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Who we are

Koopy.com is an online coupons & deals aggregator that helps users find the best promotional offers available on the Web. Koopy.com is operated by Meliortech SRL (Registration Number 41320703), headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

At Koopy.com, you can thumb through hundreds and thousands of promo codes and special offers from more than 5,000 top brands. We also publish daily saving hacks for your favorite brands, expert reviews, and general money-saving tips that would help you become a savvy shopper!

our Mission

Koopy.com was created with a sole mission to transform the lives of millions of shoppers by helping them snag the best offers for any possible store. Our goal is to be a one-stop destination for money-saving enthusiasts and get the most for your hard-earned cash!

Koopy.com is not just a catalog of promo codes and special offers – we partner with top money-savings and retail experts to provide exclusive content and guides to help our community with all the tools and resources needed to make smart shopping decisions.

Legit Offers & Coupons

At Koopy, we do our best to provide 100% authentic coupon codes and deals. We examine and verify each deal and promo code featured on the site. We have a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to scams and fake offers.

Size Does Matter!

5,000 brands and counting! Koopy is all about giving you more saving options, both in terms of the number of brands and the number of offers. Welcome to the BIGGEST hub of live offers and promo codes on the internet.

Top Brands

Even the biggest brands offer discount codes! These exclusive offers may not be easy to locate on social media sites, but we have made it easier for you to get your mitts on these offers from the top brands. Yes, this includes your most favorite brand, too!

Exclusive Guides & Quality Content

Why wait for a coupon code when you have other ways to save money while shopping? Besides bringing the latest promo codes and deals to your fingertips, we also offer EXCLUSIVE store-saving hacks and shopping insights. Hint: Check out our ‘Blog’ section.

Save More, Every Day

Explore A World Of Promo Codes!

Koopy is a global team of retail experts who are committed to adding a little bit of happiness to your shopping experience. Shopping can be boring or fun – depending on a lot of things, with promotional offers being one of them. We make sure your visit to a website or store becomes filled with loads of pleasant surprises.

Our experts keep tabs on deals and promotional offers that do not last forever. We bring you all the fresh deals so you can grab the cool discounts and extra savings before they become invalid. Our retail experts are fully aware that you don’t have the time to track the latest promotional offers. We do it for you, so you can focus on more important things in life. For example, spending the most memorable vacation in Antigua!

Meet Our Money-Savings & Retail Experts

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Disclosure: Koopy Is A For-Profit Platform

So How Do We Make Money?

While Koopy.com doesn’t promote any brand or merchant in particular, and what you see on the site is a dynamic selection of promotional offers and deals, we DO EARN a commission or get a share of profit when a user makes a purchase on any of the merchant websites by following the links placed on Koopy.com, for example, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. In fact, this is what keeps our endeavors alive!

Does this mean we provide biased information? The answer is simple: Absolutely Not! We have one main principle in mind, and that is the safety and trustworthiness of our users. We will never provide biased or false information for the sake of making a profit. This goes against our ethics and against what we believe in as service givers.

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