15 Great Ideas for Saving Money on Redbox Movie Rentals

Redbox movie rentals are convenient and cheap–but, let’s be honest, they could be even cheaper.

With these 15 insider tips on how to save the most money at Redbox for all your movie nights, you’ll see just how easy it is to get discounted–and FREE–DVDs from your local Redbox.

Since there are over 42,000 Redbox kiosks in the US, family movie night can (and should!) be inexpensive and convenient every time.

1. Redeem One Free Redbox Rental per Email Address

Joining Redbox’s email list includes plenty of perks, including the option to choose between a free 1-night DVD rental from a Redbox kiosk or $2 off an on-demand rental.

Signing up for Redbox emails will give you access to information about new releases, special offers, free movies, and other discounts–but the real tip here is that you can receive a new member deal for every email that you have.

And, since it’s not that hard to get a new email, this hack can give you endless free Redbox rentals–if you’re willing to put in the work.

2. Rent Your DVDs at a Redbox Kiosk (and Not On-Demand!)

Redbox offers on-demand movies that you can rent or purchase, but it isn’t cheap. For the lowest prices, always opt to rent using a Redbox kiosk. You can find them all over–from grocery stores to fast-food restaurants to pharmacies. Find the closest Redbox kiosk near you before heading out to retrieve your DVD.

3. Sign Up for Redbox Perks for Every 16th Movie Free

Redbox offers customers a rewards program with basic perks. When you spend money at Redbox, you’ll earn rewards points. With enough points, you can get free rentals.

Here’s how it works. You’ll earn:

  • 100 points for each night of a DVD rental
  • 125 points for each night of a Blu-ray rental
  • 125 points for each on-demand transaction
  • Extra points for purchasing used discs

It costs 1,500 points to redeem a free 1-night DVD rental and 1,750 points to redeem a free 1-night Blu-ray rental. So, after 15 1-night DVD rentals, you can get one night free.

The money you spend (and the points you earn) at Redbox goes towards your member account. As you level up through the ranks, you’ll gain access to even more perks, and earning points becomes easier, too!

4. Check Koopy.com for Coupons and Deals

Koopy.com offers tons of discount codes and special deals to savvy shoppers at all of your favorite stores–and that includes Redbox movie rentals. Before you host a movie night, check out Koopy.com’s Redbox savings page for great deals.

With the help of Koopy.com, you can redeem fantastic offers like a free DVD (text SIGNUP to 727272), a free game night rental when you book through the Redbox app (available on Google Play and the App Store), or rent one get one free!

5. Download the Redbox App and Enable Notifications

When you download the Redbox App for your mobile device, you’ll gain access to perks, including:

  • Select free movies and Live TV
  • Kiosk reservations
  • Personalized wish list
  • Movie trailers
  • On-demand movies and your saved library

And don’t forget to enable push notifications to unlock exclusive in-app Redbox offers!

6. Join Redbox’s Text Club for Deals

Text SIGNUP to 727272 to receive exclusive member-only deals via text. That includes free movie nights and on-demand discounts! Plus, they’ll send updates about new releases and Redbox news you need to know.

At any time, you can text STOP to cancel or HELP for more information.

7. Download the Redbox Mobile Pass

This next one is to help you save time rather than money. Under the “MY REDBOX” tab in the mobile app, you can download the Redbox Mobile Pass. You can add this to your Mobile Wallet for easy sign-in and access to your account perks at any Redbox Kiosk.

8. Wait Until 12:01 am to Rent Your Movie

Redbox rentals are due by 9 pm on the following day of your rental–not within 24 hours. So, you’ll get the longest rental window if you wait until 12:01 to rent your movie.

For example, let’s say that you rent a movie late on Friday night (aka early morning on Saturday). You can keep that rental until Sunday at 9 pm–and it still counts as a 1-night rental.

9. Kindly Ask a Redbox Employee for a Discount

Although we know Redbox as an omniscient online presence, there are real human employees who occasionally service the kiosks. If there’s an employee holding up your weight, they’ll usually give you a free rental code for the inconvenience.

Instead of skipping your movie stop or waiting until the employee is finished, simply walk up and kindly ask if they’ll offer you a discount.

And if you’ve always dreamed of being able to open up one of those kiosks yourself (or work in any facet of the Redbox rental company), Redbox is usually hiring–and we have to imagine that they offer some form of discount to their employees.

10. Fake It ‘Til You Save It at Redbox Kiosks

This trick isn’t guaranteed to work every time, but it will work most of the time. After renting just one item, pretend to check out. Usually, Redbox will try to get you to rent more by offering special “one-time” deals like 50 cents off a second rental or a free game.

So, even if you’re already planning on purchasing two rentals, fake Redbox out to see if you can redeem this deal. Worst case scenario, back out and add your second rental at full price.

Find a Redbox kiosk near you to test out this deal.

11. Check Your Popcorn Box for Free Rental Promo Codes

Redbox knows that consumers who love movies probably love popcorn, too. So, they partner with different popcorn companies to offer movie discounts. Next time you shop, keep an eye out for the Redbox logo to receive a free Redbox movie night.

12. Use Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards can be a great way to save money, but any frugal shopper knows that this trick only works if you use your gift cards. When you purchase discounted Redbox gift cards from sites like Gift Card Granny or Raise, you can save an average of 6%.

13. Follow Rebox on Social Media for More Deals

Redbox is a fan of offers deals (including free movies!) to fans who follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keep an eye out for special giveaways on Instagram that can win you even bigger offers!

14. Enjoy Dinner and a Movie with a Discount

Redbox is known to partner with more than just popcorn companies. Recently, Redbox teamed up with DoorDash to offer a free Redbox movie night along with free delivery frees. Redbox even offers some holiday movie recommendations along with appropriate meal pairings to promote this deal!

15. Use Redbox for Roadtrips with the Kids

Although this tip might not save you money, it will save you some headaches. Since there are tons of Redbox locations all across the US, Redbox is the best option if you need DVD rentals for a long road trip with your kids. Wherever you’re going, there are likely hundreds (if not thousands) of Redbox kiosks along the way. 

Pick up a movie in Pennsylvania and return it in Virginia–where you can pick up another rental that you can return tomorrow in Florida. Your kids and your sanity will thank you.

Redbox Movie Rental Discount FAQs

Getting your DVDs from a smart vending machine is bound to raise some questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions about Redbox rentals–and precise answers.

What is the most that Redbox can charge you?

Redbox rentals are usually less than $2 a night, but if you keep, lend, or lose your DVD rental, they can charge you much more than that. However, Redbox won’t charge you more than $34 (plus tax) for a single rental according to their terms and conditions. If you owe the maximum rental charge on a DVD (which is usually $30) from a Redbox kiosk, Redbox will withdraw the money from your account, and you will own that DVD. Blu-ray disc maximum charges are slightly higher. Video game maximum charge can be as high as $69.

How much does it cost if you lose a Redbox DVD?

If you lose a rental from Redbox, whether it’s a DVD, Blu-ray, or video game, Redbox will charge you a “maximum charge,” and you will own that item. The maximum charges for each disc vary, but it’s usually $29.75 for lost DVDs, $34.00 for lost Blu-ray discs, and $69 for lost video games. In our professional opinion, that’s way too much. So, instead of paying outrageous prices for the Redbox rent-to-own program, check out our Redbox savings tips for free and discounted DVDs.

How much is Redbox on demand?

Redbox On Demand charges as little as $2 to stream older movie titles. The charge to stream new releases within a 48-hour window starts at $4 and goes up from there. And for $10 or more, you can download and own Redbox movies. Although the Rebox On Demand service is convenient, it’s still cheaper to rent a physical DVD from a Redbox kiosk.

Does Redbox on-demand charge a monthly subscription fee?

You do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee to stream movies using Redbox On Demand. Some movies are even free! However, Redbox does offer premium subscriptions to movie fans starting at $9.99/year. These subscription plans give you access to free and discounted rentals at Redbox kiosks and extended rental times.

Final Thoughts: Save Money on Redbox Rentals

Choosing Redbox movie rentals is a great way to save money on family movie night or date night! Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and the like is all good–but the subscription fees aren’t always worth it if you don’t use them often.

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