17 Ways to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

The internet is a necessary tool for staying connected in today’s world, and as we’ve recently seen, is useful for continuing to earn money in difficult times. It’s a great asset for work, education and just unwinding. It has the ability to provide a positive impact for families everywhere.

However, it’s another one of those expenses that make you feel like you’re at the mercy of internet service providers or other companies, without much say in your monthly bill – and that is just frustrating. 

When it comes to how to save money on your internet bill, you would be surprised at all of the steps you can take to lower your rates or usage! Let’s take a look at 17 ways to save on internet bills!

1. Call and Negotiate

I hate talking on the phone to customer service as much as the next gal, however, there are times when this is necessary! Calling your Internet Service Provider in order to negotiate a better rate is one of the best ways to save money on your internet bill.

In order to make sure you’re prepared, make sure you have ample evidence of your past bills, if there has been any recent increase in your charges, and if their upload or download speeds are not what they claim to be. 

This is where it gets difficult – make sure you’re prepared to cut your service, especially if you threaten to. Also, go in with a script that you’ve rehearsed and feel confident when you make your call! Remember, they need your business! 

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a lower rate to save money on your internet bill!

2. Buy your own Router or Modem

If you look closely at your internet bill, you may see a line item for renting a router or modem. You are essentially throwing away money every month! Routers and modems are essential for using an Internet Service Provider, however, you can supply compatible devices on your own.

Not tech savvy? That’s ok! There are plenty of resources to explain how to choose your modem and the best routers to consider for your home layout. If you have an internet provider separate from your cable company, double check to see if a modem purchase is necessary before buying.

While you may need to pay a bit more upfront, consider what you pay each month to rent and how much that will cost you over the next five years! Save money on internet costs by purchasing instead of renting.

3. Use a Mobile Hotspot

My husband and I finally realized our internet service wasn’t a great fit after the prices continued to increase, and the service itself was not as it was promised. Living rurally, and without many options, we considered using our mobile hotspot. 

Suffice to say, it’s been over a year and it’s still working like a charm! We no longer have an internet bill, and have unlimited data with our cell phone providers — this is a win-win! And, setting up a hotspot with your cell phone is easy to do.

You may find just amping up your cell phone service is enough to get you the internet bandwidth you need at a lower cost than an ISP. Make sure your phone and provider can support a hotspot and experiment by using it before you turn off your internet.

4. Consider Lower Internet Speeds

If you are using 5G internet but find you really don’t need it, why not consider using a slower speed? You can call your internet provider to see if they offer lower speeds at lower prices, or shop around to find lower speeds from another internet provider.

Sometimes, we just don’t need the “latest and greatest” which can usually cost more. Most family households can get by with lower speeds just fine. If you’re thinking “but, I can’t go lower!”, you may be doing things that slow down your internet speed.

Make sure you’re not inadvertently slowing down your speeds, first, and then shop different packages to find a better fit for your family, and your wallet!

5. Bundle your Internet with Other Services

If you are using an internet service provider that also offers other services, consider bundling your internet with other services to lower your bill altogether. They want your business – why not take advantage of it! 

Check with your current providers to see what they offer as a bundle, or consider internet and phone bundles from other providers. Remember, don’t be afraid to negotiate on this!

6. Unbundle your Internet from Other Services

I know this sounds contradictory, but it may actually make more sense to unbundle your services, especially if you’re not using some of them. Landlines often find their way into bundle options nowadays, and most people have reverted to cell phone options, only.

Many people are cutting the cord, away from cable tv, and are finding that by releasing a major part of their bill, they are free to grab cheaper services elsewhere. If you no longer need cable, do you need to get your internet from a cable provider? Probably not.

Consider unbundling if it makes more sense for your family’s needs and can save you money on the internet!

7. Bring in a Third-Party Negotiator

Sometimes, you just may not feel equipped or experienced enough to negotiate on your behalf with your internet service provider. There are third-party negotiators out there! While they do charge a fee, they may actually save you more money in the long run.

Companies like BillCutterz and BillFixers will negotiate on your behalf and split the savings with you. This may be worth it if you really don’t want to deal with the hassle of spending an hour or two on the phone or feel unprepared for such a conversation.

Third-Party negotiators have a great deal of experience in this arena and may be able to save you more money than you could on your own. Consider a third-party negotiator to save money on your internet bill!

8. Ask about Low-Income Subsidies

If you are truly hurting for money due to a lower income or unfortunate situation, such as a job loss, ask about low-income subsidies.

The internet can affect your ability to successfully do your job or can impact your child’s education – there is no need to go without!

Look into government-supported subsidies like Lifeline or programs provided by internet service providers for reduced-cost internet. You may be able to get your internet at a significantly reduced rate just by making a phone call and providing proof of your situation.

Don’t struggle without a much needed tool because of cost! Utilize programs available to low-income households to save money on your internet bill.

9. Look for Rural Broadband Options

The U.S. government has realized that rural areas account for the majority of the lack of internet usage. Plain and simple, it can be difficult to get resources in the more geographically isolated areas. Living rurally, I can attest to the internet struggles familiar with country life.

If you live rurally and feel you are paying too much for the internet based on companies that have monopolized the area, consider looking into a rural broadband initiative near you. These may be provided by smaller companies that are open to competing with larger conglomerates.

Run a google search to see if there is a rural broadband option in your area, and if not, how to start one.

10. Use the Public Library

More than likely, your taxes are already going towards a public library, so why not take full advantage of this great resource to lower your internet bill! With a library card, you can use computers on-site or take your own devices for their wifi.

If you’re using a device on-site, such as a desktop in the library, make sure you follow good practices by erasing your history when you are done, and that you log out of your accounts.

If you have a limited use of the internet, such as only needing it for an hour or two each day, this may be a great option for you to save money on your internet bill. 

11. Visit a cafe for Pubic Wifi

Just like using a library, you can also use your devices with public wifi to save money on your internet bill. If you find yourself constantly surrounded by public wifi, you may not even need the internet in your home.

Keep in mind, there are steps you should take to stay safe on public wifi. Use caution when accessing personal or private data, and try to use a vpn or password protected wifi connection.  Also, ensure that you can keep prying eyes from seeing your computer screen, as well.

Public wifi is a great option for downloading media to your devices to watch your shows at home without paying for the internet.

12. Look for Introductory Offers with Competitors

When you first sign up for an introductory offer with your internet service provider, it’s great! And then, it hits you. After the promotion is up, your bill can significantly. It hurts!

Keep an eye out for introductory offers and see if it makes sense to make the switch. Heck, you can even set a calendar reminder to check in a year after you’ve signed to use it as a bargaining chip in case your ISP tries to raise your rates.

Stay in a promotion, even if it means switching around to different internet service providers. Your wallet will thank you!

13. Consider Switching Internet Service Providers

Is it just me, or does it seem like shortly after you sign with an internet service provider, you receive mail and ads for competing companies with lower rates? The truth is, they’re out there, and they want your business.

In this day and age, there is limited brand and company loyalty. Your internet is no different! Take advantage of the competition amongst companies and consistently check for lower rates with another provider.

You may be able to switch every 1-3 years for significant savings on your internet bill!

14. Share your Internet with a Roommate or Neighbor

If you live with a roommate or have a neighbor that you trust, sharing your internet may not be a bad option for slashing your bill! The truth is, you probably could share and still have the necessary bandwidth to use it effectively. 

Share your internet with a neighbor or roommate and split the costs! Maybe you can take alternative months, or just have them pay you a monthly fee for what they use. Added bonus: your roommate may be able to sign up for promotional rates when yours runs out.

Save money on your internet bill by sharing your internet access!

15. Consider Dial-Up Internet

If internet prices in your area have gone sky high, consider dial-up internet for cheaper prices. You may even be able to get free internet by using dial-up. Make sure you have the right technical requirements, but it can be a viable option.

It is worth mentioning this may not have the same speeds as fiber networks, but depending on your usage, it may be a great way to save money on your internet bill.

16. Ask about an Annual Payment Discount

Most internet providers charge monthly, but it may be worth asking to see if your internet provider offers an annual payment discount. Because many companies offer discounts for paying larger portions upfront, it’s something to ask for regarding your internet bill, as well.

You may need to negotiate a bit to have this option available, but there may be money you can save on your internet bill by paying a big portion upfront instead of monthly. It doesn’t hurt to ask! 

17. Ask your Company to consider a Work From Home stipend

If your job requires that you work from home, you may be able to negotiate with your company to see if they are willing to cover part of your internet bill, since it is necessary for you to get the work done.

If that doesn’t work, they may have a discount available through a package with a specific internet provider that could work in your favor. 

If you own a business, you can also look into writing off your internet on your taxes to see if you can get money back that way. It may not lower your bill each month, but the money you save in the end could be worth it.

FAQs on How To Save Money on Your Internet Bill

Can you tell me how to save money on cable and the internet?

Bundling may be a great option to save on both cable and internet, especially if you are using a cable provider as your internet service provider, as well.

Does switching internet providers save money?

It absolutely can! Do your homework first, and make sure there are no hidden costs that are not openly advertised, but consider switching your internet providers to save money!

How can I reduce my internet bill?

Keeping your eyes peeled for promotional offers with competitors of your current Internet Service Providers is a good way to keep you bill low, as well as considering lower speeds for lower prices.


Your internet bill doesn’t have to break the bank! Take the above steps into consideration in order to lower your internet cost. Save money on your internet bill so you can use that money for a better investment elsewhere!
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Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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