23 Savings Tips for Stretching Your Budget at PetSmart

Do you want to learn how to save more money at PetSmart

If you’ve got fur babies at home (or reptiles and fish!), you know that pets aren’t cheap. From veterinary bills and wellness visits to never ending food supply runs, pets create constant expenses. Not to mention the toys, tanks, cages, bedding, collars, leashes, harnesses, tags, booties, clothes… You get it. The list goes on.

Well, if you want to spend less and save more, here are 23 tricks that can help you stretch a dollar at PetSmart.

1. Join the PetSmart Treats Loyalty Program

First, if you’re shopping at PetSmart and not a part of the loyalty program, you’re missing out on free rewards!

With the PetSmart Treats program, you earn 8 points for every $1 spent. You can then redeem those points for discounts and services like:

  • Grooming
  • PetsHotel
  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Training

You’ll start earning “treats” once you rack up 1,000 points (which means spending $125 or more)–and that’s not hard when you’ve got hungry pets at home.

Plus, being a part of the loyalty program means that you’ll also receive:

  • exclusive deals and discounts sent to your email
  • free shipping on orders over $49
  • A free Doggie Day Camp session when you purchase ten

If you’re not already a member, sign up for the PetSmart Treats rewards program now!

2. Download the PetSmart App

You can also auto-sign up for PetSmart rewards when you download the mobile app. It’s easy to use and allows you to:

  • book pet services
  • receive and redeem coupons
  • search for pet-friendly places
  • find adoptable pets
  • shop pet essentials with quick checkout

If you love streamlined savings and an easy shopping experience, download the PetSmart app asap

3. Get 5% Off with Recurring Auto-Delivery

Do you always buy food at PetSmart? If you’re going on regular food runs, you could be wasting time and missing out on some savings.

PetSmart’s Auto-Ship service is convenient, customizable, and saves you money. Take 30% off your first order and enjoy 5% off every recurring order. You get to choose what you get and when you get it. And, if you need to cancel or delay an order, it’s no problem.

With all these benefits, plus the ease of cutting out food supply runs from your routine, PetSmart’s Auto-Ship service is a must for saving time and money.

4. Use Coupons from Koopy.com

Before you go to PetSmart, check online for coupons on Koopy.com. With tons of discounts for a variety of different stores, plus savings tips, you can’t go wrong when you use Koopy.com

Check out the Koopy.com Petsmart page for discounts. Oh, and while you’re there, take a look at the PetCo discounts, too. 

5. Clip Competitor Coupons

PetSmart accepts both manufacturer and competitor coupons, so don’t limit yourself to only PetSmart brand deals.

Be aware, though. Some coupons don’t fly like free item competitor coupons and the digital manufacturer or competitor coupons. The workaround? PetSmart accepts self-printed coupons as long as there is a clear and scannable barcode.

Check out PetSmart’s full coupon policy here for more information.

6. Participate in Community Events

PetSmart loves to host fun events that include free giveaways for you and your pets! They tend to offer future discounts, free samples, and tailgating opportunities. 

And who doesn’t want to meet a bunch of neighborhood pets?

To find out what’s going on in your area:

7. Scan Your Local PetSmart Ads

Even if you have the app and email alerts, check your PetSmart’s local ad before you shop. To save even more, all you need to do is enter your ZIP code.

The local ads usually contain a few dollars off coupons for dog and cat food, double-points items for rewards members, and BOGO deals. Keep an eye out for other goodies like free flea and tick treatment (with the purchase of a grooming service) and discounts on grooming.

8. Say Yes to Mobile Message Coupons

Another easy way to get even more deals is to sign up for PetSmart’s mobile messaging program. It’s free to sign up, but your phone carrier might charge you.

To sign up, all you need to do is text TREATS to 408408. For more details, click here.

9. Use a Cashback Credit Card

This simple savings hack is one that you can–and should–be using! When you shop at PetSmart, use a good cashback credit card to see your spending come back to you.

Check out some of the highest-rated cashback cards here.

10. Bring Your Pet In for a Free Exam

PetSmart and the Banfield Pet Hospital™ have teamed up to bring vet services to more people. If you’re a new client, you can get a free office visit and vet consultation.

Sign up here.

11. Avoid Delivery Fees With In-Store Pick-Up

When you order online, you get free shipping on orders over $49. To avoid paying shipping fees on smaller orders, opt for in-store or curbside pick-up. Skip the hassle of shopping and save time when you opt for convenience.

Learn more here.

12. Take Advantage of PetSmart’s Free Learning Tools

PetSmart offers tons of free advice, education, and training tips to their customers. If you want to receive free pet care advice, check out PetSmart’s Learning Center for information on how to take care of furry friends, reptiles, and fish.

13. Get a Free Birthday Treat (For Your Pet, Of Course)

When you’re a member of PetSmart’s rewards program, you can redeem a free birthday treat on your pet’s special day!

14. Follow PetSmart on Social Media

PetSmart’s Facebook and Instagram pages are fun to follow, but they rarely post deals.

On the other hand, PetSmart’s Twitter features sweepstakes and contests. Follow their account for a chance to win and some great dog content.

15. Wait for the Seasonal Promos

Watch out for seasonal promotions that could save you a lot of money. Patience can end up saving you more than you think!

Also, PetSmart, like most retailers, will discount items after they’ve had them for a while. Be sure to check their discounts and sales page regularly.

16. Price-Match on Qualifying Items

Keeping an eye on the competition can pay off since PetSmart will match competitor prices for qualifying items.

The catch? They don’t accept online site prices or catalogs. You’ll need to provide proof that the identical product is in stock at a physical store for a lower price.

Learn more about PetSmart’s price match guarantee here.

17. Save on Grooming Sessions

PetSmart offers tons of pet services, from grooming to training to spa days, and they offer plenty of discounts in this area.

To add even more savings, book services during off-peak times of the day or year. And if you’re curious about how you can get even more deals on services, just ask!

18. Save the Receipts (They Have Coupons!)

Couponing is at the heart of any great shopping trip, and when you shop at PetSmart, it’s at the end, too! Save your receipts, because they usually have discounts and deals.

19. Shop Clearance!

This tip is a no-brainer, but it’s also overlooked at specialty stores like PetSmart. Don’t forget to browse their clearance section for more savings.

20. Shop Holidays and Black Friday

PetSmart is well known for its amazing and affordable holiday section. Shop costumes, gifts, and more each season. Oh, and don’t forget about how much you can save when you shop on Black Friday!

21. Save with Discount Gift Cards

You can save up to 10% or more when you buy discounted PetSmart gift cards online at retailers like GiftCardGranny and Raise. Don’t miss out on these easy savings.

22. Get a Free Class Pet (Teachers Only!)

If you’re a teacher, you can redeem a free class pet! PetSmart partners with Pets in the Classroom to get animals involved in education.

First, you’ll need to apply for a small grant to fund a little classroom pet. Once you get accepted, your PetSmarts costs can be completely or partially reimbursed.

23. Redeem the 15% Off Employee Discount

If you find yourself spending more money than you want every time you visit PetSmart, you might want to consider picking up a side job to redeem the employee discount. Animal lovers and enthusiasts can search for open positions and apply here.

Spend Less and Save More at PetSmart

Pets are expensive, and you want to give them as much as you can without breaking the bank. These 23 savings tips should help you do just that!

When you take advantage of every savings resource at your fingertips, you’ll see that saving more means spending more on what really matters.

Remember to clip your coupons, watch out for deals that come and go, and shop strategically to make the most out of every trip to (or online order from) PetSmart.

Rebecca Choi is a freelance writer, designer, and contributor to koopy.com from Philadelphia, PA. Armed with her Bachelor's Degree in English and Graphic Design from Arcadia University, she pursues a life of creation and hopes to earn an M.Arch in the near future. Her passions include reading novels, writing poetry, promoting mental health and wellness, and creating functional artwork.

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