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Skyscanner FAQs

Where can I view and manage the price alerts I have set up?

To manage the price alerts you have set up, you’ll need to log in to your Skyscanner account.

On the desktop website of Skyscanner, you can log in to your account by clicking “Log in” at the top of the screen.

To log in on our mobile website and the app, tap the menu button and then tap the “Log in” option.

Once you’ve logged in on desktop or mobile web, click on the 'Account' option and navigate to the Price Alert Management screens. From here you can view the alerts you currently have set up, the latest price found, trigger an immediate search, stop an alert, or set up new alerts.

To manage these on the app, tap the menu button you can see at the top left of the home screen and then “Recent searches and Price Alerts”. From here you’ll be able to manage your price alerts.

How to get the latest Skyscanner discount code and other offers?

Log in to Skyscanner with your email or continue with your Google account to create a new Price Alert and know whether the flight deal you’re looking for has changed or not. This way you can always stay alert in case you have to spend more.

You can also bookmark this page for future visits. Keep visiting the page and choose the eligible discounts and promotional offers you can find here for additional savings.

Does Skyscanner offer a guaranteed price while booking?

No, Skyscanner doesn’t set prices on its own, so it’s not possible for the website to guarantee an airline’s price. However, Skyscanner shows the latest prices as per information collected from the source website of different airlines, and if they get increased, Skyscanner also keeps you informed through the Price Alert feature.
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