25 Ways to Get the Most Out of Banana Republic

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to explore many different stores, but I have a few that never let me down. Banana Republic is one of those stores. Whether I was teaching or working a corporate job, Banana Republic has been my first stop for professional, durable clothes.

It also is worth noting that as a curvy, petite woman, I can’t just shop anywhere. Their clothing seems to fit me just right every time, and I feel confident when I step out for the day. And, they’re fun, yet classic, so they stay in style for years.

People may shy away from Banana Republic due to their prices, but for pieces that can be easily dressed up for a date, or dressed down for brunch, I honestly think they have some of the best clothing you can purchase. And, those pieces will last!

Plus, you’ll have to read on for more info on how to rent their clothes, as well!

A few items can go a really long way, and after all, what better way to save than to limit the frequency of your shopping excursions (online or in-store)? But, you’re here because you love a deal! Let’s look at 25 Ways to Get the Most Out of Banana Republic!

1. Sign up for Email Alerts

This is consistently the easiest way to get a coupon for your first (or next) purchase at Banana Republic! When you sign up for email alerts, you get 15% off to use right away! That is pretty significant for a store like Banana Republic.

This means you also get other coupons and promo codes sent to your inbox so you don’t have to dig for your next deal.

In order to subscribe to Banana Republic’s email alerts, simply visit their website, and insert your email in the subscription pop-up or in the footer subscription form.

2. Shop the Factory Outlet First

If you’ve never been to the Banana Republic Factory Outlet, it is absolutely worth it. Check your local outlet to see if the Banana Republic Factory Outlet is present, and make an excursion out of it! Load up your friends and go!

This is my first choice when it’s time to update my wardrobe. Not only are the prices already heavily discounted, but you can use factory coupons and promo codes on top of those deals! I once got a sweater here for $11 by playing my cards right. 

You can also shop the Banana Republic Factory Outlet online if there isn’t a store nearby. Check out the factory outlet first for the best savings!

3. Start with the Sale Tab Online

After checking out the factory outlet, find the Sale tab online. This is a great place to find heavily marked down items. And, even better, they have it very well sorted, so you don’t have one long list to work through. 

Whether it’s shoes on sale or petite sweaters, I can navigate easily to find what I need. Saving time is a glorious thing, too, ya know.

4. Try the In-Store Clearance Rack

Banana Republic also has pretty awesome in-store clearance and sale racks. I’m not talking about your rinky-dink ten items per size sale. I’m talking about half a wall, 15 feet or more of racks, and wall space with plenty to choose from on sale.

And, Banana Republic keeps its clearance and sale racks very well organized, too. It’s not your free-for-all with piles of mismatched clothes strewn about. Check out their clearance and sale racks for a great steal on that next “fits like a glove” sweater.

5. Rent Your Clothes with the Style Passport Rental Service

I am thoroughly impressed at the steps Banana Republic is taking to cater to their customers. You can now rent Banana Republic clothing! As a millennial, this makes my heart soar with happiness. This is great for those of you that need a stylish, up-to-date wardrobe year-round!

For a flat monthly fee, you create a “closet” that they choose three pieces from and ship to your door. You can do this weekly or monthly, all depending on how long you keep the pieces. You also get a 30-day free trial!

Where else can you pay a monthly fee to actually wear as many pieces as you can, without actually purchasing and going through the hassle of returns? This is a hidden gem, my friend.

Another benefit of the program is unlimited exchanges and free dry cleaning. If you find that you spend a lot of money shopping each year on clothing, this is definitely something worth checking out!

6. Buy the Clothes You Rent at a Discount

If you do participate in the Style Passport Rental Service, you can also purchase the clothes you rent at a discount! This is great for trying out clothes before you buy them. And, you can also see how they move and how comfortable you feel after a few hours of moving around.

We all know what it’s like to twirl around the dressing room for 5 minutes but then get those pants home to find out they’re too tight when you sit down. And, since they’re anticipating the return, you already have what you need if it’s not a good fit.

7. Refer A Friend

I know I’m gushing about this Style Passport Rental Service, but you can also save by referring a friend! When you refer a friend, they receive a $20 discount on their membership subscription, and after they sign, you will get a $20 credit for your account. Share those savings!

8. Consider the Banana Republic Credit Card

When you sign up for the Banana Republic Credit Card (or Banana Republic Visa Card), you get 20% off your first purchase. And, this card is good for the sister brands of Gap, Athleta, and Old Navy, as well! They are not shy about rewards either! 

You get 5 points for every $1 spent at any of the above brands, and you get an additional $5 for 500 points earned. You get to redeem these rewards at any of the stores, and also get invites for cardmember-only offers and early access to special events.

The Banana Republic Luxe Card is a step up, my friend. You get all of the above plus 20% bonus points each quarter, free alterations, and choose your own sale day for an additional 15% off. This takes shopping to a whole new level. That can really add up!

Check out the credit card to see if it’s right for you!

9. Join the Rewards Program

Using the store card or Banana Republic Visa card can help you rack up points, which turn into dollars. And the points also come from the sister stores of Old Navy, Gap, and Athleta. Don’t leave money on the table by forgetting about your rewards points!

10. Use Coupons and Promo Codes

It now takes a matter of seconds to scan sites like Koopy.com to see if you can snag a coupon or promo code before checking out. They usually have print options available, as well. 

And, if you go to an outlet mall with a Banana Republic Factory Store, you can find flyers and coupon books there, as well. Always check for a coupon or promo code before shopping at Banana Republic to save more money!

11. Use a Discounted Gift Card

Whether you buy gift cards in bulk, or use sites like Gift Card Granny, you can find gift cards at a discount, which help you save money in the store. This is great to check out if you know for a fact you’re going to shop with Banana Republic soon. 

12. Check Out their Curbside Pickup

Your local Banana Republic may offer discounts and promo codes for utilizing their curbside pickup. You’re shopping there anyway, so you might as well see if you can get an extra deal for using their services! This isn’t offered in every store, so check if your store offers curbside pickup.

13. Ask for a Gift Card or Style Passport

If your goal is to really save money while staying in style, why not ask for a gift card from loved ones around the holidays or your birthday? Not only is it essentially free cash, but you can use a promo code or coupon on top of it.

And, if you use your Banana Republic Card, you can get even more points. Loved ones can also give you money towards your Style Passport for the rental services. Take some time to think about this and make sure you get what you really want – fashion and savings!

14. Shop at a Sister Store

I’ve already mentioned the sister stores above, but you should really take advantage of shopping at Old Navy, Athleta, and Gap! Think about this – you can buy your whole family Christmas gifts from Old Navy, school clothes from Gap, and athletic wear from Athleta that you desperately need.

If you use your card, you can get points for each of those purchases (and don’t forget coupons!), then use those points towards your Banana Republic wardrobe fix. This is a win-win-win, all the way around. Keep your eyes peeled for deals at these sister stores, then pounce on them!

15. Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Sometimes there will be promo codes for free shipping floating around, but as long as your purchases are above $50, you get free shipping, as well. Make sure you monitor your cart totals before checking out and always take advantage of free shipping!

16. Ask for a Price Adjustment

After you make your purchase, don’t just forget about it! Monitor your items for two weeks or so to see if the price changes. If an item is marked down within 14 days of your order date, contact Banana Republic for a price adjustment and they will refund the difference!

17. Create an Online Account

Creating an online account at Banana Republic will help you stay on top of deals, steals, and the goings on in a timely manner. You can redeem offers quickly, track your points towards your next reward (and see your progress), and access bonus cash.

This is quick, easy, and well worth it. And, if you plan efficiently, you can calculate the best way to get points towards your next reward. Sign up today!

18. Check the Site Map Online

A site map is basically how the website is organized, with links to navigate to different sections. Well, you can actually use it to see headers like “Up to 50% Off Must-Have Styles”, and others, which will help you navigate to the sales, first. When shopping online, check it out.

19. Don’t Forget Banana Republic on Black Friday

I tell ya, Black Friday shopping is where it’s at. I do more shopping that day than I do the rest of the year, and when you see markdowns like Banana Republic has, you’ll understand why. And now, they’re extending deals out through Cyber Monday, as well.

The deals are unbeatable, and I’ll even challenge you to pair them with other ways to save like promo codes, coupons, or gift cards. Play your cards (and coupons) right, and you can knock it out of the park with savings on this one.

20. Follow Banana Republic on Social Media

I know you’re thinking, “how does this help me save money?”. Well, I’ll tell ya. Brands like Banana Republic often promote their upcoming lines and seasons well in advance on social media. And, when new styles or new items come in, that means older merch has to go on sale.

You see where I’m going with this – stay on their social media like a hawk for deals, new items, or new seasons, and then go at it for some steals. You may even see upcoming sales, as well. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!

21. Visit During Special In-Store Events

Banana Republic may also do in-store events tied to special promotions. You can find these events on their website or social media, so stay tuned to see what’s coming to your local Banana Republic and swing by for a visit! You may even snag a coupon or two.

22. Get a Student or Teacher Discount

If you are a student or teacher, Banana Republic wants to reward you! Although this is not available online, you can get 15% off every day you shop at Banana Republic in their stores. Pair this with your card, and celebrate a discount and rewards points!

23. Buy Bigger Sizes on Sale and Get them Hemmed

One of my proudest purchases was the prom dress that I bought two sizes too big on clearance, and had it hemmed to fit me like magic! Banana Republic offers hemming for Luxe cardholders, but you can also get it hemmed elsewhere, usually reasonably priced. 

Don’t rule out slightly larger items on sale. Buy bigger and get it hemmed to size.

24. Check your Email on Your Birthday

As a card or rewards member, you may find a birthday coupon in your inbox! Don’t forget to consider Banana Republic on your birthday to see if there are extra savings lurking nearby.

25. Shop End of Season Sales

Shopping in the “shoulder season” is one of the best ways to find great deals. When new seasonal lines are coming up, the previous season goes on sale. And, some of these items can be worn year round, such as tank tops, or cute neutral undershirts.

The best part about this is, especially if you live in a four season climate, you can get a decent amount of wear before tucking it away for next year. When the temperatures change, it’s time to go shopping!

Shopping at Banana Republic

Banana Republic has a lot to offer in the way of professional attire that has timeless appeal. Don’t let the prices scare you – check out Koopy.com for coupons and promo codes before you shop to get the best deals you can find anywhere!

Leslie Roberts is an experienced writer, Salesforce consultant, and koopy.com contributor from North Carolina who enjoys writing about a variety of topics and hates overpaying for things. She also loves traveling, spending lots of time outdoors, and reading.

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