20 Wayfair Savings Tricks: How to Save More Money When Shopping Online

Wayfair is the go-to spot for savings when you want to shop online for furniture and home goods–but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for even more ways to save at Wayfair!

With these expert tips, you’ll see just how easy it is to save money on all your favorite things at Wayfair, including decor, furniture, appliances, bedding, rugs, and more.

Without further ado, here’s the insider information you’ve been waiting for.

1. Sign Up for Wayfair’s Email List

Every expert couponer knows that joining email lists is a great way to save money by clipping more coupons and redeeming more deals.

Good news: Wayfair, one of the biggest online retailers for furniture and home goods, has an email list.

And you can join it here. Just scroll down past the first section of coupons to discover the box to input your email address. Great deals are just a click away! So, why not redeem them?

One of Wayfair’s most common gifts to their subscribers is a 10% off promo code. These single-use discount codes usually have an expiration date, so read the details once you receive them!

2. Check Wayfair’s Coupon Policy Page

Since Wayfair is an unadulterated online store (meaning they don’t have any own brick-and-mortar locations), they don’t mail outdated newsletters. Instead, they give shoppers online access to their complete Coupons & Coupon Codes page. 

You’ll find great deals like:

It’s the 21st century, and things move pretty fast around here. So, stay up to date on Wayfair’s coupons page to be easily directed to the greatest deals on online furniture and decor!

3. Shop Clearance for 50% Off (or More)

Savvy shoppers will find Wayfair’s clearance section on their “Open Box Deals” page. These products are exactly what you might imagine–products where people opened the box and thought, “ugh, this isn’t right for my space.”

Well, it’s your lucky day, because one person’s return is someone else’s treasure! 

If you’re in the market for some like-new furniture at low prices, definitely check out Wayfair’s clearance section. 

Wayfair also hosts special clearance sales on a time crunch, like their 72-Hour October Clearance deal with 60% off area rugs and wall art!

4. Receive Free Samples (Yes, Free)

You don’t want to be one of those people who ordered an expensive couch online only to realize that it’s not what you expected when it arrives.

Avoid that uncomfortable and inconvenient realization by requesting free swatch samples from Wayfair. (If you were expecting an entirely free sample couch, I’m sorry to break it to you. Wayfair doesn’t do that.)

But sending out free fabric swatches is pretty standard practice for large furniture retailers. 

Free fabric swatches from Wayfair are only available on select items. You’ll know you can receive them if the item features a purple “Free Samples” link on the product page.

5. Shop Closeout Deals for Steep Discounts

Much like Wayfair’s clearance page, the Closeout Deals page offers great discounts on tons of items. The main difference is that the items on sale are new and never opened. 

You’re more likely to find smaller home appliances and decor on the Closeout Deals page compared to the Open Box Deals.

Here are some of the best deals we found:

There’s no debating that these are some seriously great deals on quality items. But, keep in mind that you can’t return your once-returned items.

6. Search Koopy.com for Wayfair Coupons

Koopy.com is one of the largest couponing sites out there, with over 150K coupons from 5,000+ retailers. And all those savings are yours to redeem!

With tons of discounts and deals for products on Wayfair, Koopy.com is a must-stop location before you hit “purchase” on your Wayfair order. 

Some of the past amazing Wayfair discounts on Koopy.com include:

  • 70% off home goods when you sign up for emails
  • Up to 80% off select items
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Up to 65% off select outdoor item

7. Consider Getting a Wayfair Credit Card

Wayfair offers two credit cards, the Wayfair Credit Card and the Wayfair Mastercard. Both cards have no annual fees and offer you the choice between the following perks:

  • $40 off your first order of $250 or more
  • 5% cash back rewards at Wayfair


  • no interest financing (if paid in full up to 24 months on qualifying orders)

The Wayfair Mastercard also earns you extra cashback rewards on purchases outside of Wayfair. With the Mastercard, you’ll earn:

  • 3% at grocery stores
  • 2% online
  • 1% everywhere else

You can apply for both cards with one easy application. I highly recommend the Wayfair Mastercard, especially if you shop at Wayfair often. 5% cashback on hundreds (or thousands) of dollars adds up!

8. Shop on Way Day

Way Day is the WayFair equivalent of Amazon Prime Day–a special retailer holiday that features great deals for everyone. If you think this unique sale isn’t special–think again.

Way Day is better than Black Friday.

And while you might expect it to last a day (it’s in the name, after all), Way Day is the event of a multi-day sale. In 2021, Way Day lasted from April 28th to the 29th. So, watch out for Wayfair’s biggest sales even when it comes around next spring. Trust me–you don’t want to miss it.

If you still don’t believe me, check out some of the best deals from Way Day 2021 yourself.

9. Take Advantage of Black Friday Sales

If you just can’t wait until spring, then take your chances in November during Wayfair’s Black Friday sale. 

Wayfair has sold devilishly cheap items–like mattresses for $199. Expect to find wall art, lighting, rugs, kitchen essentials, major appliances, large furniture, and everything under the sun on sale at Wayfair during Black Friday.

Everyone knows Black Friday is the best time for your holiday shopping, whether you’re shopping for a friend or yourself.

10. Shop on Labor Day

Way Day and Black Friday aren’t the only annual sales on Wayfair. This popular online retailer also hosts a Labor Day sale every year. It usually lasts for a few days and offers even better deals than usual.

If you missed Way Day and just can’t wait until Black Friday, then Labor Day is your chance!

11. Never Pay for Shipping 

Shipping fees can turn a great deal into a sour one, which is why you should never pay shipping fees when shopping on Wayfair–and here’s how.

Shipping normally costs $4.99 when you order from Wayfair, and it can also vary depending on the items you purchase. 

But when you get items shipped to the US, you qualify for free shipping as long as your order is over $35. You don’t need an exclusive promo code or a fancy coupon. This deal is automatically applied at checkout.

Also, keep an eye out for any items marked “FREE SHIPPING!” on the product page.

12. Shop Rugs at Wayfair

If you’re in the market for a new rug, Wayfair should be your number one place to buy it. It’s common to see Wayfair’s rugs on sale for 50-60% off market value. And if you’re a savvy shopper, you can find discounts as high as 75%.

Wayfair has an enormous collection of rugs, too. So, there’s sure to be enough options for you, whether you need a simple area rug, a durable outdoor rug, or something else.

13. Start a Registry at Wayfair

If you’re planning on getting married, creating a registry is a great way to make gift-giving convenient for you and your guests. And, when you use Wayfair for your wedding registry, you get special bonuses, like:

  • A 20% discount on any unpurchased gifts (so you can complete your registry yourself)
  • Free returns within 90 days (which is 60 more than usual)
  • Free bonus gifts! (like attachments for your mixer)

To receive the 20% registry completion discount, there are a few rules. You must:

  • Create your registry at least 30 days before your wedding date
  • Ensure at least one guest purchases an item from their own Wayfair account

Then, you’ll receive your 20% off discount the day after your wedding. Create your registry here!

14. Follow Wayfair on Social Media 

Like most businesses, Wayfair has an online presence. And, it pays off to follow them on:

Find design inspiration, motivation, potential decor, and (best of all) great deals! Wayfair posts the latest news on current and upcoming sales, as well as special giveaways that could win you cash.

In October 2021, Wayfair hosted a #noplacelikeit challenge for users to share their style for a chance to win a $250 Wayfair gift card! That winner could be you if you follow Wayfair’s socials. 

15. Stack Promo Codes on Sales

Now, it’s time to get creative. Get a promo code from Koopy.com. Then, head over to one of Wayfair’s biggest sales. Yes, this is a mix and match scenario!

Stack your promo codes on top of any sales, including:

  • Regular sales
  • Special holiday sales
  • Daily sales
  • Open Box sales
  • Clearance sales

The only catch is that you can’t stack multiple coupon codes. You get one promo code per order, and that’s final.

16. Don’t Even Look at Full-Priced Items

If you haven’t realized yet, Wayfair loves offering sales to its customers. We already mentioned some of the amazing sales events that you need to cash in on, like:

  • Way Day
  • Black Friday
  • Labor Day
  • Clearance Events
  • Daily Deals

But, for those who didn’t take the hint, never shop unless there’s a sale. With all these sales, Wayfair’s got something going at least once a month. Window shop for your favorite items then pounces once it’s on sale.

Oh, and we didn’t even mention the Memorial Day or Columbus Day sales!

17. Make a Shopping List… In Your Wayfair Cart

If you’re a sales guru, you probably already keep a list of the things you’d like to buy. Well, take it a step further by putting those favorite items directly into your shopping cart.

This will cause Wayfair to send you email alerts about that item, including news like price drops and low stock. So, if something isn’t on sale yet, and you want to knab it before it goes out of stock, add it to your cart and monitor your emails!

18. Enroll in Wayfair Professional

Wayfair Professional translates to “Wayfair But Cheaper.” It’s a free program that gives you special benefits like:

  • Special insider deals
  • Reduced pricing on most items
  • Access to dedicated industry experts
  • Complimentary design services

Wayfair Professional is designed for large and small businesses, like offices, schools, hotels, designers, or contractors. You can access the program no matter what small business you run.

When you sign up, Wayfair will ask for a business license or EIN. But, if you’re a self-employed worker without any of that, you can still sign up for Wayfair Professional.

Just use your first and last name as your company name, and use your social security number as your EIN.

Once you’re in, look for products labeled for “Commercial Use.” Usually, these items are at least 15% off regular pricing!

Being a part of Wayfair Professional also grants you access to a special feature that lets you lock in deals for 30 days. Here’s how:

  1. Add the item to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.
  2. Click on the projects icon (a home with a heart).
  3. Click “See More Options”
  4. Select items by clicking checkboxes.
  5. Click “Create a Quote.”

Once you do that, your personal sales representative will reach out to you via email with lower prices!

19. Check Wayfair’s Sister Sites for Lower Prices

Wayfair doesn’t offer price matching, but you can price match on your own–sort of. Wayfair operates several other websites, which are Wayfair’s with different names:

And on these sites, they sell Wayfair brands, which include:

  • Andover Mills
  • Beachcrest Home
  • Brayden Studio
  • Breakwater Bay
  • Bungalow Rose
  • Gracie Oaks
  • Hashtag Home
  • Lark Manor
  • Laurel Foundry
  • Loon Peak
  • Mercury Row
  • Millwood Pines
  • Three Posts
  • Winston Porter
  • Zipcode Design

If you’re about to buy an item under one of these brands, cross-reference the price across Wayfair’s other sites–because you might find an even better deal on the same item.

20. Call Wayfair (Yes, Call!)

Wayfair might be an all-online store, but they have a dedicated customer service line that’s nice to engage with.

Before you order, give Wayfair a call because they’re likely going to help you out and save you money. You can mention the price match you found on their sister site, and they might (emphasis on the might) reduce the price for you on Wayfair.

In some instances, if you say you’d like your item to come sooner than expected and you’re lucky, you might even get free expedited shipping (which normally costs $25).

You can reach their customer service online, but calling Wayfair at 877-929-3247 will put in touch a human who might be willing to help.

Wayfair FAQs

Is Wayfair a trustworthy company?

Yes! Wayfair is legit. If you’ve had a bad experience with online retailers like Wish, know that Wayfair is a good company that you can trust–and they have excellent customer service. Wayfair is one of the hottest online destinations for home decor and furniture because they offer great deals on tons of items. But don’t rush over to Wayfair just yet! Check out our 20 tips for saving money at Wayfair before you buy, so you can ensure you get the absolute best deals.

What other stores does Wayfair own?

Wayfair also owns Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold, which are all home decor and furniture e-commerce retailers. These online storefronts are nearly identical to Wayfair, and they even offer a lot of the same products!

How much does it cost to return products to Wayfair?

Wayfair returns are always free to make, but Wayfair does not cover shipping costs to return. So, you’ll have to pay to ship your products back to Wayfair. For small, lightweight items, it could cost just a few dollars to ship returns back to Wayfair. But, if you purchased furniture, the costs could be much higher–around $75 to $300.

How long will it take for my Wayfair order to arrive?

Wayfair items are usually delivered within one to three weeks of ordering. Depending on where you live and what you purchase, your wait time could be more or less, though. While you’re waiting for your Wayfair order to arrive, consider reading these 20 tips on how to save more money when you shop with them.

Final Thoughts: Saving Money at Wayfair

Wayfair makes it easy to save money with their almost constant sales and already-low prices on quality home furnishings and decor. But anyone who loves to save money knows that we can’t stop there.

Never pay for anything from Wayfair for full price by:

Do you have more tips on how to save money at Wayfair? Share the wealth below by leaving a comment!

Rebecca Choi is a freelance writer, designer, and contributor to koopy.com from Philadelphia, PA. Armed with her Bachelor's Degree in English and Graphic Design from Arcadia University, she pursues a life of creation and hopes to earn an M.Arch in the near future. Her passions include reading novels, writing poetry, promoting mental health and wellness, and creating functional artwork.

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