9 Furniture Stores with Same Day Delivery

Today we all want instant gratification. We don’t want to wait weeks for our new furniture to arrive and some stores even make you wait months. Fortunately, with many stores, you no longer have to wait because they offer same-day delivery. 

It’s not as common as regular delivery, but we’ve uncovered 9 stores that offer same-day delivery to give you that instant gratification.

This means you can buy furniture and have it in your home on the same day. It’s perfect for when you’re having company or have a vision and want to achieve it now and just don’t want to wait weeks or months for your furniture. 

What is Same Day Delivery?

Same-day delivery varies by store. No two stores have the same prices or policies. In general, you’ll receive in-stock items within 4 – 8 hours of ordering them. Some stores have a time cutoff to receive same-day shipping. Others have a minimum purchase order to qualify for same-day delivery.

You may or may not pay for it – some stores still offer free delivery with a certain size order, but not all do. Knowing the details of what stores offer and what you must do to get it is important. 

Here’s what we found.

9 Stores Delivering Furniture the Same Day

We discovered 9 stores that can offer same-day furniture delivery. Each store has different requirements and prices they charge. Here’s everything you must know.

1. Big Lots

Big Lots offers same-day delivery for one flat fee. Large items, which most furniture pieces fall under cost $95, but if you buy multiple pieces, you’ll only pay $95. Big Lots’ same-day furniture delivery includes placement of the furniture in your room of choice unless you choose contactless delivery, which is an option if you don’t want anyone in your home.

2. Darvin Furniture

Darvin Furniture offers same-day delivery on many of its furniture items. To receive same-day delivery from Darvin, you must live within 70 miles of the store. Darvin drivers will deliver, set up, and put your furniture in the chosen room if you’re comfortable. Most deliveries start at $149 and up.

3. Gallery Furniture

If you’re in the Houston area, check out Gallery Furniture for same-day delivery. Not only will they deliver furniture the same day, but it’s free with a $500 purchase. Gallery Furniture delivery drivers will deliver your furniture, set it up, break down any old furniture and haul it away. In between breaking down your old furniture and setting up the new, they’ll even vacuum the area and make sure it’s ready for the new furniture.

4. Living Spaces

Living Spaces offers same-day delivery in certain areas. The full-service delivery charges range from $99 – $139 and include assembly, placement in the area you want the furniture, and removal of all boxes. You must make your purchase before 4 PM to qualify for same-day delivery.

5. American Freight

American Freight offers same-day delivery for all products in stock. If your product isn’t in stock, they will deliver it as soon as it is available in-store. Same-day deliveries are available on all purchases made before noon and are located within 75 miles of the store. American Freight doesn’t offer free delivery, and each delivery has a different cost depending on its size.

6. CITY Furniture

If you live in Florida, specifically Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Naples, or Fort Myers, CITY Furniture offers same-day delivery 7 days a week. The delivery window is between 4 PM and midnight. Standard shipping with CITY Furniture is free, but if you upgrade to same-day delivery, it’s $39.99.

7. Gardner White

Michigan residents are lucky enough to get same-day delivery from Gardner White. You must place the order in-store by 2 PM or 1 PM online. On Saturdays, you can order until 3 PM. Same-day deliveries are made between 4 PM and 11 PM. Delivery costs vary by location and size of the order.

8. HomeGoods

HomeGoods has partnered with GoShare to offer customers same-day delivery on many items including furniture. You rent the van and delivery drivers to deliver the furniture to you. The cost varies based on the size of the order and if you need one or two delivery drivers. Most orders can have a delivery window within 4 hours of placing an order. 

9. Sam Levitz Furniture

Sam Levitz serves the Southern Arizona community and offers same-day delivery on many of its furniture products. Same-day delivery is only available in the Tuscan area. You get to choose your 4-hour delivery window when you check out. All purchases must be made by 2 PM for same-day delivery. Some orders over $199 will ship free.

Things to Consider with Same Day Furniture Delivery

Before you jump on board with same-day furniture delivery, consider these factors.


Most stores charge for same-day delivery since it’s a large convenience. If you like to skip the delivery charges, inquire about the minimum purchase required to obtain free delivery. Keep in mind, though, many stores don’t offer a free delivery option no matter how much you spend.

Time of Delivery

Most same-day deliveries arrive between 4 PM and 11 PM or even midnight. Since you’re buying the product that day, the delivery crew needs time to pick the products, find an available truck, load and deliver them. Chances are they are delivering many other same-day deliveries too.

Cutoff to Purchase

Most stores have a purchase cutoff time. The average is 2 PM, but some stores have an earlier cutoff. This allows their crew enough time to plan their deliveries and get them delivered on time. 

Purchasing In-Store or Online

Some stores only offer same-day delivery on items purchased in-store, but a few offer online same-day deliveries too. It depends on the store – always read the fine print.

Items must be in Stock

You can only get same-day delivery on in-stock items. With today’s shortage of many products, your selection may not be as large. But it’s always worth it to ask. If you’re shopping online, you can usually see if an item is eligible for same-day delivery by the icon next to it.

Make Sure your House is Ready

Same-day delivery drivers have a lot on their plate. They may not have time to move old furniture or wait for you to clear an area for them to get through. Be courteous enough to straighten up the house and make the area as accessible as possible for easy delivery. 

FAQs – Furniture Stores with Same Day Delivery

How long do furniture stores typically take to deliver?

How long furniture takes to be delivered depends on where you buy it, where you live, and the current inventory levels. You can get delivery as soon as the same day from many stores today, although product selection may be limited. If you order an out-of-stock product, you could wait a few weeks to 12 weeks for delivery.

Why does furniture take so long to deliver?

Normally, furniture deliveries are done within a few weeks, but with the shortage of supplies and labor most manufacturers experience lately, deliveries are delayed. It could take longer just to get the supplies to make the product before the company can even deliver it to you.

How do you break in a new couch?

When you get your new furniture delivered, you may feel like it’s stiff and uncomfortable. This is only because it’s new and not broken in. It’s your job to break it in. All it takes is a little time sitting on the cushion and even bouncing around a little bit to loosen the fibers, making the couch more comfortable.

Can sleeping on a couch ruin it?

Couches aren’t meant for sleeping. If you occasionally fall asleep on it, you probably won’t cause any damage. However, if you sleep on it regularly, you could damage the cushions, frame, and padding. Sleeping on a couch may cause premature wear and tear and give you less life than you could have gotten from the couch.

What should you do before furniture delivery?

Before having your furniture delivered, find out what the delivery company will do for you. Will they haul away the old furniture? If not, you should get rid of it before the new furniture arrives. Also, take the time to vacuum and clean the area up, making sure there isn’t any clutter or tripping hazards for the delivery drivers to get the furniture to the desired location.

Final thoughts – Furniture Stores with Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery can be your reality if you shop at the right stores and find furniture that’s in stock.

Before you choose same-day delivery, weigh the pros and cons of waiting for the item with regular delivery, including the extra cost same-day delivery may incur. 

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and koopy.com contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

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