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Golden Corral also has an informative FAQ page that answers many questions on these topics and more:
  • - Online Ordering
  • - Delivery, Pickup, & Curbside
  • - Rewards FAQs
  • - Good As Gold Club FAQs
Visit the Golden Corral FAQ page here.

Golden Corral Coupons & Promo Codes 2023

  • Delivery is available in most Golden Corral locations. To find your preferred delivery service, locate a restaurant nearby. Delivery
  • Most Golden Corral restaurants offer Curbside Pickup when you order online. Enter your Zip to find the closest store to you Curbside
  • Join the Golden Corral Rewards & earn points and rewards each time you enjoy Golden Corral. Learn more here. Rewards Program
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Golden Corral Discount Plans

Type Availibility Discount Value
Senior Discount no -
First Responder Discount no -
Teacher Discount no -
Military Discount no -
Student Discount no -

More Ways to Save at Golden Corral

Sign Up for the Golds Reward Club Sign up to enjoy benefits reserved for club members only. Receive a free beverage, special birthday offers, exclusive coupons, club news, and more.

Enjoy in Group The Golden Corral MotorCoach Certification program is designed to serve each group with impeccable hospitality and excellence at all locations. With special accommodation and large seating space, endless buffets, special group rates, and complimentary meals, Bus Tour + Group Sales provide variety and high-quality standard to the crowd.

Check the Nutrition Facts Golden Corral offers quality food at great prices that are meant to meet nutritional goals. Check out the nutrition database at Golden Corral to find some dietary information.

Follow on Social Media – To stay updated about the latest news and promotional deals at Golden Corral, follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Golden Corral Delivery Policy

Delivery Options

Golden Corral offers Pickup, Dine-in, Delivery, and Catering options.

  • Pickup – All items can be packed and made ready for pickup from the store or curbside.
  • Dine-in – Golden Corral offers sumptuous meals and great dining ambiance at its restaurants.
  • Delivery – Delivery service is available in most of the locations.
  • Catering – Large party platters are available for pickup.

Delivery Duration

Delivery time varies from one order to another depending on the wait time, demand, and traffic.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are applied to the orders at checkout. To find the delivery charge, just place an item in the cart and proceed to checkout.

Delivery Destination

Golden Corral delivers within the United States. To check the delivery option for your nearest location, check here.

Golden Corral FAQs

How to redeem a Golden Corral promo code?

To redeem a Golden Corral promo code, visit the website, and go to ‘Menus’. Click ‘Print’. Enable the background images by ticking off the appropriate box.

Once you have got the print of your promo code, proceed to get it redeemed in-store during checkout.

How to add a Golden Corral gift card number?

To add a Golden Corral gift card number, select the store in your location by entering your zip code, choose the items you want to buy, and add them to the cart. Click the cart icon on the top right corner of the page, and proceed to checkout.

You can sign in, create an account, or checkout as a guest. At checkout, on the right side, you will see the ‘Payment’ section with the ‘Golden Corral Gift Card’ option. Click ‘Golden Corral Gift Card’, and an ‘Add Gift Card’ box pops up. Enter your code in the box and click ‘Add Card’.

What methods of payment does Golden Corral accept?

Golden Corral accepts credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex.

What to do if my Golden Corral promo code is not working?

In case your Golden Corral promo code does not work, try the following:

  • Check whether the promo code is valid and has not expired as expired codes are deemed invalid and cannot be applied further.
  • Check whether your order meets all the terms and conditions of the promo code.
  • Some items may not be qualified for a promo code.
  • Promo codes may sometimes be only used if the order qualifies the minimum order value. Ensure that your order exceeds or equals the minimum value.
  • Ensure you have not used the promo code previously on any order as most promo codes can be used only once.

How can I find the latest Golden Corral promo codes?

To find the latest Golden Corral promo codes, you can visit the Golden Corral website and sign up with your email address, or join Gold Rewards Club to get exclusive deals and promo codes.Alternatively, you can also visit this page for the latest Golden Corral promo codes.
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