Get More Bang for Your Buck with Footlocker’s Student Discount

Does Foot Locker Have a Student Discount?

Yes. According to our last check on November 13, 2021 Foot Locker offers a 20% student discount

How to Grab This Discount?

Footlocker has paired up with Student Beans to make a 20% student discount on purchases of $99 or above possible. Student Beans is a credible software that’s mission is to provide discounts to students from their various favorite stores.

The site is free to use for students of varying degrees of education. Many competing sites require students to be in college in order to receive a discount. However, Student Beans expands their discounts to anyone over the age of 16 and in a full-time education program. 

This can include being enrolled in a university, attending high school, and even for those studying for an apprenticeship. With Student Beans, you can get that great student discount without ever having to go to the store. Student Beans’ verification process is simple and allows you to make the most of your student status. It’s easy to make an account with Student Beans.

Along with the online Student Beans discount, you can also reap the same 20% off discount in-store, if you want to make sure the shoe fits in person. Simply show the coupon from Student Beans to the cashier in the store and your discount will be applied.

Setting up an Account with Student Beans

Student Beans is a secure network that protects your privacy online and allows you to verify your student credentials entirely online in order to receive perks from all of your favorite brands, including Footlocker.

All you have to do is make an account. An account is free and easy to make. For this step, you’ll just need to enter your personal email and a password.

After setting up your account, you’ll verify your student status. There are a variety of ways that you can identify yourself as a student through Student Beans. This includes typing in your college’s name, providing your student email, and other methods of verification.

This way, you can pick what information you’re comfortable sharing. It’s that easy to get started with Student Beans and requires much less personal information than other student identification websites.

You are also asked to provide a date of birth and what your gender is (if you’d like) so that Student Beans can curate deals that suit your needs. This way, you can find the sites you want to shop at faster.

How to Use the Discount?

Once you’ve created an account with Student Beans and are verified as a student, claiming the discount is easy. Look up the coupon you want, which in this case is 20% off at Footlocker, and copy the coupon code into the discount code section as you go to checkout to reap the reward of 20% off your entire purchase.

The Discount Comes with Conditions

The 20% off discount is a great offer. This can take you far in your shopping needs. However, any good thing comes with some conditions. Footlocker isn’t too strict with the conditions they’ve set out. Their only condition is that you must spend over $99 to claim the coupon. However, with the price of shoes, you’ll easily rack up this amount in a single shopping trip.

Where Else Can You Find a Good Deal on Student Beans?

Footlocker isn’t the only shoe store to offer a discount. These stores offer a discount for students through Student Beans as well. It’s worth a glance to compare prices and find the deal that’s right for you:

  • Footaction – 20% Off Student Discount
  • Champs- 20% Student Discount
  • Envy Shoes- 20% Student Discount
  • Hudson Shoes- 10% Student Discount
  • Shoebacca- 10% Student Discount
  • MIA Shoes- 15% Student Discount
  • Shutz Shoes- 20% Student Discount

All of these competitor sites have similar discounts to that of Footlocker. However, Footlocker has more well-known brands on their site, so the 20% off discount may take you further in savings. Student Beans has a variety of discounts and Footlocker is just one of them. No matter where you shop, look up a coupon before buying.

The More Shoes, The Better

A wide variety of shoes are needed to complete any student’s wardrobe, so why not get them at a cheaper price?

Whether you’re buying a new seasonal wardrobe, supplies for school, or essential products like glasses, Koopy can help you find a discount that’s perfect for you and your bank account.

Other Discount Plans From Foot Locker

Type Availibility Discount Value
Senior Discount no -
First Responder Discount no -
Teacher Discount no -
Military Discount yes 15%

More Ways to Save at Foot Locker

Visit Foot Locker coupons and promo codes page to view all their offers and learn additional ways to save when shopping at Foot Locker.

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