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Sorry, there are currently no active offers available for Hardees

More Ways to Save at Hardees

Sign Up for Email Newsletter - Sign up with your email and Hardee’s will send you a free coupon for small fries, and a small drink with purchase of any Original Angus Burger. Additionally, you can receive exclusive deals and coupons delivered straight to your inbox once you join Hardee’s mailing list.

Try the $2, $3, and More Menu - Hardee’s introduces the new “$2, $3, and More” menu that offers easy and affordable breakfast items featuring the signature Sausage Biscuits, Breakfast Sandwich, and full Breakfast Platter at $2, $3 and $4 price points. 

Save the Delivery Cost - Get back to the old-school way to get your foods and save some bucks on delivery. Order online and select either Take Out or Drive-Thru at checkout to collect your order from the nearest Hardee’s outlet.

Follow Hardee’s on Social Media - Like Hardee’s on Facebook, join the conversation on Twitter, and follow the brand on Instagram to stay up to date about the latest promo codes and delivery offers. You can also follow Hardee’s YouTube channel for more savings tips and promotions.

Hardees Delivery Policy

Hardee’s only offers doorstep delivery via third-party delivery partners like Doordash, Postmates, and Uber Eats. You can check for the available Hardee’s menus on the website of the third-party delivery partners and order online. Depending on your location, delivery fees are calculated at checkout.

Check out the Delivery-related FAQs of Hardee’s for more information.

Hardees FAQs

How to redeem a coupon or promo code at Hardee’s?

As Hardee’s menus are only available to order at third-party delivery platforms, you can only redeem your promo or coupon codes there only. To redeem a promo code, visit any third-party delivery website, find Hardee’s menus, and start ordering your food.

Simply follow the instructions and apply your promo or coupon code at checkout. Once the code is successfully applied you can go ahead and place your order.

Why is my promo code not working?

If your Hardee’s promo code doesn’t work, check the following:

  • Expired promo codes or coupons don’t work. Hence, check whether the promo code is still active or not. Usually, promotional codes remain active for a limited period.
  • Promo codes are usually subject to eligible purchases. So, using it for items excluded from the promotional offer may not work. So, check the products on your cart once again.
  • Check for the possible misspelled or case-sensitive words.
  • Remove unnecessary spaces between two letters of promotional codes.

How can I get more Hardee’s deals and offers?

You can always visit the current Koopy page to see whether any of Hardee’s latest offers are available for you.

Does Hardee’s have any Gift Cards?

Yes, Hardee’s offers physical Gift Cards only, available to redeem at participating Hardee’s restaurants. You can order one for your loved ones with a personalized message imprinted on it. To order, simply visit the Hardee’s Gift Card page. Corporate and bulk ordering is also available.


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