17 Ways to Save on Audiobooks with Audible

I don’t know about you, but I love to read books! Each year I try to do a reading challenge, and expose myself to a variety of genres. My visit to the library each week is one of my favorite things to do!

But, I have to be honest – sometimes I’m just too busy to dedicate myself to hours on the couch. Life doesn’t stop and there’s always somewhere to go or chores to be done. Enter Audible to save the day! Audiobooks on demand – yes, please!

Thanks to the service Audible offers, you can still get things done while getting a few books under your belt. This is heaven sent – whether I’m sitting in traffic, washing dishes and folding laundry, or working out, I don’t have to miss out on expanding my mind.

Audible does have a monthly subscription fee and you have to additionally purchase the books. If you’re not careful, you can spend $50 per month easily on listening to two books. Ouch! There must be ways to still please your inner bookworm while not breaking the bank!

What’s even better about using Audible is when you can find a few ways to save money while enjoying what Audible brings to the table. 

1. Sign Up for a 30 Day Trial

If you’re interested in trying out Audible but don’t want to commit right away to a monthly subscription, look no further than their 30 day free trial! When you sign up for a 30-day trial, you automatically get two free audiobooks to try right away.

This is a great way to try it out and save money by not subscribing just yet if you’re unsure if audiobooks are a good fit for you. Make sure to put a calendar reminder so you don’t forget to cancel, however, I’m pretty sure you’ll stick with it.

2. Look Out for Free Listens

While there is a subscription cost for the Audible service, there is also a cost for audiobooks. But since we’re all fantastic about looking for ways to save, we know there are ways around paying for full price! 

If you have an Amazon account, you can actually get Free Listens from Audible, without even having an Audible subscription or trial! And, they’re pretty good quality, ranging from classics, to new releases, to podcasts.

Consider looking for Free Listens before you sign up for a subscription and enjoy your free audiobooks!

3. Pay with a Promo Code

As with anything nowadays, before you buy, search for Audible coupons and Promo Codes! You can also get promo codes from promotions made by affiliates of Audible. However you come across it, using a Promo Code for Audible is simple!

4. Add Whispersync to an Amazon Kindle Book Purchase

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to switch from reading on your Kindle to listening to your book when you have to drop it off and run off for an errand? Oh, wait – you can! And, it’s called Whispersync for Voice. 

Using Whispersync to pick up where you left off from your Kindle is a great service that allows you to stay engrossed in the latest novel or self-help book. While not every book has the option to add Whispersync, you can still see if it’s offered on past purchases.

You can also search specifically for books that have this option. While Whispersync is only free in some instances, it’s still a great way to save money on Audible.

5. Drop a Hint about a 12 Month Gift

Audible lets people you love give you a subscription and credits – how nice of them! This is actually a great way to save on Audible for yourself, especially if you share a bank account with the person. By purchasing a 12 month gift subscription, you can save $30.

You can receive a gift, even if you already have an Audible subscription. And, you get 1 credit per month which can be used for books regardless of price. Think about how much you can save by taking advantage of such a great gift!

6. Keep a Wishlist of Books

When you keep a wishlist of books, Audible does the work for you! It constantly scans your wishlist for any books that might be on sale, and sends alerts to you when they do go on sale. It’s a nice tap on the shoulder to remind you of a great deal!

Make sure to update your Audible wishlist by navigating to the book and selecting More Options before choosing Add to Wish List. Getting specific sales emails on books you’re dying to read is a great way to save more money on Audible.

7. Consider the Audible Plus Membership

Audible has done an overhaul of the membership and subscription options, and they now offer a cheaper version! If you’re looking to save money while still enjoying Audible, they’re now offering a membership for $7.95 per month!

Audible Plus is a great option for those looking for a great deal. While you don’t have the option to purchase premium content with credits, you still have access to a wide range of titles and can download to listen offline.

For less than the cost of breakfast at a diner, I’d say the Audible Plus membership is worth looking into if you want to get your audiobook fix at a reasonable price.

8. Buy on Black Friday to Get Great Deals

Although Black Friday has already passed, Audible offers great deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a large selection of premium content books on sale, or significant savings on an Audible Premium Plus membership, it’s a great way to save on such an awesome service.

Mark your calendars for Black Friday in advance so you don’t miss the great deals Audible has to offer.

9. Pause on New Audiobooks and Rollover Credits

If you love using Audible but feel overwhelmed with a backlog of books you need to catch up on, there is a solution here that may save you a bit of money. Instead of feeling rushed to use your credit, pause on “purchasing” an audiobook this month.

You have the ability to rollover a certain amount of credits based on your Audible membership. This means you can catch up a bit and still use the credits that you’ve already purchased. You also have the option to place your plan on hold.

Take advantage of pausing or putting your membership on hold to save money on Audible and reduce the number of credits you are purchasing.

10. Check Your Email for Promotions

As a part of your membership, Audible has your email address and sends notifications about your membership and wishlist. They also send promotional information, and sales, and may give you sneak peeks at what’s new. You can save money by keeping your eyes peeled for deals coming your way!

11. Purchase Credits on Sale

Depending on your membership, you can purchase more credits in increments of 3. If you really want to save money on Audible, you will take advantage of special offers that sell credits at a discount. 

If you have the Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership with 2 Credits, extra credits come out to $9.56 each. That means you can get audiobooks for less than $10! You may come out better by aiming to purchase credits, especially when they’re on sale!

12. Take Advantage of Limited-Time Offers

Nothing is forever, but when limited-time offers come around for Audible, it’s best to jump on it quickly. Whether it’s a deal that gives you Audible Premium Plus for $5.95 for the first 4 months (60% off!) or credits that go on sale, get what you love for less!

13. Dig the Daily Deal

When it comes to saving money on Audible, it doesn’t get much better than checking out the Daily Deal. Every day, a book is significantly reduced in price – and it comes straight to your inbox, whether you’re a member or not. We’re talking books for $2.99, folks!

What a great way to challenge yourself and expand your repertoire of books! And, who doesn’t love to save money on books?

14. Get Free Audiobooks with Prime Reading

Although this seems to be a gray area around what’s considered Prime versus Audible, it blends the best of both worlds. With an Amazon Prime membership, you have the option of free books in the Prime Reading tab. Great, right? 

You then can check the box to add Audible Narration for free, as well. Congratulations – you’ve just scored a free audiobook! Get free audiobooks with Prime Reading and Audible Narration!

15. Don’t Let Audible Credits Expire

Unfortunately, your credits expire one year after they were purchased. Watching money disappear like that hurts! Don’t let your Audible credits expire! Check your Audible credits balance and stay on top of upcoming expirations.

Using your credits within the year that you bought them means you’re not wasting your money. Keep your calendar up to date and use those credits!

16. Ask for an Audiobook as a Gift

Sometimes the best way to save money is to receive your audiobooks as gifts! Whether it be for the holidays, your birthday, or a special occasion, others can buy an audiobook as a gift

It’s super easy for friends and family to send, and they don’t have to have an Audible subscription to do so, however, I think they’ll want one for themselves before they know it!

17. Become an Audible Affiliate

If you love Audible enough to promote it, why not consider becoming an Affiliate? You can receive monetary compensation for each subscription you drive, free trials that others sign up for, or audiobooks that others download.

While this doesn’t save you money directly on Audible, you can use that money for Audible credits or continuing your membership. You can essentially have your audiobook hobby for free!

FAQs on How to Save Money on Audible

Does Audible have a Free Trial?

Yes! Audible has a 30-day trial that allows you 2 credits so you can “try before you buy”. Take advantage of the free trial to make sure audiobooks are right for you before joining with a membership.

Is Audible Included with Amazon Prime?

No, Audible is not included with Amazon Prime, but you can take advantage of Prime Reading and find books that offer Audible Narration for $0.00.

Can I Rollover my Audible Credits?

Yes, you can roll over up to 6 Audible Credits. Make sure to use them before they expire!

Do Audible Credits Expire?

Audible Credits expire 1 year after their purchase. You have the option to roll over credits and can place your membership on hold if you get behind in using up your credits.

Is Audible Worth It?

Books have so much to offer from inspiration to self-help and healing to expanding your mindset to a broader world. Audible helps to keep those benefits going, even when you can’t sit and dedicate uninterrupted time to such personal growth.

If you keep your eyes open for Daily Deals, promotions, and credit sales, you can score great deals for much cheaper than you could ever pay for the same book in a bookstore. Try Audible today and fall in love with your next audiobook!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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