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Check out the FAQ page on the LongHorn Steakhouse website for information about:

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LongHorn Steakhouse Coupons And Deals 2022

  • LongHorn Steakhouse delivers orders within the USA for orders of $100 or more. Learn more here.

  • LongHorn Steakhouse offers curbside pick-up at select locations. Visit here and search with a location to find out curbside availability.

  • Join the LongHorn Steakhouse eClub for exclusive rewards and special offers. Sign up here.

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Chili Cheese Fries @ $5.99
Grab HOT chilli cheese fries just at $5.99

Longhorn Steakhouse Discount Plans

Type Availibility Discount Value
Senior Discount no -
First Responder Discount no -
Teacher Discount no -
Military Discount no -
Student Discount no -

More Ways to Save at LongHorn Steakhouse

Check Out Specials - To find current offers from LongHorn Steakhouse, check their Specials tab at the top of their homepage.

Join The Club - You can get exclusive specials and rewards if you sign up for LongHorn Steakhouse’s eClub. You’ll also get a coupon for a free appetizer.

Open An Account - For quicker checkout and to track your purchases, open your own account with LongHorn Steakhouse. 

LongHorn Steakhouse Delivery Policy

Delivery Options

LongHorn Steakhouse offers Curbside pickup and Delivery options.

Delivery options are based on the delivery address and store location.

LongHorn Steakhouse has partnered with delivery platforms like DoorDash.

Delivery Duration and Charges

Delivery time is calculated at checkout as per the delivery address, schedule selected, and store location. Delivery time is relative and changes from place to place.

The delivery charge is computed at checkout based on the order amount, delivery address, and store location.

Delivery Locations

LongHorn Steakhouse delivers within the United States.

For more information on LongHorn Steakhouse’s delivery policy, click here.

LongHorn Steakhouse FAQs

How can I redeem a LongHorn Steakhouse coupon code?

Go to the LongHorn Steakhouse website and click ‘Order Now’. Choose the pickup or delivery option. Provide the pickup location or your delivery address to search the nearby stores. Once you choose the store, click ‘Continue Order’.

You will be directed to another page with a variety of food items. Choose the food category and the items you wish to order. Another tab will open with further specifications and add-on options. Once you are done selecting, click ‘Add to Cart. Click on the cart icon on the top right corner to view the items and a side tab will open.

longhorn steakhouse promo code

Click ‘Enter Coupon Code’. You will see the ‘Coupon Code’ box. Enter the code in the box and click ‘Apply’. Click ‘Checkout’.  You can either checkout as a guest, sign in, or create an account.

Why is my LongHorn Steakhouse coupon code not working?

If your LongHorn Steakhouse coupon code did no redeem successfully, try the following:

  • Remove unnecessary spaces or wrong upper or lowercase in the coupon code.
  • Ensure the eligibility of the items for the coupon code.
  • Check if there are any violations of the terms and conditions of the coupon code.
  • Ensure that the coupon code is valid.

What are the payment methods that are accepted while ordering online from LongHorn Steakhouse?

LongHorn Steakhouse accepts standard credit card payments, PayPal, and gift cards.

Can I use multiple coupon codes on a single order from LongHorn Steakhouse?

No, you can use only one coupon code for one order. If you want to redeem other coupon codes, you can place another order and redeem another coupon code in the same way.

Where can I find out about LongHorn Steakhouse coupon codes?

You can visit the LongHorn Steakhouse website and check for new codes, sign up with your email address, or follow LongHorn Steakhouse on social media to get updates on offers and coupon codes.You can also visit this page you are currently on for the latest LongHorn Steakhouse’ promotional offers.
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