Pinch Pennies with These 22 ASOS Saving Hacks

Why pay full-price in today’s age? With the internet, online shopping has expanded retail and made it possible to find sales and coupons easily for all your favorite stores. We want to help you one step further by giving you this list of specific savings related to the trendy clothing store, ASOS. 

Keep reading for the best tips for saving in store and online!

1.   Sign Up as a Member

When you sign up as a member of ASOS, you’ll get sent deals and notifications when sales are live. You’ll also occasionally get exclusive offers just for ASOS members. A great part of this is that you can choose what emails you receive. If you only want exclusive alerts, only check that. If you want general sale updates, exclusive alerts, and more, you can check all that apply.

This allows you to keep your email inbox clean while still collecting all the deals you could ever dream of.  

2.   Use the Save for Later Feature

ASOS lets you “heart” the items you like, but aren’t quite ready to purchase. You can heart an item and keep a close eye on it, for up to 60 days, to see if a discount is applied. Since ASOS is constantly adding new pieces, there’s a good chance the item you want will drop in price in the next few weeks.

3.   Take Advantage of Their Student Discount

Are you a college student? You can get a 10% discount when shopping at ASOS, in store and online. It’s valid until you graduate and all you have to do is supply general information like what your student email address is. Sign up here!

4.   Save with the App

ASOS has an app that you can download for free to shop from, save items, and overall have an enjoyable mobile experience. The best part is that you’ll save 20% off your purchase of $50 or more the first time you shop with the app.

5.   Try saving on Basics

If you always are losing your socks in the washer and dryer, this deal is for you. ASOS sells basics, such as socks, t-shirts, leggings, and more in pairs of two or more at a discounted price. These are items you already go through quickly, so having two of them makes shopping easier and more cost-effective.

6.   Save on Fast Shipping

ASOS Premier is a program that the company has for fast shipping at a cheap price. For just $19 a year, you can order unlimited packages that all ship in 2-day express shipping time periods. This is available in 15 countries worldwide. You also get a discount on next-day shipping, if you need your package to arrive extra fast. Next-day shipping is only an extra $4.99 per order with ASOS premier. Add ASOS premier to your bag to start saving on shipping.

7.   Check your Email at Certain Times

The times of an ASOS sale can vary, but avid shoppers have noticed that there’s usually a 20% off ASOS sale on Sunday evenings from 7pm – 9pm. Also, ASOS voucher codes will often be sent at lunchtime, between the hours of 12pm – 2pm.

8.   Sign Up for Their Newsletter

Going back to signing up for the ASOS membership, make sure to click the option to send you newsletters. For signing up, you’ll automatically get a 10% off coupon that you can use on your next purchase!

9.   Shop on ASOS Marketplace

ASOS marketplace has a variety of different small boutiques and vintage sellers. You can find items that are similar in style to ASOS’ brand, but are often cheaper than what ASOS’ clothing goes for. Also, if you’re looking for more unique pieces, this is the place to look.

10.  Jump on Big Monthly Sales

Every month ASOS has a 20-25% off coupon code. Check your email for alerts of this from their newsletter. Also, these big sales are often advertised directly on their site. It’s best to wait for these sales before you buy the same items for a more expensive price. Since they’re monthly, you’re sure to have an offer regularly.

11. Change your Currency

We’re not sure how this happens, but somehow if your currency is in GBP (pounds) the price is less, even for your home country’s currency. This is completely safe to do and can save you a ton. Even if you’re not from the UK, this will save you money.

12. Shop on the Outlet Section

Check out ASOS’ sale outlet section for women and men. This has great deals on items that are sometimes even brand names. It’s directly on the site. These are items ASOS is trying to rotate out of their collection, so prices are quite cheap.

13. Order in Opposite Seasons

This trick applies to almost any store, and ASOS is no exception. You can find on the site great deals for summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer. We all know how expensive winter coats can be, so buy it in the off-season.

14. View the Item in Motion

Online shopping can be difficult to gauge how an item will actually fit on a moving body. ASOS has a feature called “view catwalk” where you can see the model walking in the garment. This is nice to see how the item fits when actually in use and moving. This saves you time and money.

15. Use Discounts on Brands

ASOS also sells name-brand clothing like Nike and Adidas. You can use the coupon codes to buy these items off of ASOS. This can save you much more than shopping directly from the name-brand site.

16. Avoid International Transaction Fees

Since ASOS is based out of the U.K., transaction fees can come with your purchase. These are easily avoidable by using PayPal as your credit option when you go to check out on the site.

17. Buy on the Final Sale Clearance Section

This can be risky, but is a great deal when you find something you like. ASOS’ final sale clearance items for women and men are up to 80% off, with name brands included. These items cannot be returned or exchanged, but if you know your sizing in ASOS clothing and know you’ll love the item, you can’t go wrong with this deal.

18. Buy Cheap Outlet Designer Brands

You can narrow your search down even more by going to the ASOS outlet on their website and then filtering by designer brands for women and men. This will give you all of your favorite top name-brands for a cheap outlet price. This is a great place to look off of the designer brand’s website for greater deals.

19. Save More with Outlet Further Reduction

Want a sale on top of a sale? The ASOS further reduction page on their outlet site offers bigger discounts on items that are on sale for women and men. Get up to 70% off of already low-priced items.

20. Don’t Just Buy Clothing

ASOS also sells name-brand skincare, hair care, and makeup. Get brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Mac for a discounted price. Check out the clearance section for 30% off of makeup and other face and body brands. Since ASOS is buying the merchandise from these stores, they can hold sales without the approval of the company they bought the stock from. This is why even if, say Mac, isn’t having a sale, ASOS can have sale Mac products.

21. Don’t Buy From “New In”

Often, ASOS’ newest items will go on sale in a matter of weeks. Unless you are absolutely dying to buy something from their “new in” section, try to avoid it. These pricey items will most likely go down in price later on. Also, with thousands of items in their sale section, you’re sure to find something equally as cute from there for half the price.

22. Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

ASOS is known for their black friday and cyber monday sales. They even have a page up already for questions about the 2021 black friday sale.

Despite this sale being months away, ASOS wants to gather hype around the discounts they’ll have on designer brands and their regular stock of clothing. The only downside to the sale is that you can’t use your student discount. However, there will be plenty of other ways you can save big on this day.


Savings for ASOS apparel are endless. With so many discount codes, sale sections, and more there’s no need to buy full price from ASOS ever again. Look up more discount tips for your other favorite stores, through our site. Also, comment and share your opinion and unique savings tips in the comment section below!

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