BJ’s vs. Costco Price Comparison: Which Wholesale Club is Better?

BJ’s and Costco are both wholesale clubs that offer great money-saving deals, especially if you’ve got a big family at home to shop for. But, which is better, BJ’s or Costco?

To answer this question, we put together an ultimate grocery list to compare prices at each of these popular grocery stores. Knowing which store is cheaper could save you money because both wholesalers charge annual membership fees (which we’ll explore later).

After organizing 64 bulk items from BJ’s and Costco into 9 categories, we discovered which wholesaler has the cheapest products, from fresh produce to household essentials.

Comparison Methodology: How We Compared BJ’s and Costco

For this price comparison, we followed these general rules:

  • Compare the same or similar items
  • Compare equal amounts of items
  • Choose products shoppers are likely to buy often

To give you the full picture of which retailer offers better prices, we included comparisons between national brands and store-brand items. When different brands were compared, we noted which brands we examined in parenthesis.

This BJ’s vs. Costco price comparison was done in July 2021 in the southwestern region of the US. Keep in mind that prices vary per location, and they can even change daily, too. That means this price comparison will give you an overview of which store is cheaper, but you’re unlikely to find the same exact deals we did.

And keep in mind that each store will offer unique rollbacks and special offers at different times. Knowing when to shop and which items are on sale is one of the best ways to save money, regardless of which wholesaler you shop at.

After we compare different products, we examine the various services and public perception of each retailer. Then, we give you a complete overview of the pros and cons of both BJ’s and Costco.

BJ’s vs. Costco Price Comparison Summary

If you don’t have the time to read through the prices of all 64 items, here’s an overview of our total cart, separated into 9 basic categories, along with our major takeaways from these BJ’s and Costco shopping trips.

Non-Perishable Pantry Items$143.18$143.83$0.65 (0.45%)
Meat, Dairy, and Other Perishable Foods$95.72$96.22$0.50 (0.52%)
Fresh Produce$38.43$32.52$5.91 (15.38%)
Beverages$91.20$91.95$0.75 (0.82%)
Packaged Snacks$56.15$63.85$7.70 (12.06%)
Home Essentials$151.14$166.14$15.00 (9.03%)
Personal Care Products$104.60$118.42$13.82 (11.67%)
Pet Care$86.93$123.18$36.25 (29.43%)
Baby$177.93$144.81$33.12 (18.61%)
Total Cart Price$945.28$980.92$35.64 (3.63%)

We discovered that BJ’s does offer slightly lower prices than Costco. At the end of our ultimate wholesale club shopping trip, we spent a total of $945 at BJ’s, which was about 4% less than what we spent at Costco on the same products.

The two categories where Costco was cheaper than BJ’s were fresh produce and baby products, and we saved the most money in the pet care aisle, where BJ’s prices were nearly 30% lower than Costco’s.

Overall, we learned that you could save the most money by shopping at BJ’s for:

  • Packaged snacks
  • Home essentials
  • Personal care products
  • Pet supplies

For a full rundown of how BJ’s and Costco compare–and which wholesale club may be better for you–check out our final thoughts at the end of this price comparison article.

BJ’s and Costco: Non-Perishable Pantry Items Price Comparison

First on our shopping list are non-perishable items to stock our pantry with. When shopping at wholesale clubs, non-perishable items are the best to get since you know they won’t go bad.

For our bulk shopping list, we selected 12 items from BJ’s and Costco that most households would buy for their pantry, from coffee to pasta to soup.

2 ct of 48 oz Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter$13.79$10.48$3.31 (24%)
12 ct of 15 oz Tomato Sauce Cans (Hunt’s vs. Kirkland Signature)$9.99$9.49$0.50 (5.01%)
3 ct of 44 oz Heinz Ketchup$7.69$7.99$0.30 (3.75%)
40 ct Quaker Oats Variety Instant Oatmeal$8.45$10.49$2.04 (19.45%)
20 lbs Royal Basmati Rice$17.49$20.99$3.50 (16.67%)
48 oz Cheerios Honey Nut Cereal$6.97$7.95$0.98 (12.33%)
12 ct of 10.75 oz Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup$10.49$10.49$0.00 (0%)
18 ct of 7.25 oz Kraft Macaroni & Cheese$14.29$15.99$1.70 (10.63%)
2 L Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Pompeian Gourmet Selection vs. Kirkland Signature)$12.67$14.49$1.82 (12.56%)
8.8 lbs Spaghetti Noodles (Barilla vs. Garofalo Organic)$10.88$11.99$1.11 (9.26%)
5 lbs Honey (Wellsley Farms vs. Kirkland Signature)$19.98$13.49$6.49 (32.48%)
51 oz Folgers Coffee$10.49$9.99$0.50 (4.77%)
Total$143.18$143.83$0.65 (0.45%)

Non-Perishable Groceries Winner: BJ’s (but it was almost a tie!)

At the end of our shopping trip, we were surprised to see that the cart difference was a mere 65 cents. Despite most items having a price gap over a dollar, some items were cheaper at BJ’s while others were cheaper at Costco–and this balanced the scales.

One item, the Campbell’s Chicken Soup, was the exact same price at both retailers, and the largest price gap we saw was for honey, which was over 30% more expensive at Costco. Overall, BJ’s had 7 cheaper items on our list, while Costco only had 4.

The lesson learned here is that you’d save the most money by doing your research beforehand. Comparing prices online before you go to the store is the best way to get the lowest prices on all the items you buy regularly.

But when you shop at wholesale clubs, you’ll have to do the math to find out if it’s worth it to pay for two annual memberships. Chances are, it’s probably not.

BJ’s and Costco: Meat, Dairy, and Other Perishable Foods Price Comparison

So now, let’s compare how BJ’s and Costco stand up to one another in the meat, dairy, and other perishable foods departments. While these groceries are certainly essential, it’s important to remember that buying in bulk won’t save you money if your food spoils before you eat it.

So, which wholesaler offers better prices on perishable foods?

10 lb Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Tyson vs. Kirkland Signature)$25.99$19.90$6.09 (23.43%)
3 packs of 1 lb 85/15 Ground Beef (Good Nature vs. Verde Farms)$12.99$17.99$5.00 (27.79%)
48 oz, 72 slices Kraft Singles American Cheese$8.99$8.99$0.00 (0%)
1 Gallon Vitamin D Whole Milk (Wellsley Farms vs. Kirkland Signature)$2.79$2.99$0.20 (6.69%)
18 ct of 6 oz Yoplait Variety Yogurt$7.49$8.99$1.50 (16.69%)
5 Dozen Eggs (Wellsley Farms vs. Kirkland Signature)$5.99$10.49$4.50 (42.9%)
20 oz White Bread (Wellsley Farms vs. Wonder)$1.25$3.89$2.64 (67.87%)
80 oz Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (Galbani vs. Kirkland Signature)$18.74$13.99$4.75 (25.35%)
4 lb Unsalted Butter (Wellsley Farms vs. Kirkland Signature)$11.49$8.99$2.50 (21.76%)
Total$95.72$96.22$0.50 (0.52%)

Perishable Groceries Winner: BJ’s (but it was almost a tie again!)

We were shocked again at how the results for perishable foods were consistent with those for the non-perishables. The lowest total cart price belonged to BJ’s again–but only by a margin of 50 cents.

BJ’s won 5 out of 9 items, while Costco won 3 out of 9. And there was one price tie for Kraft Singles. These results were uncanny and suggested that the pattern might continue through other categories.

BJ’s and Costco: Fresh Produce Price Comparison

Every healthy household keeps fresh produce in the kitchen, and when you have lots of mouths to feed, shopping at a wholesaler for fruits and veggies could save you some cash.

3 lb Bananas$1.49$1.29$0.20 (13.42%)
1 lb Broccoli$2.50$1.50$1.00 (40%)
5 lb Gala Apples$6.99$7.26$0.27 (3.72%)
2 lb Organic Strawberries$7.98$6.49$1.49 (18.67%)
10 lbs Carrots$8.98$6.99$1.99 (22.16%)
15 lb Russet Potatoes$10.49$8.99$1.50 (14.3%)
Total$38.43$32.52$5.91 (15.38%)

Fresh Produce Winner: Costco!

For the fresh produce section, we found that Costco actually offered lower prices. Our total cart price was 15% cheaper at Costco, saving us nearly $6. Although the difference was only about $1 for each item, Costco had lower prices on 5 of 6 items compared–and any savvy shopper knows that those dollars add up quickly.

If you primarily shop for fresh produce and not packaged foods, then a Costco membership would probably save you more money than a BJ’s membership.

BJ’s and Costco: Beverages Price Comparison

If your main goal is saving money, it’s best to avoid buying beverages altogether. However, many households buy these items regularly, so we included a snapshot of drink prices for you.

24 ct of 10 oz Tropicana Orange Juice$16.99$16.49$0.50 (2.94%)
200 oz Vita Coco Coconut Water$19.99$17.49$2.50 (12.51%)
100 oz Lipton Lemon Iced Tea Mix$8.74$6.49$2.25 (25.74%)
24 ct of 8 oz Mott’s 100% Apple Juice$10.49$11.49$1.00 (8.7%)
24 ct of 8.4 oz Red Bull Sugar-Free Energy Drink$34.99$39.99$5.00 (12.5%)
Total$91.20$91.95$0.75 (0.82%)

Beverages Winner: BJ’s (but it was almost a tie again!)

Again, we saw BJ’s win the price comparison by mere cents. BJ’s offered lower prices on two items (Red Bull and apple juice), while Costco offered lower prices for three items (orange juice, coconut water, and iced tea mix).

The same lesson from earlier applies. If you want to know where you can save the most money, do your research beforehand.

Make a list of items you usually buy for your family and compare the prices at the BJ’s and Costco near you. And while you’re at it, we suggest adding other nearby grocers to your comparison.

BJ’s and Costco: Packaged Snacks Price Comparison

While packaged snacks are another item to avoid if you’re on a tight budget, they offer convenience for many families with busy schedules. So, here’s the rundown of BJ’s and Costco’s prices on snacks.

90 ct of Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks$12.49$12.49$0.00 (0%)
24 ct Popcorners Variety Box$9.29$8.99$0.30 (3.23%)
45 ct Variety Pack Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snacks$11.99$13.99$2.00 (14.3%)
30 ct Frito-Lay Variety Mix of Chips and Snacks$14.99$15.49$0.50 (3.23%)
49 ct Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars$7.39$12.89$5.50 (42.67%)
Total$56.15$63.85$7.70 (12.06%)

Packaged Snacks Winner: BJ’s!

BJ’s won this category by saving us almost $8 on 5 items. One item tied and one item was 30 cents cheaper at Costco. The other three items were 50 cents to over $5 cheaper at BJ’s.

If you already purchase a lot of prepackaged snacks for your family, BJ’s is likely to save you more money. However, don’t let these low prices trick you into spending more than you anticipated.

Low prices are good for you, but they can also be good for BJ’s–because they can make consumers buy items they didn’t plan to spend money on.

BJ’s and Costco: Home Essentials Price Comparison

Unlike junk food and sugary drinks, some purchases are essential staples for your home–like toilet paper and laundry detergent. Here’s a breakdown of the items many people shop exclusively at wholesale stores for.

200 ct 13 Gal Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$21.32$18.99$2.33 (10.93%)
36 Rolls of Ultra Soft 2-Ply Toilet Paper (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$25.49$26.99$1.50 (5.56%)
12 Rolls of Paper Towels (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$17.99$19.99$2.00 (10.01%)
2,000 Sheets of 2-Ply Tissues (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$12.49$16.36$3.87 (23.66%)
225 Paper Plates (Berkley Jensen vs. Chinet)$11.24$18.99$7.75 (40.81%)
127 oz HE Laundry Detergent (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$10.15$16.99$6.84 (40.26%)
320 Bounce Dryer Sheets$9.99$11.49$1.50 (13.05%)
18 in x 500 ft Aluminum Foil (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$26.49$22.49$4.00 (15.1%)
100 oz Dish Soap (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$6.99$6.66$0.33 (4.72%)
102 oz Palmolive Ultra Strength Liquid Dish Soap$8.99$7.19$1.80 (20.02%)
Total$151.14$166.14$15.00 (9.03%)

Home Essentials Winner: BJ’s!

The results for the home essentials price comparison reveal that you can save money by shopping at BJ’s for items like paper products and soap. BJ’s saved us $15, which was about 9% of our total cart price.

Stocking up on home essentials at a wholesaler like Costco or BJ’s is a good idea because these items don’t necessarily expire. And the data suggests that BJ’s is the cheaper store for this category.

It’s important to note that Costco did offer lower prices on four items: both brands of dish soap, aluminum foil, and trash bags.

BJ’s and Costco: Personal Care Products Price Comparison

The next department on our shopping list is personal care products. Will BJ’s come out on top again as a wholesale club with the lowest prices?

32 oz Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste$14.92$11.99$2.93 (19.64%)
4 ct of 6.5 oz Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Advanced Toothpaste$24.99$29.99$5.00 (16.67%)
2 ct 1.5 L Listerine Mouthwash$13.49$13.49$0.00 (0%)
5 ct of 2.1 oz Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant in Powder Fresh Scent$9.99$10.99$1.00 (9.1%)
96 ct Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons$13.99$15.99$2.00 (12.51%)
4.2 lb Bar Soap (Dial vs. Kirkland Signature)$6.87$11.49$4.62 (40.21%)
160 oz Hand Soap Refill (Softsoap vs. Dial)$11.86$12.49$0.63 (5.04%)
38.2 oz Pantene Shampoo$8.49$11.99$3.50 (29.19%)
Total$104.60$118.42$13.82 (11.67%)

Personal Care Products Winner: BJ’s!

We saved even more in the personal care department than the home essentials section with almost $14 in savings (and about 12% of our total cart price).

Costco only won the price comparison for this section on one item–the Colgate toothpaste. And, it was on sale for $5.50 off the regular price at Costco. That means if we didn’t cash in on that deal, we would have saved another $5 by choosing BJ’s–and BJ’s would have won or tied on every item in the personal care aisle.

The takeaway here is that BJ’s is definitely cheaper than Costco when it comes to personal care products like soap and toothpaste.

BJ’s and Costco: Pet Care Price Comparison

If you have a furry friend at home, you know that they can be expensive to care for. From food to toys to hygiene products, saving money on items for your pet is a big deal.

35 lb Adult Dry Dog Food (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$17.49$38.49$21.00 (54.56%)
60 oz Doggy Dental Chews (Milkbone vs. Kirkland Signature)$21.59$31.01$9.42 (30.38%)
25 lbs Dry Chicken Cat Food (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$34.36$31.99$2.37 (6.9%)
42 lb Scoop Away Cat Litter$13.49$21.69$8.20 (37.81%)
Total$86.93$123.18$36.25 (29.43%)

We found that BJ’s offered significantly lower prices on pet care products, especially on dog food and treats and cat litter. Overall, we saved a whopping $36 by choosing to shop at BJ’s instead of Costco for our pets.

BJ’s and Costco: Baby Items Price Comparison

Kids are even more expensive than pets, so if you have a baby or toddler at home, savings on baby items you buy often could keep a lot more money in your wallet.

366 Size 2 Diapers (Berkley Jensen vs. Kirkland Signature)$47.97$32.99$14.98 (31.23%)
40 oz Enfamil NeuroPro Infant Gentlease Formula$46.99$42.99$4.00 (8.51%)
48 oz. Baby Formula Powder (Wellsley Farms vs. Kirkland Signature)$27.99$18.85$9.14 (32.65%)
24 ct 8 oz PediaSure Vanilla Shake $38.99$29.99$9.00 (23.08%)
14.4 oz Diaper Rash Ointment$15.99$19.99$4.00 (20.01%)
Total$177.93$144.81$33.12 (18.61%)

Things weren’t looking good for Costco in this price comparison, but it made a comeback in the baby aisle, where items were nearly 20% cheaper compared to those offered at BJ’s. We saved over $30 shopping for baby basics at Costco, and the steepest savings were on items like diapers, formula, and Pediasure.

So, if you spend most of your money on items for your child, a Costco membership may be a better buy than a BJ’s membership.

BJ’s and Costco: Membership Fees and Benefits Comparison

Finally, let’s take a look at how the membership fees compare in terms of cost and benefits.

To start, if you want to walk through BJ’s to survey the prices at your local store, you can without a membership card. Anyone can enter BJ’s, but only members can check out.

On the other hand, you must already have a Costco membership or purchase one upon entering in order to window shop at Costco.

BJ’s memberships are also slightly cheaper. Here’s how the membership cards compare.

Basic Membership Comparison: BJ’s vs. Costco

BJ’s Inner Circle MembershipCostco’s Gold Star Membership
Annual Cost$55$60
Member CardsGet up to 4 cards. Includes one free membership card, and you can add on 3 members for an annual $30 fee.Get up to 2 cards. Includes one free membership card for the primary member and another free card for one household member over 18.
Additional PerksBJ’s couponsAccess to Costco services (listed below)
Refund PolicyBJ’s will refund current Inner Circle membership fees at any time.Costco will refund Gold Star memberships in full at any time.

Premium Membership Comparison: BJ’s vs. Costco

BJ’s Perks MembershipCostco’s Executive Membership
Annual Cost$110$120
Member CardsGet up to 4 cards. Includes one free membership card, and you can add on 3 members for an annual $30 fee.Get up to 2 cards. Includes one free membership card for the primary member and another free card for one household member over 18.
Additional Perks2% cashback benefits on most BJ’s purchasesDouble and triple cashback eventsAccess to exclusive BJ’s eventsBJ’s Travel benefitsBJ’s coupons2% rewards on qualified purchases (up to $1000 annually)Discounts on Costco services
Refund PolicyBJ’s will refund current Perks membership fees at any time.Costco will refund Executive membership in full at any time.

Overall, BJ’s memberships and Costco memberships are fairly even, although BJ’s memberships are slightly cheaper. 

For more information on Costco’s member privileges and conditions, click here. And for more information on BJ’s member privileges and conditions, click here.

Now let’s see how Costco and BJ’s membership perks in terms of the services offered at each wholesale club stack up. Let’s get into it.

BJ’s and Costco: Services and Public Perception Comparison

Any membership to BJ’s or Costco gives you access to services at each wholesale club, and here’s how those services stack up.

ShippingBJ’s offers shipping on a variety of items, and costs vary.Costco offers lots of shipping options for shoppers–but there are fees.
DeliveryBJ’s offers same-day delivery in as little as two hours through a partnership with Instacart.When you shop at Costco, you can receive standard express delivery via UPS or a special “White Glove” service. The costs vary.
Curbside PickupTo order BJ’s free curbside pickup, you need to download the BJ’s app. There is no order minimum, but some items are not available for in-store pickup.Costco offers same-day curbside pickup to members who shop online. It is free, but not all items are eligible.
Return PolicyBJ’s return policy states that customers can return most items in new condition within one year of purchase.Costco allows customers to return most products within 90 days of purchase, whether they were bought online or in-store.
Customer ServiceBJ’s customers are generally dissatisfied with the level of customer service received at BJ’s, especially regarding credit card problems and returns.Costco ranks highly when it comes to customer satisfaction. Employees are well-paid, which may affect how open they are to helping customers
PharmacyBJ’s has a full-service pharmacy that includes prescription refills, pet prescriptions, special order medications, and cheaper OTC medications under the Berkley & Jensen private label. Costco also has a full-service pharmacy that matches BJ’s services and includes mail-order prescriptions. You can manage prescriptions at Costco here.
Optical CenterBJ’s offers frames, contact lenses, and sunglasses through BJ’s Optical. Any location with a BJ’s Optical department also offers eye exams. Exams for glasses cost $60-70, while exams for contact lenses cost $110-130, but they accept insurance, HMOs, and FSAs.Most Costco locations include an optical department that employs opticians and offers contact lenses, sunglasses, and designer frames. Most Costco locations have Doctors of Optometry who can perform eye exams. Exams at Costco can cost between $50-100, but most insurances are accepted.
Hearing Aid CenterBJ’s does not have a hearing aid center, but they do sell hearing aids and hearing aid batteries. Plus, they offer 40% off hearing aids to AARP members. Costco has a full-service Hearing Aid Center that offers free hearing tests, follow-up appointments, hearing aid cleanings and check-ups, loss and damage coverage, and product demos. They also have free warranties that vary by product. 
Tire CenterBJ’s Tire Center offers good prices on tires and installation, plus free rotation, balancing, flat repair, and inflation checks for the rest of your tires’ life.Costco has a full-service Tire & Auto Center that gives members discounted prices. They also offer an Installation Service for tires that includes free inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, rotations, and flat repairs.

Overall, BJ’s and Costco both offer very similar services, and they both have generally satisfied customer bases–however, it seems that Costco’s customer service is better than BJ’s.

FAQs About BJ’s and Costco

Which store is cheaper, BJ’s or Costco?

BJ’s is cheaper than Costco. In our ultimate price comparison, we discovered that shopping at BJ’s could save you up to 4% overall, with the steepest savings being up to 30% on pet supplies. However, Costco does offer better prices on fresh produce and baby products.

When it comes to who has better prices, BJ’s or Costco, the answer really depends on the specific item in question. For a complete guide to how Costco and BJ’s compare, check out’s ultimate price comparison.

Who has more organic options, BJ’s or Costco?

Costco has more organic options for consumers, and it is slightly more expensive to shop there. If quality is important to you, the higher prices might be worth it since they have more organic items, a cleaner store, better quality meat, and better customer service. For a full-price comparison of BJ’s and Costco, read’s ultimate guide to shopping at BJ’s vs. Costco.

Why should you pick BJ’s over Costco?

If you want lower prices and enjoy shopping at cheap grocery stores like Walmart, you’ll love BJ’s. Although the quality is not as high as other grocery wholesalers like Costco, BJ’s offers a wide selection of items and usually for lower prices.

Which has the best quality food, BJ’s or Costco?

Costco offers higher-quality products to consumers than BJ’s–but it comes at a cost. The membership to Costco is pricer, and so are the items once you get through the doors. However, in’s ultimate price comparison, we found that Costco was only 4% more expensive than BJ’s on average. So, it might be worth it.

Final Thoughts: BJ’s vs. Costco, How Do They Compare?

If you have a Costco membership and a BJ’s nearby, it might be difficult to know that BJ’s is cheaper than Costco. But don’t go rushing to switch your membership just yet. Since Costco offers an annual membership, you’ve already paid until the end of your subscription period.

Our recommendation? Don’t renew your Costco membership when it ends, and purchase a BJ’s membership next time you want to shop at a wholesale club.

On the other hand, if you shop at BJ’s and are dissatisfied with the quality of service or products you purchase, switching to a Costco membership might be the right decision for you.

If you’re on the fence about which wholesale club is better for you, here’s a summary of our findings. And remember, if one store is closer to your home, that can play a large role in which wholesale club is best for you.

BJ’s is better if:

  • You want lower prices, especially on items like packaged snacks, home essentials, personal care products, and pet supplies.
  • You care more about low prices than high quality.

But you might prefer Costco if:

  • Fresh produce and baby products make up a large portion of your grocery list.
  • You want more options for large furniture and appliances.
  • You care more about high quality than low prices.
  • You want more organic options for your family.

Regardless of whether you choose to shop at Costco or BJ’s, these grocery store money-saving tips can help you stretch your cash further:

  • Make a list and stick to it. Don’t overspend on items you don’t need!
  • Avoid spending money on nutrient-deficient foods like junk food and sugary drinks.
  • Don’t shop hungry. You’ll end up buying more food than you need.
  • Plan shopping trips around sales, deals, and coupons.
  • Always check for coupons before you shop!

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  3. Useful article.

  4. Berkley Jensen quality is garbage compared to Kirkland Signature for most products.

    My local Costco is packed on weekends, while BJ’s is empty. Trust the shoppers; they know which one offers the most quality for the price.

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