18 Best Ways to Save at Publix That You Need to Know

Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery retailer with over 1,200 locations in seven states, including Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Publix is known for its excellent “pub subs” and bakery goods. Employees provide exceptional customer service, even offering to load groceries into your car when your done shopping at no extra charge.

Publix’s stellar customer service does come with a higher price tag. Publix tends to be more expensive than your local discount grocery chain. However, if you plan your shopping trip correctly, Publix doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Check out our best ways to save money at Publix that you need to know about.

1. Always Shop BOGO

Publix is very popular for their Buy One Get One Deals. When you enter the store, you’ll notice the front area is full of all of their weekly Buy One Get One Deals. You can buy up to ten of the same products at one time, so take advantage of this deal. If you don’t see the product on the shelf, ask an employee to check in the back.

Publix strategically plans its BOGO’s around the holidays. If you’re planning to cook a big holiday meal or want to celebrate with friends, check out what Publix is offering on their BOGO sale before purchasing your party goods. This can help save you a ton of money.

2. Download the Publix App

The Publix Mobile App offers a convenient way to see all of the coupons and sales flyers available at your local Publix store. You can add coupons to your account and even create a shopping list. When you download the application, it will prompt you to create an account with your name, e-mail, and birth date. Publix will send you promotions according to your purchase history and coupons on special occasions like your birthday.

3. Check the Bi-Weekly Ad

When you first enter your Publix store, you’ll find a copy of Publix’s weekly ad available. This flyer includes store coupons, promotions, and even manufacturers’ coupons. The ad changes every two weeks, so keep an eye out for the newest copy.

4. Use Rain Checks on Your Favorite Deals

If you found a deal available through the weekly ad or their buy one get one, and they’re out of the product, don’t worry. Publix offers rainchecks for these items. They will essentially find the item code you were looking for and create a rain check coupon for you to use next time you’re in the store. These have extended expiration dates, so you’ll have plenty of time to use your rain check coupon.

5. Look For Prepackaged Deal Specials

Publix offers prepackaged foods, a fresh bakery section, and hot meals, including meats, sides, and drink combos. Frequently, Publix will provide coupons to buy their meal deals. This can easily save you a few dollars on dinners for the family. The easiest ways to find these coupons are through Publix’s deal page

6. Find Dented Products

If you happen to find a damaged product, you can bring it up to the customer service desk to ask for a discount. Often, they can give a discount between 5-10% off depending on the item. It’s important to note that this will only usually work for one item in your cart and is solely based on a manager’s discretion. 

7. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

If you shop at Publix frequently, you might want to consider buying a gift card from sites such as Raise or Gift Card Granny. Both platforms allow users to sell their gift cards for a discounted price. The average savings from buying a gift card could be anywhere from 5-20% off. If you don’t find the gift card you’re looking for, you can sign up for alerts on either website to be notified as soon as one becomes available.

8. Employees Receive Additional Coupons and Savings

If you want a long-term solution to coupons and savings at a Publix, consider working at the store. Employees receive a unique discount program called The Publix Discount Program that provides additional savings not available to regular guests. On top of discounts in-store, you’re able to get tuition reimbursement, help with childcare and medical benefits.

9. Skip Online Delivery Services

Publix offers delivery and curbside pickup through Instacart. However, paying for delivery fees and the tip for your driver will add up quickly. Plus, all products are more expensive, and you’re not offered any coupons or deals. One of the easiest ways to avoid spending this extra money is to shop in-store for your products. This also ensures you’re always getting the best quality food and produce when you pick it out for yourself.

10. Buy Publix Brand Items

Like other major retailers, Publix offers their own brand of products to rival some of the national chains. They offer three store brands, including Greenwise, Publix Premium, and Publix. The quality is similar to your favorite big brands but at a fraction of the cost. They have their own brand of products in almost every category, including beverages, pastas, seafood, meat, vegetables, crackers, baby supplies, and more.

11. Use Grocery Story Apps When Shopping

Using apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 will help you earn additional savings on top of any coupons or promotions the store is running. You can check for items you want to purchase or have purchased on the application, then scan your receipt to earn rewards. You earn real cashback from your everyday purchases that will get transferred into your bank account. You can add any receipts within two weeks of your purchase date, so you have plenty of time to redeem your rewards.

12. Check the Clearance Rack

Publix will typically clearance out any out-of-season items or products they plan to discontinue selling in the store. Check out these sections of the store to buy great products at a low cost. The clearance sections are usually located near the front check lanes or next to the pharmacy section. You can even ask a front manager what will be going on clearance in the upcoming week to plan your purchases.

13. Get Free Stuff with the Publix Promise

Make sure to check your Publix receipt before leaving the store. If you find that you were charged the wrong price for any of your items, you can receive that item for free. According to Publix’s customer service FAQs, “Our Publix Promise guarantees that if during checkout the scanned price of an item exceeds the shelf price or advertised price, we will give the customer one of that item free.”

14. Ask for a Price Match

If you find that an item is more expensive at Publix than a competitor, you can ask Publix to price match that item. First, you need to prove the competitors’ price by bringing in their weekly advertisement or a picture of the item. Then you need to approach the customer service desk to speak with a manager about the price match. Once the manager can verify that they are a competitor and that price is valid, they will adjust your item to the competitor’s price.

15. Sign Up for a Club Publix Account

When you sign up for a club Publix account, you can receive additional savings and special coupons. The most common coupons you will receive are through the mail. These coupons typically offer $5-$10 off your purchase of $50 or more. Mail coupons are generally sent every month or around specific holidays.

16. Take Surveys to Score a Publix Gift Card

If you’re looking for an easy way to score a Publix gift card, take some online surveys. There are plenty of online websites, such as MyPoints, that allow users to take surveys in exchange for points. Once you have a certain number of points, you can redeem them for gift cards at places such as Publix.

17. Only Order What You Need

Publix will cut and package your meat and seafood depending on your specific needs. This works great if you want a smaller portion than what is regularly offered in your meat or seafood section. For example, if you only need half a pound of chicken, but there are no half-pound prepacked meats on the shelf, the butcher will offer to special package your meat. The price is also lowered to match the weight of the meat you’re buying, which helps you to save money and not waste food.

18. Use Koopy to Find Additional Coupons

Using online sources to find additional Publix coupons, like Koopy.com, is a great way to save. There are promotional coupons at certain times of the year due to sports teams, holidays, or special city events. By taking your time to search the internet thoroughly, you can find a coupon to rake in those additional savings.

Save Big with These Tips for Publix Savings

There are so many ways to save money at Publix to ensure you never have to pay full price for the products you love. Make sure to fully utilize each tip and let us know below how these Publix savings tips worked for you.

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