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Tips to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Amazon Deals


Do a pre-sale price check.

Head over to  Google.com/shopping, and also have a look at Best Buy, eBay, Jet, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and Costco. That way you’ll know a great deal when you see one. Also look into product reviews to narrow down your choices.

Snag the real deals.

In addition to bookmarking Google.com/shopping and the retailer sites above, download browser add-ons (Chrome, Safari, and other browsers offer loads of them) such as Invisible Hand and PriceBlink, which list competitor prices right on the page you’re viewing.

Score extra discounts.

Use your Amazon Visa card.

Know the sale lingo.

On Prime Day you’ll come across different kinds of deals.  Amazon will be carrying extra inventory on these items, says Law, but she says they may still run out quickly. “Lightning deals” are limited-time sales with countdown clocks (hit the “Join Waitlist” button in case you miss out). Just keep in mind that once you put lightning deals in your cart you have just 15 minutes to make the purchase. Law says the site will also be featuring “category-wide savings” with discounts that cover products such as tools, toys, and apparel.

Other Prime Day deals will require you to click on “see details” to view the markdowns. The site will be advertising “Prime Day countdown deals” until the event starts, such as Amazon Dash buttons on sale for 99¢ on Monday—these automated buying buttons normally cost $4.99 apiece, and they come with a $4.99 credit on your first order. Countdown promotions like these are “appetizers to the big deal day with different themes,” says Law.

Find the deals you want fast.

Before you buy, check prices again. Prices online can change fast in response to competitor pricing and lots of other factors, and that could be a huge factor on Prime Day when rivals like Walmart are trying to take advantage of all of the shopping excitement. Like last year, Walmart and many other retailers will be offering their own special deals for the occasion—and none of Amazon’s competitors are requiring shoppers to be members of some subscription service in order to snag the special deals.

Watch out for Walmart :

Keep a close eye on Walmart.com! Right now the company is offering a free 30-day trial subscription to its ShippingPass deal, which normally costs $49 a year for unlimited 2-day shipping with free returns. Walmart.com has also dropped the minimum-purchase requirement for free shipping this week: Now through Friday, July 15, shoppers get free shipping on nearly every purchase.


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