17 Tips to Save Big at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has great trendy clothes options and staples in your wardrobe. However, with so many cute options, it’s easy to rack up quite the receipt at the register. These savings tips will help you stay on trend while saving money at the same time.

Keep reading for the best tips for saving in-store and online!

1. Shop Sale Items

Urban Outfitters is constantly moving its full-priced items into the sale section. This section can be found at the back of the store or on the second level of the building.

You can find clothes, beauty products, accessories, and more in this section. Since Urban Outfitters stays on top of the trends, they rotate their selection out to clearance quite frequently. Wait a week and you may see your dream item drop dramatically in price.

2. Sign Up to Save

Urban Outfitters has a rewards program that you can sign up for to start saving. The first time you sign up you’ll receive a 10% off coupon that you can use towards your next purchase. From there, you can start saving up points to earn more rewards.

3. Get a $5 Reward for Every 100 Points You Earn

After you sign up for the rewards program, you’ll be able to earn points to put towards rewards. For every 100 points you earn, you get a $5 reward. If you’re already shopping regularly at Urban Outfitters, keeping track of and using your points is a great way to save on your everyday purchases.

4. Earn Points in Various Ways

The great part about Urban Outfitter’s points system is that you can earn points in various ways. You don’t have to just make a purchase in order to earn points. However, you do get 20 points for every purchase you make, so it will get you closer to rewards when you make a purchase.  

With so many ways to save, the points system is a great place to start. Keep reading to find the specific ways you can save without spending a dime.

5. Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Urban Outfitters will have huge sales around the holidays and as the seasons change. They want to get rid of their old stock of clothes to welcome in the new season, so jump on grabbing your favorite seasonal pieces at this time.

Urban Outfitter’s Memorial Day Sale is one of their biggest holiday sales. Here they have summer items that are typically discounted at 20-50% off. This happens every year on Memorial Day Weekend. End the summer with a great deal!

Another holiday that Urban Outfitters celebrates with a sale every year is the Fourth of July. This sale is typically 30% off already discounted items. This includes clothing, home décor, and more. This is a great time to get that extra discount off of already lower-priced items.

The final big holiday we’re going to discuss is Black Friday. Urban Outfitters is not one to cast aside this holiday that was practically made for them. In stores on Black Friday, you can expect great savings on almost all items. Online the following Monday, virtual sales happen that you can jump on if you missed the in-person sale (or if you find something else online that calls your name).

6. Sign up for a Student Discount

Get 10% off your order, both in-store and online when you’re a student. Create an account with UNiDAYS on their website and get a 10% off coupon.

Also, occasionally Urban Outfitters will run flash sales where you can get 10% off with a student ID. Keep an eye out on your inbox for these sales to pop up.

7.  Buy Yourself a Birthday Present

During your birthday month, Urban Outfitters gives you a 20% off coupon. This can be redeemed at any time during your birth month and is quite the deal.

You have to be a part of the Urban Outfitter’s reward program, but with all the other benefits that come with the program, this is only one more incentive to sign up. Also, this coupon is double the usual 10% coupons Urban Outfitters offers, so snatch up that deal.

8.  Visit an Outlet Store

Urban Outfitters has outlet stores in various cities across the country. Here you find the ultimate clearance section. Everything is majorly discounted so you’re sure to get a good deal. They’re also huge warehouse stores that are packed with clothes. The odds of you walking out without anything from here are very slim.  

9. Save with Reward Levels

Urban Outfitters’ rewards program has a member level, a silver level, and a gold level. The silver level earns you 20% more points with every point challenge you complete. This means getting that extra $5 faster. You only need 300 points to enter this level.

Along with being able to earn points faster, this level gives you access to choose-your-own-sale days and an entry into monthly $100 gift card giveaways. You can earn a great deal if you’re lucky!

If you shop at Urban Outfitters a lot, in no time you’ll reach the gold level. You need 600 points to get to this level. You get all of the perks associated with the member and silver level, along with some rewards only for gold-level members.

You’ll get 40% extra points at this level, surprise rewards, and seasonal free shipping offers. It may take you a while to get here, but once you reach gold level, the perks are pretty great.

10. Earn Points for Joining

You can earn points on the Urban Outfitter’s reward program by just joining. Earn 50 points by just creating an account. This will get you halfway already to your $5 reward. Follow the other tips coming up and you’ll earn your $5 off without any actual purchases.

11. Save on the App

You can also earn points by downloading the Urban Outfitter’s app. You get 20 points for just downloading and logging in on the app. Plus, their app is a great way to keep track of how many points you have and decide how and when you want to spend them.

12. Turn on Your Notifications

You can earn 15 points for just enabling push notifications. This can also be great to stay up to date on flash sales that happen for members of the rewards program. Turning on notifications for Urban Outfitters can only help you.  

13. Sign Up for Emails

Along with push notifications, you can save by signing up for emails. Get 15 points by signing up for the mailing list. Again, signing up for emails from the site can help you to cash in on those quick sales that happen throughout the year. You can also cancel your subscription to emails at any time and still keep the points you earned.

14. Write a Review

Urban Outfitter’s reward program gives you 5 points for writing a review on a product. There are limits to this, however, you can only gain points on 3 reviews a month. Still, that’s 15 points that you didn’t have to spend money to get. Make sure to do this three times every month for maximum points.

15. Shop Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal is Urban Outfitters’ vintage renewal line. This is their effort toward sustainability by transforming vintage and retro items into new pieces that you can buy. When you buy any item from this line, you’ll earn an extra 5 points in addition to the 20 points you get from your purchase already.

16. Save by Window Shopping

By just browsing the Urban Outfitter’s website or scrolling through the app you can earn a point. This can only be redeemed 5 times a month, so don’t constantly refresh the page. However, this is still 1/4th of the points you get from a normal purchase without having to spend any money.

You can save money in so many ways by signing up and staying active with the Urban Outfitters site. Start using these tips to earn your first $5 off. You don’t even have to spend any money to earn your first 100 points and a $5 discount. 

17. Save on Shipping

If you can’t go in-store to shop, you can still save on shipping online. Urban Outfitters offers free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more. This is an easy way to save the $5 you would’ve spent on shipping. You can learn more about Urban Outfitters’ shipping policy here.


Savings are everywhere when it comes to Urban Outfitters items. Next time you shop here, remember these tips to save big! Look up more discount tips for your other favorite stores, through our site. Also, comment and share your opinion and unique savings tips in the comment section below!

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