16 Tips You May Not Know to Save Even More at Wendy’s

We’ve all had either a late-night craving for a cheeseburger and fries or the lack of motivation to cook dinner that night. So what is one of the best places to pick up some quick grub? Wendy’s is a great option.

From mouthwatering burgers and salty fries to Frostys and chicken strips, Wendy’s has it all. This global fast-food restaurant chain has left its mark on the world and provides its customers with even more ways to save on their already low-priced menu.

Below are 16 tips to save even more when you are craving Wendys.

1. Save time with the Wendy’s app

Download Wendy’s app to make ordering online quicker and more efficient. This tip will save you a few extra dollars in the long run.

The app allows you to plug in your ZIP code so that you can see all the Wendy’s near you. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can order directly from the app.

When you arrive at the restaurant the meal will already be started. The Wendy’s app also connects to your email so you can use the promos you get in your email right through the app. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android

The app also has exclusive offers where you can snag either a free breakfast sandwich or a large fry with a purchase.

2. Score half off a Frosty

Every so often Wendy’s has a half-off any size Frosty deal. This means that a small Frosty, which is normally only $1 will be 50 cents! The only issue is that nobody ever knows when the deal is and the promotions don’t last long. So be sure to get a Frosty when you see this deal!

3. Sign up for a Wendy’s account

A majority of Wendy’s discounts come through their mobile app, but you can still get some pretty great coupons when you sign up for a Wendy’s account. Simply enter your email or log in through Facebook to get started. Some of these coupons include a free frosty, $1 off any purchase, or even a free large fry. You can choose to print the coupons at home or show the cashier on your Wendy’s app.

4. Free Frosty on your birthday

When you sign up for Wendy’s app you will automatically receive a free Frosty whenever your birthday comes around. Who doesn’t love a free birthday Frosty?

5. Buy a Boo Book

During the month of September and October, Wendy’s runs a promotion called the Boo Book. These books cost $1 each and from it, you can get 5 Junior Frosty’s. Each book supports the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 85 cents of every dollar goes to helping foster children. These books are a great way to get some extra Frosty’s.

6. Wendy’s Veteran Advantage Program

Wendy’s has partnered with Veteran’s Advantage to provide members with exclusive WendyMail offers to their restaurants nationwide. Through WendyMail, members are eligible to receive offers for patriotic holidays and extra year-round savings. Combine “WendyMail” and the Wendy’s App the discounts you receive to save even more.

7. Get food between 2 pm and 4 pm

Looking for a quick meal without all the hassle of lines? Well, the best time of day to get your mid-afternoon burger is between 2 pm and 4 pm. This is after the lunch rush, but right before dinner. Who doesn’t love a midday burger and fries?

8. Follow Wendy’s on social media

Twitter is Wendy’s biggest way of communication with its members. Not only do they offer hilarious daily tweets, but they also advertise special offers that are out. A really engaging way to keep up to date with discounts without getting emails you may never see.

Wendy’s also has a great Facebook page where they keep all of their customers up to date on promotional offers, coupons, or upcoming deals. If you scroll to the main page you can see past examples of different deals the fast-food chain previously had. Try checking in on the Facebook page for some offers you may not find on Twitter or in your emails.

9. Assemble your own salad

A typical Caesar salad at Wendy’s is $4.49. A clever alternative to spending this is to buy the side salad, which is $1.79, and a four-piece chicken nugget, for $1.19. Want the Caesar dressing? Just ask during your order and they will provide it for free. This hack will easily save you $1.50.

10. Work for Wendy’s

Really love Wendy’s? Why not work for them? Employees at Wendy’s are entitled to one 50% off meal per shift they work. If you aren’t working that day you can still get 25% off anything on the menu and a free drink. The maximum discount you can receive is up to $6.

11. Save your receipts

Give Wendy’s your feedback and you may get something special. Sometimes on your receipt, there are coupons for other deals that the fast-food chain offers.

Also, if there was something wrong with your meal then contact their customer care department and let them know. Be sure to have your receipt on because they may follow up with certificates for burgers, fries, or drinks. 

12. Skip the soda

Fast food chains love to profit off of soda. They will charge you an extra $2.19 just for a large soda at Wendy’s. So, skip the soda and just order water. Besides, if you bring your food home you can stop at the store on the way for a much cheaper 8-pack of your favorite soda. Your wallet will thank you later. 

13. Join Wendy’s Rewards

Join the Wendy’s Rewards program to get free points whenever you spend money there. For every $1 you spend, you earn 10 points. Each item on the menu has a different amount of points to get a free meal. So start stacking up the points to save even more on the food you love. 

14. Lookout for Wendy’s coupons

Make sure to continually check out Wendy’s offers and coupons page for even coupons and promotional deals. Here you can find deals that are offered in the app, on Wendy’s website, and through their email lists. Continually check in on this page because you may find a deal that you didn’t know was even running.

15. Senior Discount

Certain Wendy’s locations offer senior discounts. To see if your local fast food restaurant offers one, look up your store online or call and ask. 

16. Opt for the Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe

One of the cheapest items to purchase off the menu, the Jr. Cheeseburger deluxe is sure to satisfy all. At only $1, you can get a full 8 oz patty. This option is one of the most cost-effective and you can keep piling up patties for an additional $1.

FAQs About Wendy’s

Can I use more than one coupon at Wendy’s?

No. Wendy’s does not allow you to stack coupons or combine them with other offers.

Can I get Wendy’s Rewards if I purchase gift cards?

Wendy’s does not consider gift cards are an eligible way to receive points. Everything else on the menu will guarantee you points except for gift cards.

Can I earn points if I go through the drive through?

Yes. Simply scan the QR code on the Wendy’s app when you pull up to the pickup window.

When do points expire?

Points expire 365 days after they are added to your account. When points are redeemed, the oldest ones are used first.

How long until I see points on my account?

You should see points within 2 hours or purchase. You can only use points that appear in your account balance. If you still don’t see them after a few days, fill out the Rewards Recipt Submission Form.

Final Thoughts

Just because Wendy’s is already pretty cheap doesn’t mean that you cant save a few extra bucks here and there. Dollars add up quickly, especially when fast-food chains love to add extras to their orders.

If you are looking to save a little extra cash, then don’t order sides or upgrade your meal. It is simple little hacks like this that will add up in the long run.

Make sure to download Wendy’s app and continuously check in on social media for the latest deals and promotions so that you can save even more. 

Olivia Kelliher is an experienced writer and a koopy.com contributor from Boston, MA who enjoys writing about a variety of topics such as health and wellbeing, fashion, and marketing. In her down time, Olivia loves to hang out with her dogs, go swimming, and take pictures on her camera.

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