Nike Student Discount: Get 10% Off Your Entire Purchase

Does Nike Have a Student Discount?

Yes. According to our last check on September 5, 2021 Nike offers a 10% student discount

Don’t Pay Full Price at Nike as a Student

Whether you’re in high school or college, you probably know the struggle of trying to save while in school. School supplies and textbooks can quickly eat up your savings, so wherever you can save money, you should.

And if you’re a student-athlete, you know that athletic supplies like workout clothes, shoes, and sports equipment come at a high cost–especially when you purchase them from a trusted brand like Nike.

The good news is that Nike offers a student discount to currently enrolled students at high schools, colleges, and universities. And it applies to both full-time and part-time students! Here’s everything you need to know about Nike’s student discount, including how to redeem it.

How to Sign Up for a Nike Student Discount

To redeem Nike’s 10% student discount, you’ll need to verify your student status with Nike’s partner, SheerID. This involves completing a verification form that includes your age–you need to be at least 16 to redeem the student discount. 

After verification, Nike will send you a unique single-use promo code you can use to receive a 10% discount on select items. This promo code works for most products, but some exclusions apply. That means if you shop smart, you can get 10% off your entire purchase at Nike.

When you checkout, sign in to your Nike Member profile and enter the student discount promo code. Then, you’ll get 10% off your Nike purchase. Easy, right?

The Nike Student Discount Fine Print You Need to Know

There is a catch (well, a few catches) to Nike’s 10% student discount that you need to know before trying to redeem it.

First, your one-time promo code expires two weeks after it’s issued, so it’s best to wait until the day of or the day before you know you’ll go shopping to activate it.

The other catch is that you can’t redeem your 10% student discount in-store–only online or through the Nike App. You also can’t use it at third-party retailers like Macy’s, Kohls, JCP, etc.

And if you read through the terms and conditions of the discount, you’ll see that it:

  • Can take up to $50 off only (from a $500 purchase or more)
  • Can not be used in combination with any other discounts (except for a free shipping promo code and some on-sale items)
  • Applies to eligible items only

The student discount excludes:

  • Apple products
  • Gift cards
  • Nike By You products
  • Some Launch and SNRKS products
  • Any other items at Nike’s discretion

How to Get the Most out of Your Nike Student Discount

Although Nike issues single-use promo codes to students, Nike student discounts can be redeemed once every 30 days from the same account. So, at least 30 days or more after your last discounted purchase, you can re-verify your student status to receive a fresh discount code.

The best strategy for saving the most money at Nike is to purchase a few eligible items every month instead of buying tons of products in one go. This allows you to enjoy new products and on-sale products as time passes–and still get that 10% discount.

Choosing to buy just a few items each month is also a good strategy to avoid overspending–which can save you tons of money each year. Those little purchases add up! So, being mindful of limiting spending is one of the smartest things a student can do.

And if you’re worried about shipping costs–don’t be.

When you become a Nike Member, Nike will give you free standard shipping on every order, every time. Sign up for your free Nike Membership here for free shipping promo codes.

You also need to know that Nike usually changes their student discount a few times a year. They’ll often raise it from 10% to 20-25%. When that happens, stock up on the things you need!

More Ways to Save Money on Sports Gear

Nike isn’t the only quality athletic retailer that offers student discounts. Students can also redeem:

But many sports stores don’t offer a regular student discount, such as:

  • DICK’s Sporting Goods
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Cabelas
  • Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • Big 5
  • REI

So, shopping with Nike’s 10% student discount looks like a great way to save on quality athletic clothes, shoes, and gear!

FAQs About Nike’s Student Discount

Does Nike Offer a Good Student Discount?

Nike offers 10% off your entire order on select qualifying items for currently enrolled students in high school (16+), college, and university. But, there are some specific terms and conditions that you should know about, like how you can only redeem the Nike student discount online and not in-store.

How Can Students Save More Money at Nike?

Students can receive a promo code for 10% off their entire order at Nike every month when they verify their student status through SheerID. Only buying on-sale items with free shipping (which you can get with a free Nike Membership) can also help students save.

How Does Nike’s Student Discount Compare to Competitors?

Nike’s competitors, Adidas and Champion, offer similar student discounts, but many other sports retailers offer no student discounts at all. Don’t expect to receive a student discount at DICKs, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Academy, Big 5, or REI.

Save Money as a Student with Nike Student Promo Codes

As a student, whether in high school, college, or university, times can get tough financially. Redeeming discounts on the items you already buy is the best way to save some money–and Nike’s 10% student discount can help.

To sum it up, take advantage of Nike’s discount by:

Have you discovered more ways to save at Nike as a student? Share your experience with our savings community by dropping a comment below!

Other Discount Plans From Nike

Type Availibility Discount Value
Senior Discount no -
First Responder Discount yes 10%
Teacher Discount no -
Military Discount yes 10%

More Ways to Save at Nike

Visit Nike coupons and promo codes page to view all their offers and learn additional ways to save when shopping at Nike.

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