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The customer service section of the Southwest website provides answers to commonly asked questions like:

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More Ways to Save at Southwest

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Southwest FAQs

How can I redeem the Southwest promo code?

Visit the Southwest website and scroll down to choose what you are looking for in the ‘Book’ section.

southwest airlines promo code

If you want to book a flight and enter a promo code, you can simply click ‘Flight’ and enter your promo code below in the ‘Promo Code’ box after choosing the departure and arrival destinations and dates. Your promo code will be adjusted with the fares when you click ‘Search’.

If you are looking for a car, click ‘Car’. You will get the option to type in the details about your pickup and drop. Right below it, you will see the ‘Advanced Search’ option for promo codes. Click ‘Advanced Search’ and you will land on the ‘Book a Car’ page. You will get ‘Show advanced search options’ below the pickup and drop details section. Click on it. A drop-down will appear. You can select company, type of code, and enter your code in the ‘Code’ box and click ‘Search’ for the promo code to be applied.

If you are looking for a vacation, click ‘Vacations’ and enter the promo code in the ‘Promo Code’ box and click ‘Search’.

Where can I find out about Southwest promo codes or rewards?

You can visit the website and sign up for alerts and notifications. You can also start booking flights and hotels to get rewards points. You can enroll for the Rapid Rewards as well.

You can visit this page too for the latest updates on Southwest’s promotional offers.

Why is my Southwest promo code not working?

If your Southwest promo code is not successfully working, ensure the following –

  • The promo code should not have expired.
  • There should not be any unnecessary spaces or wrong usage of the upper or lower case.
  • There should not be any violation of the terms and conditions.
  • Check if the service you have selected is eligible or not.

How can I earn Rapid Reward Points?

You can visit the Southwest website and click ‘Rapid Rewards’. When a drop-down menu appears, click ‘Enroll’. You will then get an enrollment procedure after the completion of which an account number will be generated. Keep a note of this account number for future use to redeem points. After getting enrolled, you can simply book flights and make Rapid Rewards partner transactions to keep earning points.
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