18 Savings Hacks for The Children’s Place

Are you looking for seriously cute and affordable clothing for your children? If so, then you’re probably already familiar with The Children’s Place. Known for fashionable and fun clothes, The Children’s Place is a favorite go-to for many parents looking for clothing for their growing children.

Considering how cute their clothes are, it’s probably not a surprise that it’s easy to overspend when loading up on cute tops, pants, dresses, baby things, and accessories. Fortunately, we’ve scoured all over the internet and beyond to bring you the best savings on the cutest kids’ clothes!

Read on for all the hacks that can help you keep more in your wallet!

1. Sign up for emails!

This is probably the easiest, most helpful thing you can do. Signing up for their email list will save you money from the jump: they’ll send you a $10 off offer just for signing up! (Good on purchases of $40 or more.) 

After that, the savings keep on coming – they’ll keep you updated on deals, new products, and more.

BONUS TIP: The email sign-up has a checkbox to receive emails from Gymboree as well. Select that if you’d like to save from that store too!

2. … AND Text Messages!

Signing up for text messages will get you another $10 offer just for signing up! From then on, you’ll get updates from The Children’s Place on special sales, deals, and more! This is a great way to keep on top of what’s going on.

3. Refer a friend and you’ll BOTH benefit!

Love The Children’s Place and want to share the savings with a friend? Take advantage of their referral program – refer your friends and they’ll receive an offer of $10 off a $40 purchase. If they make a purchase within 7 days of the referral, you’ll also get the same offer! What a fun way to share the excitement – AND savings!

4. FREE Shipping. ALL THE TIME!

Many clothing retailers will charge for shipping. Unlike the others, The Children’s Place has brought their A-game when it comes to shipping – standard shipping is always FREE! There’s no minimum purchase to qualify, and no code to enter in – just shop and the shipping is on them!

Shipping costs can add up over time, so this is an easy, no-brainer way to save some cash!

5. Join their Rewards Program!

It’s so easy! Sign-up for the Rewards Program is free and allows you to earn points on your purchases.

Every dollar you spend will earn you one point – after 100 points, you’ll earn a $5 reward, sent straight to your inbox! 

That’s not all – as a Rewards Member, you’ll get the opportunity to participate in Bonus Events, chances to earn extra points, and the Birthday Perks (more on that in a minute).

Once you earn points, rewards will be sent to your inbox, saving you even more money!

6. Take advantage of savings with The Children’s Place credit card!

The Children’s Place credit card offers some great savings, starting at the very beginning. The rewards program by itself is fantastic, and the credit card takes it up another level!

You get the same benefits as the Reward Program, but taken up a notch: get TWO points per dollar spent toward your Rewards, a higher birthday offer, and 30% off your first cardholder purchase!

7. … AND the Birthday Club!

When you’re a Rewards Program member or a credit card-holder, you’re in their exclusive Birthday Club! The rewards and perks are pretty great: Rewards Members will get a 20% coupon during the child’s birthday month, and cardholders will get a coupon for 25%.

You’ll also get $10 off a Party City purchase (you’ll need that for their birthday party) and exclusive perks, and you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for $100 in gift cards.

8. Don’t miss out on Place Bucks!

Let’s talk about Place Bucks because it’s one of the best opportunities to save some cash – basically HALF PRICE when you redeem them!

Here’s how it works:

  • During a certain time period, The Children’s Place will offer an earning period (the most recent one online was July 24th – September 14th in 2020). During this time, shop in-store or online.
  • For every $20 you spend, you’ll get $10 in Place Bucks. These will be sent via email and will be visible on your online account.
  • The Children’s Place will also have a redemption period for these Bucks (the most recent one was September 15 – September 24 in 2020). 
  • Use your bucks during this timeframe – for every $20 you spend, you can use $10 in Place Bucks to save off of your purchase!
  • There is NO LIMIT on how many Bucks you can earn!

BONUS TIP: Sometimes, there are DOUBLE PLACE BUCKS EVENTS. That’s right – during those special time periods, you will earn TWO $10 Place Bucks coupons instead of one.

BONUS BONUS TIP: You will earn Place Bucks AND Reward Cash at the same time. WHAT?! YES! Can you say extra savings?!

9. Open up their homepage and take a look at their current sales!

The Children’s Place makes it easy for you to find sales – simply visit their homepage and you’ll get a good look around at the latest offers. Recent offerings included up to a whopping 75% off for their Spring Sale.

They make it so easy to shop, too – you can search by gender and age group, narrowing down the selection specifically for what you’re looking for!

10. Visit their Clearance page online!

You know we love Clearance, and The Children’s Place website has made it easy to access it all in one place when you visit their Clearance page! They recently offered items from 60%-80% off – and again, they’ve organized it by gender and age group for easy shopping!

BONUS TIP: Check out clearance deals in-store, too! Every store has slightly different inventory, so you never know what you might find!

11. Head into the store to find savings!

Online shopping, and purchasing through the app is convenient and fun – but sometimes, nothing beats heading into your local store and seeing everything live and in person. 

Chances are your local The Children’s Place will have a sale of some sort or a Clearance section! Every store is unique, so this is a great way to find some great items – clothes and styles you know and love, along with some possible surprises!

12. Don’t pass up deals on multi-packs, but check your prices!

One of the best ways to save money on purchases is to take advantage of multi-packs. Recently The Children’s Place offered some great deals on them – whether you’re looking for tops, bottoms, uniform pieces, accessories, or baby clothes, they’ve got you covered and saving you money.

Make sure to do some comparison between the singles and multi-packs, however. What we found online is kind of a mixed bag on which option is the cheapest:

  • We found a Girls Unicorn Graphic Tee on sale for $4.99, which is a great price; however, we also found a 2-pack of tees with similar graphics for $7.99, making each shirt a little under $4 each.
  • Looking at sale prices on some Toddler Boys Uniform Pique Polos, the 5-pack and the 2-pack netted out to be the same price per shirt.
  • We also found several baby bodysuit 5-packs that were all over the map: a leopard 5-pack was only $9.98, a garden-themed pack was $13.18, and a floral pack was $23.07!

The moral of the story? You can find some awesome deals… but always check your

prices. These items listed above were on sale, so prices may vary between items,

multi-pack types, etc.

13. Check out their Amazon shop

Did you know that Amazon has a The Children’s Place shop? They do, but similar to the above tip, always double-check your prices:

  • We recently found the same 3-pack of Baby & Toddler Boys tees on both Amazon and The Children’s Place online for 18-24 months. However, The Children’s Place had it on sale for $13.98, while Amazon was charging… $8.05! 
  • Double-check the prices on the different sizes, too! On Amazon, the same shirts for sizes 6-9 months were $9.33, and 9-12 months came in at a crazy $7.17! (The price remained at $13.98 at The Children’s Place online for all sizes.)

Remember the garden-themed bodysuits for baby girls for $13.18? Amazon had the

same set for the same price.

So again – check your prices. There are some great deals to be found, so make sure

you’re getting the most for your money.

14. Grab a gift card and stock up on savings!

When you’re looking to save a little cash, discounted gift cards are an obvious solution. There are several online sites where you can score gift cards at significant savings.

One of our favorites is Gift Card Wiki, which recently offered a $100 gift card for a mere $89.50. That’s a 10.5% discount! And when you use it on sales or with special offers, the savings keep adding up!

Another place to check out is Raise.com – they recently had a 10.2% discount on a $25 card. You could score that one for $22.45! 

And these two are far from the only ones. A quick internet search will bring up several sites with similar savings.

15. Shop for The Children’s Place through Rakuten!

If you love saving money online, chances are you know and love Rakuten. Formerly known as ebates, Rakuten allows you the opportunity to shop online at your favorite places and earn cash back – just for shopping!

That includes The Children’s Place – recently, shoppers could earn 1.5% cashback on all purchases through Rakuten! And that’s ON TOP OF the already fantastic sales prices. All of these savings add up significantly over time, so check it out!

16. Get a price adjustment!

Did you purchase that perfect item, only to have it go on sale? That’s so frustrating, but The Children’s Place will help you out with a price adjustment!  

That’s right – if you purchase an item at full retail and it goes on sale within 7 days of your purchase, you can get an adjustment on the purchase price. So keep an eye out – you might save even more on that favorite item!

17. Grab a military discount.

If you’re currently or have formerly served in the military, The Children’s Place will thank you for your service with a 10% discount. Just show your military ID in store! (Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the discounts can be given online.)

18. Check out our savings!

Koopy is always on the lookout to help you save money, and The Children’s Place is no exception! Check out our promo codes and savings to help you score the best deals.

The Children’s Place FAQs

How many Place Bucks can I use at one time?

We mentioned above that there is no limit to how many Place Bucks you can earn when you shop during the Place Bucks period. However, there is a limit to how many coupons you can use at one time when you redeem them: 6.

However – six coupons is a LOT of coupons! That means you can spend $120 and redeem 6 $10 off coupons – and spend only $60! And there’s no reason why you can’t do multiple transactions!

Can I stack a bunch of offers together?

Kind of! There are several guidelines, but still many opportunities to save! For example:

You can use Place Bucks along with your My Place Rewards
However, you can’t use any other type of coupon with them. (That is STILL some serious savings!)

You can’t use the Rewards/Bucks to purchase gift cards
You can’t use your credit card approval offer with any other offer (unless otherwise indicated).

Even with those limitations, The Children’s Place still has so many offers with amazing savings!

Doesn’t the same company own The Children’s Place and Gymboree? Does that give me any extra chances for savings?

My Place Rewards, My Place Rewards Credit Card benefits, AND Place Bucks can be earned AND spent at The Children’s Place AND Gymboree! If you find something your kiddo loves at Gymboree, you can use the Place Bucks at The Children’s Place, and vice versa!

Final Thoughts

The Children’s Place is well-known for cute clothing, and now that you know these savings hacks, you’re ready to outfit your children in the cutest outfits! 

Whether you’re looking for girl or boy clothes, any age range, accessories, or more, these tips will help you have the best-dressed kids around, all while keeping your wallet a little healthier!

Emma Denner is a koopy.com contributor and blogger in the Midwest. She loves writing, watching true crime shows, and drinking Diet Coke. When she’s not doing those things, she’s spending time with her husband and obsessing over her dog, Sadie.

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