Free Protein and Supplement Samples (2022 Updated) – Get Free Samples of Protein & Supplements Products in the Mail

Find out how you can get free protein samples and supplement samples with just a few clicks of your mouse. Includes samples for both men and women.

It can be disappointing to buy a big container of protein powder and realize that you don’t like the taste, the consistency is gritty, or it just doesn’t work for you. A great solution to this is requesting free protein samples. These free samples come in a variety of types and flavors and will allow you to try them out before you decide to buy them. Be sure to read all the details about the free samples before requesting them, some may require a purchase or shipping and handling.

More Ways to Find Protein Freebies and Supplement Free Samples

After you’ve requested these free protein samples, you may want to get even more of them. There are a few ways that you can get more protein freebies besides just requesting samples.

Visit your local supplement store. A great way to get free protein samples out in the real world is by visiting your local supplement store. A lot of times they will have pre-packaged protein samples that are just sitting behind the counter ready to be given away. Some stores will even break open a large container and give you a sample that you can take home and try. Here are a few stores to try: GNC, Vitamin World, and The Vitamin Shoppe. You may also have local stores in your area that sell protein supplements so don’t forget to check out these that are near you.

Check with your local gym. Sometimes gyms receive samples of protein powder and other supplements that they can give away to members. Ask your front desk or your gym’s dietician to see if they have any that they can give you. Also, gym rats know where to get free supplement samples and they may be just the ones you’re looking for. Ask where they “try before they buy” to find out where you can go to get samples.

Ask and you shall receive. Do you have a certain protein powder or bar that you’re really wanting to try? Just ask them if they have any free samples available! Look for a phone number or email on the package and get in touch with them. Explain that you’re wanting to try out their product but don’t want to make a commitment to buying a full-sized product. A lot of these companies have both samples and coupons that they’ll happily send to interested customers.

Protein Freebies FAQs

How can I get free protein samples?

Check’s list of free protein samples regularly to discover the latest news on protein freebies like protein powder, protein bars, and protein shakes! Plenty of companies offer free sample packs for you to taste their products before purchasing. While you can “purchase” a free sample pack from some fitness retailers, others include freebies with purchases or for special promotions.

Where can I get free protein samples?

It’s easy to get free protein samples like protein powder, protein bars, and protein shakes when you check our list of protein freebies. If you have a favorite protein company or one you want to try, consider searching their website for “sample”. You may discover that a free sample pack of their newest or most popular products has been available for you to claim this whole time!

What companies give away free protein powder samples?

There are plenty of companies that give away free protein samples. Here are some of our favorite:

  • Muscle and Strength 
  • Ground-Based Nutrition
  • EFX Sports
  • Tiger Fitness

To learn more about protein freebies (and other freebies you can claim!), check out

Is it possible to get free samples of protein powder or protein shakes?

Yes! Retailers often offer free samples as a way to lure customers in. The idea is that once you taste their product, you’ll be convinced it’s good enough to buy. But, if you know where to find the best protein freebies, you can cash in on tons of free protein samples like shakes, whey powders, and protein bars. Check out our insider info on protein freebies at for more information and money-saving tips.


Final thoughts

Free protein samples can help you find the protein supplement that you’re looking for to fit your lifestyle. These samples let you try them before you buy them, so you know what you like and what you don’t like.

Are you wanting even more free samples of protein supplements? Look no further! This page is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest in protein freebies.

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