redeem your points for Nordstrom Notes, aka money to spend at Nordstrom. The good news is you earn points on just about everything you can buy at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club before shipping or tax.

How Does it Work?

It’s free to sign up for the Nordy Club and once you do, you just show your card or give your phone number to the cashier when you’re checking so you get points. You earn more points the more you spend at Nordstrom, but even if you have ‘Member’ status, you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Once you hit 2,000 points, Nordstrom automatically deposits a $20 note in your account for you to use the next time you shop. If you use the Nordstrom app, though, you can redeem your Notes in increments of $5, $10, $15, or $20. 

It sounds like it could take a long time to get even a $10 note since you’d have to spend $1,000, but once you climb up the tiers or open a Nordstrom credit card account, you’ll earn as much as 3x the points, making it much easier to reach a $10 or even $20 note faster.

Nordy Club Membership Levels

Every new member starts as a ‘Member’ but as your annual spending increases, you may climb the membership tiers at Nordy Club.


There’s no minimum spend required to be a Member. It’s free to join and you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent. 1,000 points equal a $10 note, which you can redeem on your Nordstrom app.

Members get the following benefits:

  • Free basic alterations
  • Early access to ‘Clear the Rack’ sales
  • Earn access to certain brand releases
  • Access to Lifestyle Workshops


Influencers spend at least $500 a year at Nordstrom and receive all the benefits of Members plus:

  • Three personal double points days per year
  • Early access to Style Events

Credit cardholders with Influencer status also get:

  • Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
  • Earn up to $200 in Nordstrom Notes for alternations per year
  • Styling fee for Nordstrom Trunk Club waived
  • Free 2-day shipping


Ambassadors spend at least $5,000 a year at Nordstrom and receive all the benefits of Member and Influencer status plus:

  • 4 personal double points days
  • Access to in-home Nordstrom stylists
  • Access to invite-only events

Credit cardholders with Ambassador status also get:

  • Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
  • Earn up to $300 in Nordstrom Notes for alterations per year
  • Styling fee for Nordstrom Trunk Club waived
  • Free 2-day shipping


Icon members spend at least $15,000 a year at Nordstrom and receive the most benefits including:

  • 5 personal double points days
  • Unlimited free alterations
  • A free dining or spa experience for you and three guests
  • Same-day delivery in some areas
  • No Nordstrom credit card fees
  • Access to after-hours shopping
  • Exclusive events for Icon members
  • 24/7 customer service

How to Sign up for Nordy Club?

It’s free to sign up for Nordy Club. You can sign up in-store or online. You’ll provide basic information including your name, email address, and phone number to start earning. If you sign up in-store, ask any sales professional to help you.

If you have a Nordstrom credit card, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Nordy Club and start earning points at Influencer status right away.

How to Use Nordstrom Notes?

You can use Nordstrom Notes like gift cards. The value comes off your total due. You can redeem Nordstrom Notes in any of the following ways:

  • In-store – If you have paper Nordstrom Notes, you can hand them to the cashier like you would cash or a gift card. If you have digital Notes, you can give the cashier your Nordy Club card or self-identify by providing your email address or phone number.
  • Online – If you log into your Nordstrom account to make your purchase, you’ll see the option at checkout to use your accumulated Nordstrom Notes. If you have a paper Nordstrom Note, you can enter the information at checkout.
  • Online at Nordstrom Rack – If you shop Nordstrom Rack online, you’ll enter your Nordstrom Note manually at the checkout by providing the note number and access code. 

Pros and Cons


  • Free for anyone over the age of 18 to join
  • You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend even as a free member
  • You can earn more points if you apply for and use a Nordstrom credit card
  • You can enjoy many other benefits such as free alterations, access to exclusive events, and early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


  • It can take a long time to earn your first Nordstrom Note if you only have Member status
  • Your points expire if you don’t have activity within a consecutive 12 months
  • You need a credit card to rack up points faster

Tips to get the most out of your Nordy Club Membership

Everyone wants to get the most points possible out of their purchases and luckily, there are ways to increase your points when you shop at Nordstrom. Here’s how.

  • Apply for a Nordstrom store credit card

You can use a Nordstrom store credit card at Nordstrom. Each time you use your card for Nordstrom purchases, you’ll earn 2 points per dollar spent (Influencer status), or 3 points per dollar spent (Ambassador or Icon status).

  • Apply for a Nordstrom debit card

Like the Nordstrom store credit card, you’ll earn 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom with the Nordstrom debit card no matter your status.

  • Apply for a Nordstrom Visa credit card

The Nordstrom Visa credit card offers the most points. You’ll earn 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom, like the Nordstrom store card, (3 points per dollar spent for Ambassador and Icon status), but you’ll also earn 1 point for every dollar spent anywhere Visa is accepted. 

Nordy Club FAQs

Does Nordy Club cost money?

It’s free to join Nordy Club, but to get any benefits out of it, you must spend money. While ‘Members’ is the status everyone starts at unless they have a Nordstrom credit card has access to free alterations and first access to exclusive sales, you have to spend money to make the Nordy Club worth it. As you spend money, though, you’ll climb up the tiers and earn more points for your purchases.

Do Nordy Club points expire?

Yes, points expire if you haven’t had any activity on your account for 12 months. Nordstrom doesn’t notify you if your points are about to expire.

Who can join the Nordy Club?

Nordy Club is for any US resident ages 18 years or older.

How can you check your rewards balance?

It’s easy to check your rewards balance using any of these methods:

– Sign in to your Nordstrom account online
– Sign in to your Nordstrom credit card account online
– Download and log into your Nordstrom app
– Ask a salesperson at your local Nordstrom
– Call 1-888-282-6060

Can you use Nordstrom Notes to pay your credit card bill?

No, you can only use your Nordstrom Notes to pay for merchandise, not credit card bills.

Final Thoughts – Is Nordy Club Worth It?

If you shop at Nordstrom, Nordy Club is definitely worth it. You’ll earn points just for spending money and those points turn into Nordstrom Notes or money off your purchase. The benefits the Nordy Club comes with also can’t be beaten.

Nordstrom is a higher-end store that provides its shoppers with amazing services, but you can make the benefits even better by joining the free Nordy Club and taking the benefits they offer. 

It’s especially helpful if you spend over $500 a year, which isn’t hard to do at Nordstrom!

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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