24 Tips to Save the Most Money at Office Depot

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a business, Office Depot is a great place for finding what you need to ace that presentation or project. But, their supplies aren’t just limited to paper and pens! Office Depot also has a plethora of other supplies for the home and office.

There are many ways to save while taking advantage of all that Office Depot has to offer. Here are 24 Tips to Save the Most Money at Office Depot this year!

1. Sign up for Emails

Signing up for emails from Office Depot is very simple, quick and easy to do! Not only do you receive special savings, but you get exclusive coupons, and you will receive free gift offers. You also get an immediate offer for 20% off, so you can start saving right away!

2. Join the Rewards Program

Who doesn’t love rewards! The rewards program at Office Depot is absolutely worth it. You will receive 2% back on purchases, and are privy to Members-only savings. You can also redeem your rewards instantly at checkout and have dedicated support. 

VIP status is for those spending $500 in a 12 month period, and you can receive additional rewards and perks, such as 5% back on certain services, free 2-day delivery (with no minimum purchase) and birthday offers. This is a must-do, and it’s simple to use and access online!

3. Try before you buy

One of the best ways to make the most of your time and money is to ensure your purchase is a good fit. While it would require an in-store visit, Office Depot has a wide range of office chairs and desks that you can “try out” before your purchase. 

Why not go and sit in the office chair for a while to see how it feels? You can’t do that online! Plus, they often offer up to 40% off on select furniture.

4. Request a Catalog

Office Depot has an online catalog that is The Big Book of great products you do not want to miss. Inside of the catalog is a year’s worth of free gifts and coupons, along with 12 monthly qualifying purchases. 

It’s worth ordering and taking a look to see how you can best plan out your year for the most savings! And, like most other things with Office Depot, it’s quick and simple to sign up.

5. Save with Self-Service Printing

We’ve all been there – you finally have to use your printer and you need the prints by tomorrow, but the ink is dried out or you’re getting an error message. How terrible! What’s not terrible is the Self-Service Printing options at Office Depot. 

Prints start at less than a dime per page, and they even sometimes offer coupons of 20% on top of that. You can even order for Same Day Pickup so it’s ready when you need it. And, no more money spent on the bulky setup in your home office.

6. Print Presentations, Manuals, and Resumes

As part of the great services Office Depot offers, you now have no need to drive around and compare prices with other office supply stores. Not only do they offer competitively priced documentation, but you can often find more than one coupon for your order (some as high as 40%)!

7. Get Discounts on Shipping

Throughout the year, Office Depot offers discounts and coupons on shipping. They not only ship your goods, but can assist you with packing it, also. If you have everything ready to go, you can drop it off and you’re done! Easy, breezy and you’re out the door in no time.

8. Save on Shredding

Another piece of equipment people may not use as much as they think they will is a paper shredder. But how do you handle sensitive documents that you no longer need to keep? Office Depot offers shredding services, sometimes with a coupon, so you no longer have to worry.

9. Don’t overpay for Banners, Signs or Posters

Saving money at Office Depot can also be extended for their banners, signs and posters. This is a great option for businesses looking to advertise, and they often offer a coupon for their large format printing services.

10. Free Shipping from Office Depot

Another way to save at Office Depot is to take advantage of their free shipping options. Next Business-Day or 2 Business-Day deliveries are free for qualifying orders of $60 or more, and Standard 3-5 Business-Day delivery is free for qualifying orders of $50 or more.

Business Select Customers receive Free delivery with no minimum purchase of a qualifying order, and Office Depot rewards members receive free 2 Business-Day deliveries with no minimum purchase of qualifying orders. Plan your purchase right so you don’t miss out on these savings!

11. Save with Business Select

Geared more towards small businesses than consumers, the Business Select program is worth it for businesses that need to rely on the services and products from Office Depot. While there is an annual membership fee, you actually get a one month free trial!

Also included in the Business Select program are every day discounts and early access to Black Friday deals, free delivery, and $100 off Business Services such as computer setup and repair, print services and pack and ship. This is definitely worth checking out to save money for your business.

12. Use Office Depot Coupons

Remember the email sign up mentioned earlier? Well, you can thank me later once you have coupons conveniently sent to you, with no searching involved. There is also a coupon center on their site that lays it all out for an easy scan of what’s available.

Another great place to find Office Depot coupons is at Koopy.com! They do all the searching for you so you don’t have to! And, they’re reliable and up to date.

13. Use Manufacturer’s Coupons

Yep, Office Depot also accepts manufacturer’s coupons! Take advantage of those popular brands without paying full price. A deal is a deal!

14. Don’t miss the Deal of the Day

Speaking of deals, you do not want to miss Office Depot’s Deal of the Day! Not only are there multiple deals each day, but they also show Weekly Picks, as well. 

And if you’re itching to save even more, they also have a Top Deals page that shows what’s trending right now! Make sure to check out these pages to see what’s on sale so you can snag it while it’s hot!

15. Check out the Clearance Section

Don’t miss your last chance on savings by forgetting about their Clearance section! I found some snazzy deals (some less than $1!) on things anyone with office needs can use. There is a large selection, as well, but get them before they’re gone!

16. Sign up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals early!

It’s easy to forget all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday until the week of, but don’t procrastinate here! It only takes a minute, and by signing up early, you can get a sneak peek at major savings deals before they go public. Do it today!

17. Get Rewards for Recycling

Helping to save the planet while saving money, too? Yes, please! As a rewards member, you are eligible for getting rewards dollars for recycling empty ink and toner cartridges. And, it’s very easy to participate!

By returning the cartridges and making a $10 qualifying purchase in the same month, you can get back $2 in rewards per cartridge. VIPs earn 5% back on ink and toner services. You then receive a rewards certificate that same month for future purchases. What a great way to save!

18. Save with a Subscription

Office Depot Automatic is their subscription based service, and it is great for saving money! You simply choose your products, select a delivery schedule, and manage it from there. If the product is on sale when you order, you get the subscription discount, as well as the sale price. Yes!

19. Share your Opinion for Rewards

That’s right – you can get rewards dollars for sharing your reviews about Office Depot products! And, they will accept up to three per month. Remember, you must be a Rewards member, but you simply select “Review this Product” and rack up the easiest few dollars you’ve ever made!

20. Consider the Office Depot Credit Card

Office Depot has a range of credit cards to choose from, so you can get what is best for you, but the Business Credit Account card offers $50 off your first purchase of $150 or more, and exclusive offers, sneak previews and special savings. Check it out!

21. Join the Office Depot Affiliate Program

If you’re a blogger (or looking to become one), or a business that frequently shops at Office Depot, you can join their affiliate program and get rewarded for purchases made from your promotions. The commission structure is impressive, as well, with up to 6% back!

22. Shop with the Give Back to Schools program

If you’re a teacher or school employee (or dedicated parent!), by purchasing qualifying school supplies, your school can get 5% in credits for free supplies. This means you can quite possibly reduce your future out-of-pocket expenses. Office Depot also offers Teacher rewards for 20% off qualifying purchases.

23. Use the Associate Discount

If you have a friend or family member that works at Office Depot, you may be able to take advantage of their Employee Purchase Program. They offer some pretty steep discounts ranging from 10% to 30% off. Start calling everyone you know!

24. Take advantage of the Price Match Policy

There are times when you may be able to find an item cheaper at a competitor’s site. Good news! Office Depot offers a price match guarantee, and they will even honor it within 14 days after your purchase. Check out those sites and get ready to snag the lowest price!

How else can I save?

Don’t forget to search for those coupons on reputable sites like Koopy.com to ensure you’re getting the best deal and saving the most on those need-to-have items and services at Office Depot!

Have another saving tip? Let us know in the comment below!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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