14 Ways to Save Even More at Rite Aid

With the spread of COVID-19, there has been a huge increase in demand for medication and hygienic products. Rite Aid is a reliable nationwide company that not only has a pharmacy but also groceries.

Rite Aid truly is the one-stop-shop for all your needs. With all the ways you can save with Rite Aid you won’t need to shop anywhere else. Keep reading to discover the best ways to save when you take a trip to Rite Aid.

1. Sign up for a Wellness+ Card

The Rite Aid wellness+ card has three tiers:

  1. Bronze – gives you access to weekly ads and some of the best Rite Aid prices
  2. Silver – provides you with 10% off in-store purchases
  3. Gold – gives you a full 20% off in-store purchases

The more you use your Wellness+ card the more points you earn to level up. The tiers reset every year so make sure you use them as much as you can.

In 2020, Rite Aid ran a special that gave people an immediate upgrade to Silver from January 1st to June 30th. This system benefits those who are frequent shoppers at Rite-Aid; the more you shop the more money you save. 

2. Wellness+ Bonus Cash

Another vital part of the Wellness + Card is the Wellness+ bonus cash. Bonus Cash Rewards are coupons that you automatically receive when shopping for specific items.

The coupons are automatically loaded onto your card so you save both time and money. You can find out which items are in-store by looking for the Bonus Cash Badge on your receipt. This will ensure that you earn more points on your next shopping trip.

The deals also don’t just apply to medication either. Try grocery shopping at Rite Aid and you’ll be surprised by the savings.

3. Load2Card Coupons

Create an online account to load and redeem coupons onto your Wellness+ Card. Rite Aid’s Load2Card coupons not only provide you more coupon options, but you can track your coupons more efficiently. There are over $100 in savings every month when you use the Load2Card option.

4. Wellness 65+

The Wellness 65+ program is another offshoot of the Wellness+ program. This one is for members over the age of 65. On Wednesday, members of the Wellness 65+ program get 20% off regular in-store purchases.

To enroll in the program, you must be 65 or older at the time of enrollment. The program also includes a free pharmacist consultation just for signing up. The 20% off only applies on one Wednesday a month so make sure you shop accordingly!

5. Rite Aid Weekly Ads

The Rite Aid weekly ad program is one of the best ways to get deals in the store. The weekly ad not only provides great deals but also savings coupons and extra bonus cash. Each week the ad will automatically get added to your wellness + card when using the Load2Card function.

The best part is that weekly ads are different based on where you live and which Rite Aid you go to. There is not a single weekly ad either. There are lots to choose from! 

6. Rite Aid App

Download the Rite Aid app to utilize all of the previously mentioned tips and keep up to date with all Rite Aid savings. The app allows you to use the Load2Card function directly from your phone.

It also is the best place to collect your weekly ads all in one spot. Finally, by connecting your wellness+ card with your app you can easily track your bonus cash.

7. Use Outside Coupons

Rite Aid gladly accepts all sorts of coupons due to their coupon acceptance policy. To use your load2card function you will need coupons to load. Coupons can be cut from Sunday newspapers or printable manufacturer coupons.

If you find a printable manufacturer coupon you can print two of them at a time. Read through the acceptance policy to determine which coupons you can use and how to stack them.

8. Plenti Points

Plenti points are a great way to save you money at Rite Aid. By shopping specially marked items you can build Plenti points and gain rewards. This program works with other companies as well such as Mobil and AT&T.

The best part is the points you earn are valid for up to two years afterward. Plenti points can be used for up to two years at Rite Aid and at certain other Plenti partners.

9. Sign up for the Rite Aid email list

Sign up for the Rite Aid email list to get exclusive money-saving offers via email. These emails aren’t the normal deal of the week coupons, they are exclusive offers only found in the emails. 

Make sure when you get them you switch them from your promotions folder to your primary inbox, so you get notifications when they come in. 

10. Kid Cents

KidCents is a Rite Aid program that rounds up the purchases you make to the nearest dollar and gives it back to the kids in the community.

Wellness + members are eligible to opt into this program to help give back to the local community. This money goes to community programs that help make children’s lives better. With how much money you’re saving, that extra dollar with be worth it. 

11. Shop Online Deals

Utilize the online deals section of the Rite Aid website to find deals that are unavailable in-store. These deals provide you with extra savings on various items as well as extra bonus cash. For example, on a $10 deal online will give you a full $10 worth of bonus cash! You can even sort what you are looking for by brand and type. 

12. Shop Rite Aid Clearance

Shop Rite Aid clearance to find even more deals and savings. This section of the online store gives you the same ability to sort offers to find some of the lowest prices at Rite Aid. While they don’t offer specific sales or bonus cash, this section does have low prices all around. 

13. Shop during the Holidays

Stop by Rite Aid during the holiday season. Rite Aid offers certain special offers and deals for major holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter. These specials don’t only apply to chocolate,  despite it being an important part of both holidays. 

14. Stack your savings

Stack those coupons for even more savings at Rite Aid. Combine all of the previous tips to get an even bigger bang for your buck. The combination of as many saving tips as possible will give you the best price around.

Rite Aid FAQs

How Do I Earn Wellness Points?

You earn 1 wellness+ point for every $1 dollar spent on eligible purchases. You also earn 1 wellness+ point for every dollar spent on copays (not to exceed 25 points per prescription) for government-funded prescriptions. Finally, you earn 25 wellness+ points for every non-government funded, 30-day equivalent prescription filled.

How do I manage my wellness+ rewards communications?

To manage your communications from Rite Aid, log in to your wellness+ rewards account and go to Communication Preferences.

How do I use my wellness+ rewards card to receive discounts on purchases made online?

Use wellness+ rewards at the Rite Aid Online Store to receive discounts for online purchases. However, silver and gold status discounts are not eligible for online purchases, only in-store.

How do I load coupons onto my card?

Follow the 3 steps below
1. Log into your wellness+ account
2. Go to Load2Card and search for coupons 
3. Select the coupons you want and they will automatically add to your wellness+ card

Is the online weekly ad the same as the in-store?

Yes, and you can add items directly to your shopping list. Be sure to check out the printed ad as well because it may offer savings on additional products.

Final Thoughts

Rite Aid can easily be your one-stop-shop for all of your household needs. From medication and candy to hygienic products and holiday cards, Rite Aid has it all. To get to maximum savings make sure to sign up for the weekly email and take advantage of your wellness+ card. 

Sometimes you won’t be able to get the weekly ad in time so make sure to check out the clearance section. For the biggest savings make sure you combine and stack your coupons and discounts.

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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